Does obama have a health care solution?

Has Obama proposed a specific solution to the Health Care Crisis? How does it stack up against the other candidates?

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Yes and taxes will increase dramatically in order to implement.

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Edwards and Clinton want to make health care mandatory for all Americans. They figure if there is enough money going into the system from those who can afford it, it will pay for those who can't afford it. This includes the millions of young Americans in good health who don't want or need that much health coverage.

Obama, on the other hand, wants no such mandate. In fact, Obama's plan doesn't really call for any structured coverage per se. Obama wants to bring the movers and shakers in the health care industry together for round table televised talks, to include medical professionals, drug companies, health insurance companies, HMOs, and of course, those involved closely with patient care and treatment.

I don't support Obama, but I'm intrigued by his idea. Basically, he would force drug companies to admit on national television why they are charging prices for the prescriptions they do. He would force insurance companies to do the same with their premiums. In theory this would enrage the public who would then support legislation to change things.

Of course, Edwards and Clinton aren't having it, so they've been saying that Obama's plan screws millions of people out of health care. Just the kind of mudslinging you'd expect from them.

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F*ck taxes.

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