how do I pass a urine drug test using home remedies

how do I pass a urine drug test using home remedies

Answer #1

Get real… You obviously knew you had a drug test coming, and if you decided to do drugs anyways then thats your own problem. I’m not trying to be rude but its common sense.

Answer #2

Randum - dude, that’s not cool. There’s no need to call people queers or fags, it’s unnecessary and uncalled for. And also makes no sense. Stephanief987, Superfresh and Bimjob all gave answers to the question asked, and in fact no-one gave their opinion on drugs. As has already been said, you can’t pass a urine test with home remedies, the only way not to be caught out is to not do the drugs in the first place.

Answer #3

If your drug is weed, you are out of luck. It takes from 3-40 days to get that out of your system. Most of the harder stuff goes much quicker. I guess if you’ve got the money you can try one of the home remedies, but I have it on good authority that they are all bogus. The most they do is dilute your urine to the point where you are peeing water, and testing centers go with the assumption that you are using if they get pee that weak. Superfresh has the right idea.

I wish you Good Luck!!

Answer #4

Ok, seriously the only way is to stop the drugs completely.. for yourself if not anybody else.. :]

Answer #5

The answers above are true and yes, do make common sense, however, that was not the question asked!!

So far I have read drinking a lot of water, exercise and/or use a sauna to “sweat” toxins out of your body and I heard “Jello”.

Hope this works…

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