Sticking things on my wall without doing anything to the wall?

Is there any way to put something on your wall, like a dry erase board or some sort of small bulletin board without nailing it to the wall? And without putting little um… Holes in the wall because im not allowed to.

Answer #1

Poster tack is a good way to hang things without making holes. However, if the object you want to hang is too heavy, then the only way is to use a nail. Poster Tack is made by the Elmer’s Glue people. It’s a putty like substance that you stretch and kneed until its soft. Press firmly between hanging object and mounting surface. This works great for mounting light-weight objects to wall, doors, refrigerators or similar non-porous surfaces. Does not leave holes or mar most surfaces. Great for school projects, posters, charts, calendars, or notes. Ideal for decorations or anything you don’t want permanently glued. It can even be re-used.

Or you could try the Command strips and hooks from the 3m company.

From the folks that make post-it notes is a line of products that can be used to hang larger, heavier items. All of the hooks and strips can be removed and do not make holes or usually mar the surface. The big difference is that the command products are one time use only while the poster tack can be reused.

Hope this helps

Answer #2

u could try hook and loop things like velcro you get them in peices and you stick one side to the thing you want to stick on the wall and stick the other peice on the wall it only works if the thing you want on the wall isnt too heavy tho

well I dunno we get them in the uk not sure if you can get them where you live lol

Answer #3

sticky tac? put a big glob of it on your board..ahahaha. pribaly wont work but thats ookay

Answer #4

Glue…?? I’ve never tried it but try it and let us know if it works!!

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