what home remedies are best for passing hair drug test?

I’m trying to find out the cheapest way to pass a hair test and urine test. Also seeking home remedies for the same. Anything that would be helpful and not cost a fortune. Thanks for any infomation you can share.

Answer #1

As far as Hair follicle testing goes, once the drug metabolites grow out into the follicle, there is nothing you can do to get it out, other than cut away the history, however there is a good product from Clear Choice for hair testing that worked good for a friend of mine. I haven’t had to use it, but I have used a product of theirs called Rescue Cleanse for the urine test and pass with flying colors. It’s not free. but it works!

Answer #2

not sure about the hair but I know about the urine. I have passed at least 10 drug tests for my parole. I have been on parole for 3 years and been through counseling in which I was drug tested. all I know is this way helps chronic, might help others to just not sure. what you do is you go to wall mart or bi-lo and buy the blue box of certo fruit pectin(less then 4 dollars) it is what you make jam with. in the box should b 2 packets of a kind of jell liquid. mix 1 packet(save the other for another use) into a big container filled with either water, apple juice, or cranberry juice. drink it all about 3-4 hours before a test. be sure to pee at least 3 times before your drug test but no more then 5. what this does is it coats your system. after you drink the pectin drink lots of water or cranberry juice to be sure you pee often. the only down side is that the pee is almost clear. for this either take the vit b 12 thing or drink a yellowish juice.

Answer #3

Precison Clense for Hair test

Dilution for Urine test

Drink plenty of water Drink some powerade/gatorade Take Vitamin C

Powearade is to give your urine the electrolytes/salt Vitamin C is to darken the clolor

They have failed test based upon low electrolytes or light color because its a red flag for dilution.

Answer #4

…the cheapest way is to NOT do the drugs to begin with…

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