Why is it easier for some people to rhyme than others?

Don’t forget to tell of your own experince in learning to rhyme words.

Answer #1

I think it’s just that different people are better at different things? Just like some people are really good at spelling, and others have trouble with it. There’s probably situations, for example, where a person didn’t have proper education growing up, and therefore didn’t learn how to rhyme until later on. I mean, there’s probably a number of different reasons. As for my “learning how to rhyme” experience, I don’t remember how exactly I learned how to. I learned sometime in preschool, I think. I can’t remember much from back then haha.

Answer #2

Learning a language (whether as the first or as a second language) is difficult for some people. And that has something to do with what CHANELGLIT said that everyone are smart in every different thing. Have you ever noticed that some of your friends are bad public speakers? And that also has something to do with rhyming. Some people are easily finding words that are homophone and some are not. However: Practice makes perfect, right? :)

Answer #3

rhyme as in spittin fire…or ryhme as in poetry…….

Answer #4

It could also be because of the persons vocabulary, some people have a wider vocabulary therefore find it easier to find words that rhyme.

Answer #5

Nothing is easy…especialy when you Want to learn, just like a fire is nothing…without a something added…to make it burn. Lessons not be the need… of your wanting way, life love and all of its madness…. will give you ,all the words you need to say.

Answer #6

So just be patient …and time will pay.

Answer #7

I think some people just have a bigger imagnation than others so its easier for them to come up with words that rhyme with each other

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