Can drinking a lot of water clear your urine for drugs?

Can drinkin a lot of water clean your piss for a drug test? if so, how much and how often?

Answer #1

Ok here is the deal…

Your weight and the ammount of drugs, as well as the reason your taking the test all go into the best course of action.

If your taking the test for a job (excluding important jobs such as goverment, civil, or anything requiring a lot of attention), a home test, or at the local lab corps. If your average in Hight weight, then you can pass the drug test by fasting 24hrs prior and drinking nothing but water. I mean as much as it takes so your peeing every five minute it seems. The tests I am telling you about are single pannel tests and they are easly fooled. The get all water they dont care. Now if its important for Probation, Important job, or anything of that nature, your looking at a five pannel test and those tests, Friend you need to just stay celan… Most things you can buy to clean your system will set off warnings to them and they will make you retake. SO basically be careful.

I tell you from tried and proven personal experences.

Good Luck


Answer #2

It depends on how much drugs are in your system. Number one though DO NOT EAT POPPY SEEDS then opiates will show up in your system (aka heroin, pain pills) and you will get busted for that. Water will help but you have to be careful because if you drink too much then they can tell and will possibly make you piss again. However, excersize and sweating helps to clear your systems as well. there are also drinks at local vitamin shops that help clear your system for drug tests! but do not eat poppy seeds who ever told you that is a idiot!

Answer #3

your a *king idiot

Answer #4

no it wont clear it. eat poppy seeds.

Answer #5

Will those hurt? and where do yu get poppy seeds?

Answer #6

dont know if work just took niacin drinking red bull.cranberry juice have to take an the morning onlt 140 will I pass

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