What do you think about my dream be honest?

I know this isn’t like the most ‘dream’ job people would want, it aint no actrist, singer, pilot or anything but its what i like i want to be .. a gym teacher, i love sports and love teaching other how to play them, what to eat and what not, love seeing others living a healthy life and becoming more healthy and happy as each day goes by, but everyone keeps saying that ain’t no job and what not, what do you think about this job?

Answer #1

If that’s what you want to be then go for it! It seems like it could be fun, and many people want to be teachers. I’ve heard that teachers don’t get paid the best though…but otherwise it sounds like an amazing dream to me :)

Answer #2

i think thats really great, seems like your doing it for the benefit of others aswell as yourself. You’ve not set your heart on anything that is really unrealistically out of the question. So yeh i think that you should go for it

Answer #3

I think that if that is what you enjoy, and it would make you happy, then go for it. If you love sports, like to stay fit and like helping other people learn, then its a great dream !! :)

Answer #4

well does it really matter what others think as long as your happy that’s all that matter “if you enjoy your job you never have to work a day of your life” and personlly its better to dream about something then not to dream at all go for it if you have as much passion as it sounds like you do you will be a great gym teacher :3

Answer #5

I am going to be blunt here…no offense anyone… Who the fck Cares about what “others” say….Its you right to choooooooose what ever you want to do in your life….Just remember one thing…there are consequences to choosing that…

  1. very little pay
  2. loads of stress
  3. loads of patience
  4. very little vacation time
  5. people constantly being up in your face about one thing or another…

But you will be doing what you want…even if it means you may be in debt & maybe be late paying your bills. It’s your choice…your life…Do what you want with it.

Good Luck!

Answer #6

I disagree about the consequences.

  1. If low pay becomes a concern, you can switch from gym teacher to personal coach, which can be a fairly lucrative profession (with an expanding market these days).
  2. Less stress than other kinds of teachers: More stress-reducing physical release, and no papers to grade plus less curriculum preparation means less work outside class time.
  3. Summers off! That gives you plenty of time to divide between other income-producing activity, furthering your own education (like to become a personal trainer), and vacation. 3 & 5. No more patience required, and no more people in your face, than in many other jobs.
Answer #7

ok, I am going to have to agree to disagree with you on this on Hayyim, why…because I was referring to other things, but if you want me to explain then here goes…

  1. very little pay, meaning, when your working for the board of education…The union, things go according to their rules & regulations…their code..you mentioned she could be a coatch, A coach, not for a lady sweetie…how many coaches do you know of that are female? I know of none…that is why I said that. A coach for a guy is a life long job great pay…how many women get accepted? Right…that is what I mean!

  2. kids in gym cause a lot of stress til they settle down especially when they have to go from being quiet to active then back to being quiet…unlike in a classroom, they arent running around capable of getting hurt in a chair. responsibilities & dealing with p!ssed off parents for their kids getting hurt in gym class! very stressful either way!

  3. loads of patience to deal with bureaucracy…rules & regulations, the system…being fired then stuck with no job til another school is willing to accept you or worse having to to accept a sub position, once again little pay long hours…yeah minus the grading papers but still stressful! As for personal trainers, how many starving personal trainers are begging people to just give them the time of day even reducing prices bcz fitness centers are just not needing them anymore…with classes like zumba that needs only 1 -2 instructors…there is less need for personal trainers. Unless one wants to just work out in a gym lifting weights…those are always needed. Question is how many men trust women when it comes to body building?! Not saying that there arent any bcz I know there are…but is that really what never givin up is referring to? No…she wants to be a gym teacher…so that brings me back to my original statement…low pay then huge cuts barely starving…teachers barely have the whole summer off…they need to stay 2 weeks after school & 2-3 weeks before the new year…my JHS friend b!tches to me about it all the time…she was so afraid of the cuts last winter because she was prego & they were cutting in jersey big time… True, people are always going to be in your face…but as a teacher period, more do….if it isnt the kids…then its the other teachers…and if it isnt the other teachers, its the guidance counselors & so on…if it isnt them its the parents & if it isnt them then it is the board of ed….there is always going to be someone up their @ss…Which is why i stayed clear of being a teacher…just not worth it…in the long run…no matter how you look at it…

But again, if it what she wants to do that is HER choice to make…not yours, not mine, or her families Just Hers….

so good luck sweetie, no matter what you decide to do! ;)

Answer #8


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