Drug and alcohol counseling

I was just looking through courses to take in college for September - there was only one that really jumped out at me which was ‘Drug and alcohol counseling’. I think I would really enjoy this course because there are so many drug/alcohol addicts in this world who need help.

Has anyone taken a course like this? Did you enjoy it?

Answer #1

I did a bit of it when I volunteered at a youth health centre. It’s really empowering stuff, and if you get the chance, I say take it!

Answer #2

Hi. When I was in undergrad, I ended up taken a course similar to the one you to take as an elective. My middle brother was going through some issues at the time and I felt it could help me understand him better and maybe help.

Bottomline it did, and I learned a lot from the course. If its something you find compeling and interesting I say take it. Especially if you enjoy helping others, it’ll give you tons of insight. Sound like you’ve already made up your mind enjoy. Good Luck

Answer #3

When I was in college we had a sort of intro of the course and some of the stuff they teach you such as short term and long term effects of what all the different drugs can do to you and how it effects different people in certain ways is pretty interesting.

If your into that stuff, why not give it a go =] you can learn more about the course and any questions you have when they interview you.

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