How do you feel about drugs?

I would like to get a view of various drugs and what people think of them. see, I feel that weed is not a drug, alcohol will mess up your life more. Crack, heroin, coke, how do people feel about drugs

Answer #1

I havent read any of the other comments on the page, so I didnt get any influence on what to say. I dont think weed is a drug either. But other drugs, starting with alcohol, can mess up your life completely. Yeah, I get drunk some Saturday and Fridays, because I can control my intake. You let it ruin your life when every time you drink you HAVE to get drunk, or you go out every night to drink. Alcohol is fine when its used in moderation. Other drugs, I dont agree with. I dont think they should use. Friends, older friends, in their 20s, have messed up their lives completely with the drugs you’ve listed. Thats put me off. But, I wont judge anyone who takes it, its their life, their body, their choice.

Answer #2

hard drugs are harmful but can be used to to treat certain illnesses theres cocaine in percocet but hospitals use em all the time along with morphine I look at everything as a drug because almost everything is processed now weed however isnt a drug, its been on this earth since existence it just grows

These are some of the comments I have copied from a forum

-pharmaceuticals are known to kill more people than illegal drugs

-marijuana is the number 1 cash crop in the world it serves as a natural medicine and has many other uses thats why they prohibited it so big companies can make more profit thanks to “bad journalism”

-can also help aids patients, aids diminishes appetite have them smoke a joint and they regain their appetite counteracting the illness

-no one can die from smoking cannabis and has been no known deaths compared to everything else including alcohol, tobacco, etc..

I myself have asthma and smoking opens up my airways making it easier to breathe with no side effects when medically legalized in my state I look foward to becoming a patient for prescription marijuana. 12 states have already legalized it along with other countries in the world and more following my job is to educate people that are not aware of the plants uses


-I did most of my research through websites, books, magazines, and the news high times magazine etc..

  • theres more to it than just getting high and I believe legalizing it would make this a better world to live in

-God bless the whole crop!

  • and for people that dont smoke, you dont need to smoke it to support it

-all the better reason for the government to legalize.. couple reasons why it should be legalized: -will be removed from black market and stop empowering gang members -medical reasons -would be sold like alcohol, remember alcohol was once prohibited too (in stores away from children, have to be 21+) -would be a law that you cant drive while intoxicated on weed -prison population would lower (prisons are overcrowding with nonviolent offenders) -keep patients from being convicted -would provide millions of jobs for people -would make us an independent country (fuel, etc.., debt free america)

people with an addiction (including hard drugs) shouldnt be thrown in jail, they need help theres more people in jail with mental illnesses than there are in mental institutions

the list goes on

  • the War on Drugs is a failure, its a war on its own people. policies need to be changed we pay billions in taxpayers money to keep the war going and neither side is winning thats just a waste of our tax money I wonder what they do with all that money.. those greedy bastards just sell drugs back onto the street, you can even check urself on that there was a time when there was a cia operation transporting drugs overseas into america the government also provided Rick Ross with plenty of heroin to go around, course making money from it

the truth must be exposed, theyre dirty work must stop!

-Of course we can do something about it, we all just need to unite screw the federal government remember slavery? if no one stood up im pretty sure it would still be going on people were tortured, beaten, killed and thrown in jail but that didnt stop them standing up for their rights eventually slavery was abolished same with alcohol prohibition eventually became re-legalized

  • its like theres some kind of conspiracy going on I sense the government is up to no good and trying to control us. credit cards, money, and now they have chips that can be implanted in skin for uselful reasons but if in the wrong hands well were pretty much fuct they hiding the truth from us its dangerous to be right when the government is wrong they got theyre privacy but we dont. they want to know everything were doing on our leisure time

get up stand up!

  • marijuanas not anti-establishment because its illegal, its illegal because its anti-establishment

all facts stated have been double-checked and confirmed what more info? lets all make this a better place to live in!

Answer #3

Researched ‘weed facts’:

Marijuana affects your brain. THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) affects the nerve cells in the part of the brain where memories are formed.

Marijuana affects your self-control. Marijuana can seriously affect your sense of time and your coordination, impacting things like driving. In 2002, nearly 120,000 people were admitted to emergency rooms suffering from marijuana-related problems, an increase of more than 139 percent since 1995.

Marijuana affects your lungs. There are more than 400 known chemicals in marijuana. A single joint contains four times as much cancer-causing tar as a filtered cigarette.

Marijuana affects other aspects of your health. Marijuana can limit your body’s ability to fight off infection.3 Long-term marijuana use can even increase the risk of developing certain mental illnesses.

Marijuana is not always what it seems. Marijuana can be laced with other dangerous drugs without your knowledge. “Blunts”–hollowed-out cigars filled with marijuana–sometimes have substances such as crack cocaine, PCP, or embalming fluid added.

Marijuana can be addictive. Not everyone who uses marijuana becomes addicted, but some users do develop signs of dependence. In 1999, more than 220,000 people entered drug treatment programs to kick their marijuana habit.

Answer #4

yes there are many drugs most bad but weed is not addictive I used to do coke a lot and I stoped that about a year ago THANKYOU JESUS!! but I recently had to stop smokeing weed for probation and let me tell you weed no withdrawls not relly that hard but hey you play sports or video game if you had to suddenly stop would you not think about playing same with weed heck masterbatings harder to stop than smoking weed

hey miss thinks shes dam jesus miss amblessd get your facts right these are corections from 2005 non drug czar info the thc memory loss if you stop smokeing all of those memory cells are refomed

yes it dose affect judgement but way less than say… oh ALCOHOL

there are 450 known cemicals in marijana more than any other plant or miniral on earth and there still finding new cemicals mabey even the cure for aids or cancers in ther you dont know

yes I admit I dose make it harder to fight infections ill give you that but dose not cause mental illness thats just crapy goverment

why yes it can be lased with other drug but not usualy becuse the dealer would be out money because you can tell the grade of quality by looking at it and it would not be worth the price well do drugs and youed understand

how do I feel about all drugs hell do what you want I belive thats what this country was founded on just as long as it afects no other persons day to day life in a negative fation

Answer #5

Actually alcohol is a drug, and quite possibly one of the worst drugs out there… It has probably had a hand in more deaths and destroyed lives than all the other drugs combined, and its not just the addicts who have health problems and die, but its contribution to traffic fatalties, suicides, job losses, broken families, abuse etc etc…

Answer #6

its wierd to think about where I’d be if I would have never started smoking. Because thats all I do, I smoke weed, cigarretts and I drink like a fish. over my lifetime I have dumped easy, around 7,000 dollars for my habbits,no joke. and thats probably an understatement

Answer #7

I think weed isnt a drug… sure it is a DRUG… but I mean I dont think it really has any harm. coke and heroin are wayy worse anyways. I seen it screw up my family… it totally tore our family apart. weed and alchohol I dont think are the worst drugs possible… come on you can find worse…

Answer #8

alcohol is not a drug

I can just imagine someone at an AA meeting standing up and saying that. . . Talk about being met with total silence.

Answer #9

alcohol is not a drug

uh… yea it kinda is a drug! it really is, search it. it is considered a drug because people can get addicted 2 it. dont believe me? ask my parents… (alcoholics)

Answer #10

Alcohol is worse that weed in many areas, but weed can have all the effects that amblessed is talking about. And eventually it will start losing its effect. That may take many years, and will be accompanied by paranoia, memory loss, and sexual disfunction. The ‘good news is that these will be temporary once you get off the weed. A practical downside of these illegal drugs was announced at my company just this morning. Every month 8-10% of the work force (top to bottom) is going to be randomly selected to be drug tested. How would you like to lose your job because you like to toke a joint on friday after work?

Answer #11

all drugs [including alcohol and smoking] are bad for you. I don’t mine what other people take as long as I’m not pressed into anything. which I never have been. I had about half a cigerette of weed once, but I didn’t notice an effect…not enough I guess. I tried to smoke crack once, but I coughed and didn’t hold it in for the effect. I’ve tried speed once and I loved it. I’ll def’ use that again. I would never take herion or lsd…not my sort of thing.

Answer #12

The most addictive drug known to man in Nicotine found in Tobacco. Marijuana itself is not a drug but the THC it contains is. . . . Without the THC you wouldn’t get high. Is it harmful? Yep it is, it destroys familys and homes and causes long and short term harm to the mind ( Basically it makes your mind not function as well, with time it becomes perminant.) And yes Alcohol is a drug. Even Caffein is a drug.

Answer #13

uh alcohol is NOT a drug

Answer #14

It’s not good for people and for their body. It damages people life and its slow suicide that’s my opinion about drugs.

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