Who doesn't believe in evolution?

I’m just curious who doesn’t believe in evolution and why?

Answer #1

I don’t believe in evolution. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Answer #2

Why doesn’t it make sense?

Answer #3

I don’t believe things have changed over time. If so, things would be changing right now & dogs would eventually turn into horses lmao.

Answer #4

I think your hyperbolizing evolution a little bit. It’s not that simple. Things are still changing. Quite a bit of observable evolution has occurred in recent history

Answer #5

It still doesn’t make sense to me, nor will it ever.

Answer #6

Ok that’s fair. I urge you to research it more so even if it doesn’t make sense you fully understand it, hopefully it’ll make some sense if you learn how it happens

Answer #7

I learned a lot about it in school & it didn’t make sense then lol

Answer #8

Of course I do! People who are all like “it’s totally a myth guys! God created everything!!!” are just idiots. How else would you explain things such as tadpoles becoming frogs and lots of other examples? It makes perfect sense.

Answer #9

Things can change form, like they way that a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. That still doesn’t mean that God didn’t create the world and life itself.

Answer #10

No but people immediately compare the two and claim evolution doesn’t exist because they believe in God.

Answer #11

Well that’s a valid point, but lets not start calling people idiots. And yes, those are metamorphic cycles. In part, they almost have no relation to actual evolution.

Answer #12

Whether anyone chooses to believe in it or not, EVERYONE should accept it, regardless of religion. I mean it has been proven and it makes sense. While is still keep my good faith in religion. I maintain an equal passion for science and the universe’s history. So yes, I believe in the truth, and yes I still believe in God.

Answer #13

it is not noticeable in one’s life time. It takes over thousands and thousands of years for a single mutation. It is a slow process. Adaptations and natural selection cause these Evolutionary changes.

Answer #14

Definition of evolution: the gradual development of something, esp. from a simple to a more complex form. So yeah it kinda does. Same with caterpillar to butterfly.

Answer #15

Fair enough.

Answer #16

Evolution is a theory, but gravity is a theory too.

Answer #17

I believe that God created everything in the beginning including evoloution. Of course animal species have evolved, but the human race is entirely different. There is way too much of a “gap” between us and apes. They will never “catch up” to us because it’s not possible. They are “still’ apes. A human being is so extraordinary in every aspect of emotion, intelligence, ect.ect. and the list goes on and on. The “human’ part of the equation was given special consideration for a purpose by God

Answer #18

there’s a difference between “evolution” and “the theory of evolution.” of course i believe in evolution. we all evolve. from tadpoles to frogs, from eggs to chicks, from fetus to infant to adult. but the theory of evolution would have us believing we all evolved from guppies in some primordial ooze, crawling up on land, turning into apes and eventually becoming human. IF we evolved from apes, why haven’t canines, insects, birds etc become a different species with the same capabilties as humans? and why haven’t the rest of the apes evolved?

Answer #19

it has not “been proven.” it has been theorized.

Answer #20

idiots? really young lady? sounds like you haven’t “evolved” very well.

Answer #21

I believe in God AND evolution. I believe God gave us the intelligence and the ability to evolve. but i refuse to believe that my ancestors flopped up on land from some primordial ooze. God created us and gave us dominion over the animals. That is why there is such a gap between us and them.

Answer #22

I respect you all as young people who have the right to form your own opinions, but i promise you, in another 20 years, some of the rock solid beliefs you hold now are going to change. when we older people think back to the issues and beliefs we were passionate about when were 15 and 16, we have to laugh! and then be patient with the next generation because life is a learning experience and i promise you again that your thoughts and opinions will change as you experience more of life.

Answer #23

Because evolution doesn’t have a driving force to make something the dominant creatures of the earth. Evolution is the process thought natural selection in which an animal become best adapted to its habitat. Before you start trying to poke holes, learn the actual details of the theory

Answer #24

A scientific theory is very different from a normal theory. There needs to be evidence and reason to support it and evolution has a bunch of evidence supporting. Gravity is a theory too but you don’t see people arguing about that

Answer #25

did you even read my answer? as for learning the actual details of the theory, i’m an english major with a masters working on my PhD. my background is journalism and i’m a published author of non-fiction books. does that qualify me for having at least some brain wave activity?

Answer #26

Ok now kids, stop fighting right now. There is a way to talk about this without everyone getting mad. That won’t help but rather just make it worse.

Answer #27

if evolution doesn’t have a driving force to make something dominant, explain why humans became the dominant species please. also, in natural selection, the previous, weaker strain of the species die out. been to the zoo lately?

Answer #28

Listen to me. I mean it!!!! This is to important to squander away with anger

Answer #29

i’m not fighting. anyone who reads my comments will see that i respect everyone’s right to their own opinion. but if he doesn’t want to hear what other people think then he shouldn’t ask a question

Answer #30

Whoops, didn’t know I was interupting. We must have been typing at the same time

Answer #31

I’m not saying I disrespect you opinion and I have no intentions of insulting your intelligence, but the arguments you brought up are clearly explained in the theory of evolution. (an English masters doesn’t necessarily mean you know something about science)

Answer #32

true. and we shouldn’t argue about evolution. everyone has the right to believe what they believe without being judged an idiot as long as the reasoning behind the belief is based on something the’ve researched and not just repeating what someone else says. you have to keep in mind that when someone brings up the “E” word, the majority of people immediately think that you believe “oh…we evolved from monkeys there is no God.”

Answer #33

but just so you know. there is alot of evidence to support the Bible’s version as well. They have found Noahs Ark. They have found chariots in The Red Sea. We even know now that The Garden of Eden was in Iraq

Answer #34

I’m gonna let you have that Will. although i’d like to think i’m intelligent enough to grasp the concept of the theory. But lets hear what you believe. God?? if not, from what did you originate?

Answer #35

Yes because there is some truth in the stories of the bible. But that doesn’t mean creation is true because there is no evidence for that

Answer #36

Yes I believe in god. I identify with Christianity but had a complex religious belief (it’s on my profile) that I am continuing to explore ad develope. I believe in evolution as a whole and think that god uses natural processes to make amazing things happen. That’s why I use science to develope my faith and learn more about the way god works through nature and through man. I’ve study evolution in history once and science twice and find it fascinating and logical. I’ve had really good teachers that have directed me or shown me to resources that give strong reasoning an logic for evolution along with showing how it works and why, so I fully believe life started as a tiny microbial creature and the evolved into every modern animal. That’s what I believe but if I was playing devils advocate Id say. “If you can believe in a always existing god, why cant I believe the universe has always simply existed.” I believe it’s healthy to question your faith, that’s the only way you can truely grow in it

Answer #37

I believe in MICRO evolution. They have proved that very well in recently recorded history (last 100 yrs or so). Micro-evolution is small changes. A bird adapting to eat a before poisonous berry because of a food shortage, for example.

MACRO evolution I have a harder time believing it. Macro-evolution is like dinosaurs evolving into birds. Or an ape-like ancestor evolving into humans. Or all life evolving from sea creatures.

Answer #38

Good answer!! I too continue to explore and develop my spiritual beliefs. I practice Native American spirituality, specifically Lakota and Creek, and i also believe the universe has always existed. I believe there’s alot we don’t know and it will only be revealed to us when we leave this dimension

Answer #39

I look forward to meeting your spirit in the afterlife Will. it will be quite the interesting conversation, like this one, don’t you think?

Answer #40

Yeah exactly that’s why I think evolution is true because it’s logical

Answer #41

Well to contradict Angie in one of her previous statements, I believe no other species has evolved into a main dominant species like homo-sapiens because of ‘Communication’. We are the first species to actually produce and use a full communication system that helps us understand each other. Yes of course other animals communicate, but they don’t have the intuition and knowledge we have grown and created. I do believe that we all started out as single-celled asexual organisms.

Answer #42

Hah, yes. Interesting conversations between everyone who believes. But evolution has been proven to an extent that makes it a theory. Just like tectonic plates, we know they are there, but we have discovered that it could have at one point been a Pangaea, the large mass of land. There is proof about it, and it’s still a theory. . Just like stated previously, gravity was facts that contradict and disprove the theory of gravity itself, and do you know by who? By Albert Einstein himself. He spent 15 years of his research in finding out that gravity is not a pull but a push from space into a large massive object (like a planet) he was right. . We still can believe whatever, the truth and facts are out there already. For those who want to believe.

Answer #43

Yes really, old lady. Sounds like you don’t know punctuation or capitalization very well.

Answer #44

Exactly. We did not evolve from apes, and there were no such things as cave men. if we evolved from apes then there would have had to be thousands of transitional forms from ape to man, with each transitional form being superioir to the prior one. If the inferior ape survived then why didn’t some of the transitional forms survive? Like i said there would have had to been thousands of them. :)

Answer #45

If you really just want to get into the hardcore grammar then check your own first, Gabby. Your second sentence have two main errors, the do not should be do not in this instance and you do not really describe much about your Noun making the sentence incomplete. Did you learn your lesson about insulting the grammar of others yet?

Answer #46

Silly me, I must of looked at the error “don*t” and corrected it myself.

Answer #47

So is the 9/11 conspiracy theory. I wish people were not so vague.

Answer #48

I think I will attempt to put an end to this. You are the Universalist correct. Religions with separate conclusions can be right at the same time oh boy! So maybe just maybe evolution and creation can be right at the same time! Anyways to put it bluntly I swear you asked this question for a fight value but just yo make sure were on the same page (I LOVE SURPRISES!) my position on this is YEC (Secret word HUEHUEHUE)

Answer #49

I have not had this much fun in a long time. Look up the” David Hume and the problem of induction” and you will come to understand that saying “proof” or “proven” is inaccurate in any type of science. Science is inductive.

Answer #50


Answer #51

There are thousands of them. They didn’t survive because they werent as advanced but utilized the same resources as another branch of advanced great ape, do only one could survive. Humans aren’t actually that amazing other than our mental capacity if you look at a look of other parts in our body they are inefficient in design and show how evolution was involved in creating them. (catipillar to butterfly isn’t evolution it’s metamorphosis). There actually were “cavemen” in Europe that lived in the caves due to the cold whether and there are multiple locations with cave drawings, fire remains and ancestral human remains. Make sure you actually have data to support your claims before you make them

Answer #52

I believe in both creation and evolution. And I actually asked this to see what people say and see if people would use actually evidence or just pretend evolution doesn’t have any evidence

Answer #53

Ehh you could be right.. it still doesn’t change the facts. Because as of realism, if i dont want to believe in science. It doesn’t exist

Answer #54

i didn’t start out asexual, Juan. I am now, but that came with age : )

Answer #55

will is right. “cavemen” did exist. on many continents. some native americans actuall lived in caves. people who did that were known as cave dwellers. and the reasons they did that varies. because of cold climates, or et ones that frequently flooded, as well as to make it almost impossible for vicious animals or enemies to reach them.

Answer #56

I expected nothing less from you than the childish, rather catty and unbecoming retort with which you responded to your scolding. How’s that for proper English, grammar and punctuation? Also, you might take a look at your original statement where your sentence structure contains the word “like.” However, for the sake of peace on FA, I’ll just go ahead and declare you the winner of this little skirmish. OK?

Answer #57

Wow!! Its been a while since i’ve seen a question stir up this kind of a shiitstorm!! Good question Will. It brought all the kiddies out to play for awhile. I challenge you to come up with another of equal interest. good luck!!

Answer #58

LOL, Realism does not denote the belief that we need a system of 100% certainty (which we have mind you, mathematics) it merely denotes you hold the belief that universals exist.

Answer #59

This is really getting out of hand, time to bring out the Wiki definitions.

Creationism : “The belief that the universe and living organisms originate from specific acts of divine creation, as in the biblical account, rather than by natural processes such as evolution”

Evolutionism: “theory of evolution: (biology) a scientific theory of the origin of species of plants and animals.”

NOW, under the logical law of non-contradiction two things cannot be right with different contentions. You see the problem.

Answer #60

“And I actually asked this to see what people say and see if people would use actually evidence or just pretend evolution doesn’t have any evidence” Oh how cute, (excuse my writing style it can be condescending) you already assume much scientism dogma. Also when you talk about evidence; evidence simply means an indication towards that conclusion. Your using the word ‘evidence’ like it means 100% brute fact. Which is the actual definitions of proof.

Answer #61

Time to defend poor Brandi here. Through science is not my favorite subject I will give it a shot. “if you look at a look of other parts in our body they are inefficient in design” That is a tricky hole you have placed yourself in. What defines improvement? Survival value you say? Where does that idea come from?

Cavemen? Don’t you mean neanderthals? If you do they sound like normal humans. They played musical instruments, burred their dead and interbreed-ed with us. Sounds awfully like a human.

“fire remains” FIRE???? LOL. The fire is still actually there after a supposed 200,000 years ago???? Well this changes everything rofl.

Answer #62

You are asexual?

Answer #63

Creationism doesn’t mean no natural processes occurred it means god created everythig, there’s a difference. I’m not saying evidence is proof, it is simply an indication towards a conclusion, and evolution has a lot of it. I was simply saying that I was wondering if people would actually have a scientific debate on the validity of the evidence for evolution instead of just pretend like there isn’t enough evidence. And yes this is getting out of hand because your posting comments just to bother people and stir things up.

Answer #64

just a joke

Answer #65

I know that there were people that lived in caves in the past. What I meant when I said that there was no such thing as “cave men” I was referring to the retarded ones running around with torches, acting like animals like the kind you see on cartoons & in movies.

Answer #66

well…at least you guys didn’t get called an “idiot” or “old lady” by yacky or whatever her name is : (

Answer #67

Ok. gotcha. you’re right. I doubt seriously that any of the cave dwellers ran around going “ooga booga” and dragging women around by their hair as a mode of transportation. sorry. I should have figured that’s what you meant

Answer #68

Memo to Joshua: Will wasn’t suggesting the fire is still burning. He said “fire remains.” As in, whats left after the fire is out. They have discovered areas in caves where early humans built cooking fires. The remains are ash and partially burned wood and animal dung. Not flames

Answer #69

…barely exciting or evidential then.

Answer #70

YES IT DOES! See this is useless semantics; I just copied and posted a definition of creationism from Google definition. Disagree with it if you will (get the pun, your name is will hehe) but the definition still stands. In addition, you seem to be taking the phrase “no natural processes” out of context. It says “rather than by natural processes such as evolution”. If you were correct, it would seem to me that I was implying that gravity and photosynthesis are purely wrong since their natural processes.

Answer #71

“I was simply saying that I was wondering if people would actually have a scientific debate on the validity of the evidence for evolution instead of just pretend like there isn’t enough evidence”If you wanted to do that maybe you should have posted some citations for that initial claim that, “and evolution has a lot of it.” I for one always strive to take on such small annoyances as evolution from a philosophical viewpoint.

Answer #72

“And yes this is getting out of hand because your posting comments just to bother people and stir things up.” I am sorry but such questions like this excite me; such is human nature.

Answer #73

Have no idea who you’re supposed to be Joshua but those two comments just failed. And Angie, all I see under this question is you commenting on peoples’ answers and starting arguments. That won’t get you very far here, love.

Answer #74

^very true!! nicely said gabby :p

Answer #75

Also, if we evolved from apes wouldn’t we be superior in pretty much every aspect besides our brains? Wouldn’t we be stronger physically, and tougher? Apes have it all over us in those areas, They can survive in conditions that we can’t, and they are more immune to germs, etc. The only thing we really have over them is intelligence.

Answer #76

Can I just point out that the theory of evolution does NOT say that we evolved from apes? Nor does the theory of the origin of species.

Answer #77

Condescending much?

Answer #78

Not to mention, there is nothing in the theory of evolution to suggest that dogs turn into horse and apes turn into people. It says that things change to adapt to their environment. Not into different, already established species.

Answer #79

I absolutely believe in evolution, as it is extremely logical. I am a scientist, and also a Catholic. There are so many misconceptions about evolution, for example, that people evolved from monkeys. That is not what evolution is about.

Answer #80

We didnt evolve from apes, and nor does the theory of evolution say we did. And no, the way we have evolved means we dont NEED to be physically stronger. We can process our food so we dont need larger head and neck muscles or bigger teeth. We are bipedal, so we have our arms free to use tools. Yes, this is at a cost to our physical strength, but its not about being superior in every aspect, its about adapting to best suit our environment. And our intelligence means we can modify our enviroment so we can make up for the areas we are lacking in.

Answer #81

LOL Gabby, 0/10 seriously I love non-quitters. You insult people’s intelligence with a hasty generalization fallacy. Wow, you must be hardcore. The dishonesty is a killer.

Answer #82

Just because you read something on wikipedia doesnt mean you are correct, and since I know many highly educated scientists who believe both in evolution and creationism at the same time, I’m inclined to believe the two do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Answer #83

LOL. This is cute. You obviously must have thought I asserted somewhere that just because I cited a wiki definition I win. Now comes the tricky part, where did I assert this, quote please?

Answer #84

“and since I know many highly educated scientists who believe both in evolution and creationism at the same time” Cry me a river, scientists are not the prime givers of definitions in this society. Also you might also have actually have to cite the source for that claim as well. Happy quote mining.

Answer #85


Answer #86

That’s part of the current theory of evolution

Answer #87

We didn’t evolve from apes we evolved from primates and share a common ancestor with all apes

Answer #88

It’s part of evolution because we all have a common ancestor so we had to evolve from something, so it is part of evolution and is one of the main reasons people don’t accept evolution (because they think they are way to great to have evolved from a primate

Answer #89

I’m sorry. I thought this was a discussion Gabby. Where all are invited to participate. The only statements I had a problem with was when you called people who believe in Creationism only “idiots,” and when you attacked my method of typing. I was merely pointing out that it is rude to call names at someone for their religious beliefs, when you put me on blast for my (rarely) lazy typing. I don’t see anywhere that I’ve tried to start an argument, but if you do, aside from where you and I have tangled, please let me know and I will take an honest evaluation of my statement and apologize accordingly if, indeed, that was my intent. I respect other peoples’ beliefs and have actually found this to be an interesting conversation. It’s been going for days with no signs of slowing down.

Answer #90

Let it go Joshua. Let’s all just agree to disagree and go back to being our happy little FA family. I think Wills’ intent here was to incite thought, not open a forum where we all beat each other over the head with a club until the other capitulates. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Now you or Will need to come up with another, equally interesting question. This one has gotten out of control

Answer #91

Oh! No! No! No! Danielle. I wasn’t being condescending at all there. I apoligize if it sounded that way to you.

Answer #92

Gabby, if I have offended you in any way, I apologize. I did not join this site to make enemies

Answer #93

I actually posted one on stem cells but no one commented on it.

Answer #94

No actually its not. The theory says a common ancestor. There is a difference.

Answer #95

I agree, its part of evolutions that we have a common ancestor, but its a bit different to use coming directly from apes. People argue against evolution by saying things like why are there still apes if we used to be apes. But its so much more complicated than that. Especially when you consider that, while we do share more than 90% of our genetic material with apes, the same can be said about fruit flies, or even things like wheat.

Answer #96

Sorry, I think I just took that the wrong way, which is so easily done when you are reading, rather than listening with tone and stuff. I try to take that into account but sometimes I forget!

Answer #97

That’s true. But are common ancestor had many of the apes’ features. So in someway yes and no. But we do have a common ancestor. The closest being that can be classified as a human from said common ancestor, is the homo erectus. The first to start walking upright more than on all-fours.

Answer #98

With all the discussions and opposing arguments being swung back and forth, I have no problem. For example Angie, Gabby, and Will. I’ve seen them around here a lot and stuff, very nice people here in the FA community. Although I don’t know them personally they are all very bright, regardless of views and beliefs. But it bugs me a bit that Joshua, is here trying to contradict everything we say. I mean I don’t know him at all. The thing is, is that he somewhat puts a sarcastic feel to his responses, almost in a mean or trying-to-make-us-look-stupid way. Js. That is my opinion, I still don’t hate or discriminate on anyone.

Answer #99

Ohh and Danielle too, she belongs in that list up there in the middle :p.

Answer #100

Yeah thats true we are part of the great ape branch which broke off from primates a long time ago

Answer #101

I posted a status update on stem cells, go check it out. It doesnt have any comments yet but hopefully it’ll get popular

Answer #102

I completely agree

Answer #103

I was kidding;) & it does say ape-like things evolved into humans. Lulz. & Apparently, giraffes with short necks evolved & ended up with long necks, so they could eat from trees. Lulz. Maybe someday I’ll evolve into a taller human being so I can reach the top shelf, since I have trouble reaching it right now. crosses fingers

Answer #104

Thank you for the compliment Juan. I think its time for a new question, new discussion and definitely some new players

Answer #105

I will. just give me a while to get to it. I had a heatstroke yesterday and i’m kinda dragging today

Answer #106

No problem. I really do respect most of you young’ns opinions. I say most because, lets face it, occasionally, someone says something like, “How can i get vampirism,” and then gets mad when we answer, and I think there are one or two who chime in to argue. This is supposed to be “FunAdvice,” not Jerry Springer!

Answer #107

Of course I do. That’s how God intended. Evolution is Gods tool. My opinion :)

Answer #108

perfect :)

Answer #109

I am sorry but these types of conversations make by brain chemicals go bonkers. The conservation ends when you want it to end.

Answer #110

Thanks Juan, I try. :P

Answer #111

Cars and trucks also share alot of common things, they both have tires, doors, engines and transmissions. They both use pretty much the same materials, the list goes on. But that doesn’t mean that a truck evolved from a car.

Answer #112

That argument is invalid because trucks and cars are man made creations

Answer #113

Welcome guys :)

Answer #114

You really cannot believe or disbelieve. There is physical evidence CLEARLY showing evolution happens. Why couldn’t God have created humans to evolve? Science and religion are not on opposite sides of the spectrum people, they go together in more ways than one.

Answer #115


Answer #116

I disagree with you that there is any “gap” between humans and animals at all, I believe that humans are merely just another species of animal. We just happened to evolve into something intelligent and conceited enough to label ourselves “human” and everything else, “animal”. If you looked at us from a…. Let’s say, an alien’s perspective, our rapid growth and destruction of every ecosystem we enter might make us be mistaken for a deadly virus, or at least something equal to a cockroach. Sorry to be so “pessimistic”. I just see it that way. And no, I don’t believ aliens are all that special either.

Answer #117

That was clearly stated above.

Answer #118

Meh. I have become indifferent due to a caffeine crash. Good night all.

Answer #119

I has seen so many things that God has done in my life and in others that I could write a book on it and i think i should. God definitely created everything and evolution I think takes much more faith to believe in than God. I think if you are trying to find out then ask God to show you the way.

Answer #120

I did and all I got was a fly coming into my room. What’s that supposed to mean?

Answer #121

Evolution has evidence, god has none. I’m a Christian but really? Evidence is present for evolution and it’s science god has no proof and is completely faith so evolution takes way less faith than god

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