Does obama support the coal industry ?

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Based on the "Coal is Cool" T-shirt I saw him wearing when we went out for drinks last night, I'd say so.

Seriously, what do you mean by that?

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what would it mean if he did? I mean, is coal good or bad? I assumed that since we harvest it that we need it.

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Of course he does! He needs lots of coal, to make diamonds for his death-ray.

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Hmm, I'm not sure.
Obama could support the coal industry if he wanted too.

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He does.

Conservatives are trying to find a talking point on the last day of the elections that is totally false. McCain and Obama have EXACTLY the same positions on the coal industry. READ IT ON

I for one am tired of these attacks. When will people just read what out there on "the google?", instead of repeating what each campaign tells them to? Its so easy to google, instead of appearing to be ignorant.

Wake up people!!

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"coal is cool" t-shirt. lol. you slay me.

Is anyone glad that Obama won?

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