How do I get my dogs to stop eating EVERYTHING?

They’ve already eaten two purses, four pairs of shoes, two pairs of glasses, my aunts bank card, the glass pieces from my..vase.. they broke, a carton of cigarettes and don’t even get me started on the kleenex O.O

Answer #1

Your dog needs something he’s not getting. I did this once with a dog who’s owner was gone for 3 month. She asked me to live at her house and take care of it and dog while she was gone. I got annoyed with the dog always barking, being a pest around me. It was driving me crazy.
So one day while watching TV I came across a show about problem dogs. The trainer showed the TV host a very simple trick. Get your dog. Have it sit infront of you. You sit on the sofa, chair or whatever, and place both your hands, one each side of the dogs head. Now close your eyes and place your thoughts right in the middle of the dogs head where it’s mind is. Be calm, don’t think of anything for a minute or so. Then ask the dog what he needs. You’ll get an answer to the question. The answer will be the right thing the dog wants. I did this and no longer did I have any problem with that animal.

Answer #2

Wait, so that dog told you telepathically what he wanted?

Answer #3

Yes. No question about it. Very plain and clear. Like in the movie the ‘Horse Whisper’. I was amaized. You can do it too. Just be very quiet, no thoughts, or emotions for a minuet or so. Then ask the question. Very simple, really. Here’s one for you. I wanted a certain football team to win the Supper Bowl. All I did was put the thought into the team I want to win, that they were invinsible. I held it there for as long as I could and then released it. They won!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #4

Well, first of all….ya gotta dog proof your place. Pick UP your purses, your shoes, and put them in the closet…..take everything within reach and put it UP out of reach, if you aren’t wearing your glasses, then put them on the kitchen counter! You don’t say how much time these little “darlings” are left alone in a day…. crating them when you can’t watch them helps keep them out of trouble.

I have always had a toy box for my dogs in the living room..easy to get to….with a variety of toys, large and small…different shapes and textures…whenever your dog has something inappropriate, you say “TRADE!”..(smiling”, and pick something from the box…Dogs, by nature…always want what someone else has, just like kids. You’re teaching good behavior, plus you’re capturing their interest with the things in the box. You might try some exercise for these guys too….take them for a walk everyday……a tired dog is a GOOD dog.

I think you’ll be highliy disappointed if you try to transfer you thoughts into the dogs head…..for your only training method….


Answer #5

Uhhh, yeeaaaahhh. Hahaha:)

Answer #6

I don’t think this will work for just anybody…sorry.

Answer #7

Yes you can. You just have to work at it.
We all have abilities beyond our wildest dreams. Just practice it. It will come. To me it was simple. Don’t invalidate yourself. Know that you can.

Answer #8

I agree, but hey wishful thinking…some people have the ability to make things happen with their mind…it’s mind over matter…if you keep repeating to yourself I think I can, I think I can, I think I can then you will be able to accomplish anything you want because you are training your thoughts in a positive manner so you will succeed! Now if you have negative thoughts & say I cant do it, I cant do it, I cant do it…then your are projecting negative thoughts & you really wont be able to accomplish what you set out to do… For some it works…for others training the regular way as you said is the better way for others!

I say…what ever works for ya…as long as you get the job done & your dogs quiet & happy! :P
Happy 4th weekend to all!

Answer #9

You become a better owner? Pets and children arent the problem. It’s usually the owners/parents. Keep stuff out of reach, and reward good behavior and discipline bad behavior. It isnt that hard.

Answer #10

LOL….I DO believe when we do “self talk” to ourselves that it’s highly effective….however, if this worked for dog training, it would be the ONLY method used…how easy. And speaking of training dogs this way…why don’t I step into the living room…gaze deeply into hubby’s eyes, and think…”I WILL pick up my dirty socks”… :)

Answer #11


Answer #12

ROFL….ps…I would listen to phrannie, she is good with dogs.

Answer #13

Ahaha, how utterly perposterous. The bloody dog was simply “acting out” because it was seeking attention from you while you were engrossed with something besides itself, namely the television. Stopping to hold the dog’s head still caused it to calm down, not to mention that it probably picked up on your more than questionable mannerisms.

Answer #14

Let me ask you this. You know all about dogs?

Answer #15

It’s not a matter of how long they are left alone. Someone is always home to give them attention.. but the second a back is turned, they’re into something..

If it was a simple matter of putting things out of reach, I’d love to know why it is they’ve resorted to chewing apart the floor

Answer #16

No, nobody knows ALL about dogs. I never claimed to. I am a long time owner and lover of my rottweiler, however, and am a very practical person by nature, believing strongly in reasons and causes for nearly everything in life. Spirituality is a very ambiguous and complex topic, and I do believe that no man may fully understand it, and that man may only allow their own interpretation of it to help develop THEMSELVES in their own way. Perhaps my answer was unnecessarily hostile, but I am very passionate about when people allow spiritual beliefs, in any nature, to interfere with the raising of an animal, or even child, dependant on them. It seems arrogant for an individual to believe that their own faith may actually affect and alter something, and that the laws of existence themselves may be affected by a man’s mere will without action. I do believe in the power of determination, and I do believe that the energy a self-assured individual exudes is reflected in their mannerisms, that those around them will pick up on this confidence and be affected themselves. But this is psychology, not a form of psychic powers man is capable of showing, especially over distances unseen.

I in no way mean to insult your beliefs, for it is our own interpretations of life that give us strength, but I do disagree with someone trying answer issues in life that affect others, namely your friends dog and perhaps others, with such questionable methods. I am an agnostic, and hate to see such claims to spiritual knowledge anywhere.

Answer #17

Have you ever thought it wanted your attention. Give it what it needs and it won’t do it.

Answer #18

Animals are the same as people. Give a child, spouse, friend what it needs and the problem ends. And I don’t mean give it material things.
All living things want attention, not some object to satisfy the moment. People as well as animal when not getting what they need will do something to get it, usually bad. Look at a child who eggs on the parent to give them something and when they don’t get it the child causes problems. That’s the reward for not giving attention. And of course the child or animal get punished in return. A viscous cycle, isn’t it.

Answer #19

So.. i tried this whole pet telepathy thing. and the most amazing unbelievable thing happened. It Didn’t Work! :O

However the trading idea (thanks Phrannie) is actually starting to have some effect.

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