Should I drop out or stay in school?

Would you rather be a drop out or stay in school? And if you’re a drop out tell me, is it funner out of school or do you regret dropping out? Just asking cause I need advice on this… I’m 16 and I don’t know what to do stay in school or drop out? I mean I’m young but I have no one else to talk to that gives good advice ^_^’

Answer #1

I’m only 13 now, but I’m going to drop out as soon as I can. I know it sounds stupid, but what I want to do in life can’t be taught to me at a public highschool or college.

Answer #2

I just graduated from HS. although you have to deal with a lot if sh*t, (bullying, stereotypes, etc), you will be glad you stayed. even if you don’t go to college, you can still get by with a HS diploma. there’s a lot fo jobs out there that take you with just a HS diploma (retail, restaurants, etc.). however, if you drop out, that’ll look bad when you go try to get a decent job. my dad dropped out, and so did my mom. they are now working multiple jobs and lacking sleep. do you want to end up that way? if not, stay in school.

Answer #3

STAY IN SKOOL, TRUST ME! I know pplz who dropped out & are at Jack In The Box, just flippin’ burgers & that’s all they’re gonna do w/their life! So STAY IN SKOOL :D

Answer #4

uhmmm… simple answer… STAY THERE! my sister is a drop out and shes workinf as a waitress full time just to support herself… not good. she cant go anywhere with her life. STAY THE HELL IN THERE!

Answer #5

stay in school. It is cool. Don’t be a fool. Stay in school.

Answer #6

do you want an education? think how far in life you will get if you go to school for proper education training! think about all the doors that will open for you. think about when you are older. you still have so much life ahead of you, why waste school? think about when you are older and thinking how much you regretted not going to school and being with friends. THINK about what you are asking BEFORE YOU ASK.

Answer #7

school can be what ever you make it it can be hard eazy fun or not un at all!! but i think school is really fun dropin out is stupid you dont need that saty in school!!

Answer #8

Well my name is ionee and i am 17. I dropped out of high school twice….Yea I had fun for a few months but after a while it gets old…Most of the time I had nothing to do….I stayed on my grandma’s sofa all day and all night….My advice is I got bored and regreted it.I say stay in school have fun go to prom. You will miss a lot if you leave now.

Answer #9

My best friend dropped out and shes completely different just does what she wants and always has problems and I dont like her anymore. If you want to lose your friends and be lonely do it

Answer #10

Stay in school, that way so you can get a well paying job, and not end up like a bum.

Answer #11

no don’t drop out. education is the greatest thing. not being mean mean, but if you were to drop out you’d be a worthless piece of garbage

Answer #12

you should stay in school. my cousin dropped out and i think it is the worst decision she ever made. she is under age and she is drinking and smoking. she thinks that no one cares about her because her mom kicked her out of the house. you have more job opportunities if you stay in school.

Answer #13

Umm depends on what you want to do, for instance if you wana be a musician but you dident get into a good school, go ahead and leave. You will have a lot more time to perfect what you want to do. Now if you want to be a doctor or a teacher or something then stay

Or if your going to be a complete faliure and you suck at life just leave! But I think you should stay in!

Answer #14

don’t be crazy! school should be everything to u! you have the rest of the life to enjoy!stay hard and be successful in the future!

Answer #15

Stay in school!

Answer #16

I think if your not having a hard time or didnt fail or anything stay in school think about how our going to keep your bills payed and buy food and stuff you need with a small job of 6 dollars an hour… Right now i know how you feel i went to a public school all the way up to eighth grade but only half the year then the other half of eighth grade at home schooling online and i got lazy and failed and then i repeated eighth grade this year and got lazy again but this last semester i finally woke up and now its to late i have to repeat again and if i dont pass next year ill be put back in my public school and i will be very embarrassed with the same teacher i left off with and im really depressed right now because next year i could have been in tenh grade. DONT HOMESCHOOL WATEVER YOU DO trust me youll regret it i am. stay in school

Answer #17

I want to drop out too…people suck. teachers suck. my principle actually tried to convince me to drop out yesterday! and I’ve screwed up so bad last year and the year before that it would take me another 4 years to “graduate” and thats bullsh*t. plus everyone likes to label me as like a no-life druggie. they act like I’m the only one who smokes pot in the world??? lol. I’m not horrible! I’m a pretty likable person I think…I’m 16 too and at this point I don’t give a damn. I have a job at a head shop lined up for me at the local headshop when I’m 18. I can get a liscense when I’m 18 and I think I’m going to be fine…just do what you want to do hun!!! take care.

Answer #18

honestly, stay in school. it’s hard, for everyone.. but i promise you, that you will regret it. stick it out, and i know sometimes its VERY STRESSFUL and you can think of a million places you’d rather be. maybe you could join some afterschool activities, like a sport or club to keep you motivated. just because you are in school, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. especially on the weekends, there’s plenty of time to live it up.. but you’ve got to work for those privelidges. even though you’d rather be home then school, you’ll find out that with all your friends at school, being home alone gets old.. FAST. hang in there and, good luck!

Answer #19

you should stay in school because it wont be easy getting a good job in the future if you drop out. you also wont have all the education in you that you really do need to have to succed. if you do drop out you will most likely regret it.

Answer #20

Im 17 id dropped out when I was 15…worst desicion I have ever made..yea im takeing GED classes right now..BUT trust me when I say it really really aint the same at all…you miss prom and all that and plus..I don’t will regret it seriously…I do everyday

Answer #21

My dad dropped out, and he says it was the worst decision of his life. He can’t get a very good job either! Don’t make the same mistake he did!

Answer #22

Staying in school opens doors - higher education - better paying jobs - a more secure future

Dropping out is going NOWHERE - on a treadmill of low pay - menial tasks - poverty, highly likely

This is a No-Brainer

Answer #23

stay in school these days without school its very hardc to get a job besides wouldd’t you rasther have a decent paying job so you can get nice clothes etc.

Answer #24

I know someone who dropped out then ran away and ended up getting all depressed then tried to kill themselves and thats not kool

Answer #25

OMG school may be boring now but trust me. in the future you will be glad you went to school. cause if you have a dream it will come true if you have an education. Remember one thing: That education is the key to sucess

Answer #26

stay in school.

Answer #27

im thinking bout droppin out too.. so your not the only one

Answer #28

umm you should stay in school even though evry1 wants a break these days but thts whats summers 4! dropping out wood be fun 4 a while ut reality of it is eventually you need a good paying job & w/ this economy doing that would be hard especially if you dropped out of school!

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