Does cum taste gross?

I never have allowed my boyfriend to cum in my mouth because I think it will taste nasty. does cum taste gross?

Answer #1

lol if you eat a lot of citrus its suppose to taste sweet this works I drank nothing but some citrus juice and ate fruits for a few days and well she told me it was different.

Answer #2

lol.. im really learning something new like the pineapple.. hahahah.. (im so newbie when it comes about this.. ) is it really a fact?

Answer #3

what do you think when he goes down on u?

Answer #4

it’s honestly not all that bad. try it, but if you don’t like the taste the first time then use the flavored condom.

Answer #5

well I think it tastes pretty damn good myself! =]

Answer #6

my boyfriends tastes okay.. like I wouldnt say “yumm it tastes god” lmao and I would say its gross. its okay (:

Answer #7

ok I have just resently experienced this my boyfriend of 2 years asked me 2 give him head and I did and he came and my mouth yes it is nasty and has a bitter taste but I love him so I geuss its ok besides he said sorry and got me some water and gave me a long kiss and ate me out..GOD I LOVE tha BOY

Answer #8

I like my boyfriend’s cum. im yummy to me. and licking it off his d!ck just makes me super horny so its a win win situation =]

Answer #9

dont do the flavour condom thing, it feels just like giving him a handjob.. so whats the point? lol just sayin

Answer #10

I dont really like it, so when my boyfriend cums I just dont swallow, I use it as a lube and continue to give him a good blowjob ha, he likes it and its better for me, also sometimes we use flavoured lube! really helps (:

Answer #11

It’s not a bad taste, but yes every guy’s cum tastes different. Sometimes they even smell different. This is an unsafe sex practice. You should only perform oral sex on him without protection if you believe him to be STD free and monogamous. STDs can be passed through oral sex.

Answer #12

Okay,I’ve had sex before,it was alright.Well,in my opinion,it depends if the man your having sex with,is healthy.

Answer #13

wow, he sounds like a real @ss, he didnt deserve to have you

Answer #14

it’s not the best taste in the world but some girls like it and some girls don’t. it will be warm and salty and can taste different depending on what they have eaten, never do something you don’t want to do.

Answer #15

what dus it mean if a female dog is green wiv sperm cuming out of its mouth? its just, I had sex wiv 1 last night and got eaten by it?

Answer #16

I personally would NEVER! its just a disgusting thing to do period, forget what it tastes like! and yur knocking yur self worth down, might as well eat his crap. dont do it.

Answer #17

I actually like the taste of cum. I feel really sexy when I swallow. guys really like it, the guy I first fooled around with got me used to it. he really liked jacking off into my mouth. like sometimes 2-3 times a day. he was always horny!

Answer #18


  2. LET HIM NO that you don’t LIKE KUM and your MOUTH
Answer #19

I think you need to try it and see if you like it but don’t do it with a ‘this is going to be gross’ thinking..then it will be…it all depends on what the guys has been eating…so if you know the guy you want to try it with…feed him fruit for a week:)

A lot of girls love the taste, and for the guy…wowow its a great feeling…but make sure he returns the pleasure by going down on you too:)

Answer #20

Its not gross at all if you are in love with your boy friend. Every time I see him I want to take his penis out and play with it. I love how it gets so hard when I kiss and lick it. I like to tease him and make him beg me to suck it. One weekend he stayed over at my place and I hid his pants so I could tease him all day on sunday and keep him really horny. I made him eat me and masturbate me and then I sucked him and swallowed all of his sperm. It taste so good! I love that salty bitter taste of him and how it lingers for a long time.

Answer #21

I was in your situation before. I wouldnt let my boyfriend come in my mouth but after I read a couple of posts I did it yesterday, and let me tell you it was fantastic! I know it probably varies from guy to guy but odds are its not THAT bad and if you really love them you probably wont notice

Answer #22

I actually like the taste of it. It sorta tastess like Pasta with Bleach sauce Lmao. ;)

Peacce <33

Answer #23

No all guys taste different. But it turns them on to see you swallow it.

Answer #24

well I just gave my boyfriend head fro the first time this weekend and it just tasted salty. it tasted pretty good not even gunna kid around. but I was extremely nervous. And you dont have to swallow if you dont want to, you just have to let him know beforehand. Just so he’s like not offended or anything. but you’ll be fine I can guarantee it.

Answer #25

well,personally I HATE the I gave a guy that im seeing head,I told him to tell me when he cumd so I culd get the towel,&&it wouldnt go in my mouth..(remember this is my first time)insteaed of tellin me he puts his hand on top of my head,about a minute later,I culd taste salty thick creamy stuff in my mouth,I was furious.this is a perfect example of when you are pleasuring a guy they sometimes forget things..I would keep a towel near..&&tell him to warn you!its gross.

Answer #26

It tastes abit like a faint fishy taste and salt. Its kinda gross because its like a snail trail in your mouth.

Answer #27

depends on the guy. like I always heard its “salty” ITS NOT! its a really bad taste, but that prob has to do because my guy eats like a pig. lol but I don’t know, try it and see. DONT try and have him all the way in when he cums cause it shoots straight back and like drowns you. lol

Answer #28

its ok I guess, its a little salty but I have swallowed before, I didnt like it because the smell stayed around for hours even after I brushed my teeth a trillion times

normally I spit because its better I think

Answer #29

precum is aweful… the actual cum not so bad. but my boyfriend cums a lot so it’s a bit overpowering at times so I only do it occasionally when we’re in that kinky mood.

Answer #30

well I’ve sucked 2 guys so far. but before I say anything, dont do anything you dont wanna do. but every guy’s cum taste different. the first time I swallowed cum it wasnt bad the only thing that got me was the after taste. with is a salty sour flavor. just tell him you’re gonna drink water.I say it depends on what the guy eats. because for some reason later this same guy, his cum tasted very sour and made me not gag. the next time I just didnt even focus on the taste and when quickly for the water. but its always different because my current boyfriend, his cum was tasteless. so it all depends. I’m just saying if you think it will be bad move your tounge in a manner that will not even let you taste it. but always expect a weird after taste

Answer #31

What men eat can influence the taste and smell of their sperm (“cum”). It all depends on your boyfriend’s diet. If he loves to eat fruit, vegetables and especially parsley, then your in for a sweet treat. If he indulges in diary products expect a foul taste, if he’s into meat and fish your in for a fish taste. Good quality alcohol can produce a sugary flavor, but chemically process alcohol’s will produce acidic ones.

Observe your boyfriends diet and then make the choice yourself. Maybe start going out to restaurants that are vegetarian based or offer a vegetarian menu. Good luck!

Answer #32

The pineapple thing is way true… I’m surprised no one has said “YOU DON’T TASTE IT IF YOU DO IT RIGHT”

When he tells you he’s about to cum, put the head if his penis in the back of your mouth and slowly jerk him off, and swallow AS he cums. If you do this you wont have to take two gulp to swallow a huge load, and it wont get on your taste buds…I figured that out a while ago, and it works like a charm.

Answer #33

I think it tastes good no matter what..I’ve never tasted cum that was nasty..but there is certain foods I heard cucumber makes cum taste better

Answer #34

cum dont taste that bad

Answer #35

The thing is, it does taste a little gross, But if you really love this guy [like I love my guy=] you won’t even care, cause your giving him pleasure[and maybe yourself pleasure if you enjoy giving blowjobs] and it makes you really happy.=]

Answer #36

what do you think it would tast like if you drink a lot of coffee?

Answer #37

use flavored condom its safe and tastes good …try strawberry =]

Answer #38

PINEAPPLE MAKES CUM TASTE GOOD— me and my friends did an experiment ages ago.. its true!!

Answer #39

my boyfriends cum tastes like chicken noodle soup so it wasnt bad at all. haha.

but every guys is different, mabey let him cum in your mouth then spit it out if you dont like the taste.

Answer #40

cum, does the body good! I love it. in my mouth, on my face, on my chest, on my stomach, everywhere! I love it.

it is in fact a personal preference. you either like it or dont.

its like vagina’s with men, some men love the taste, and some dont.

diet can have an effect on the taste of cum, but hardly. really, its all about the chemical makeup of the mans body. and same with women.

you can eat an assload of sweet things, and maybe only get a little bit of a sweet taste.

also, your outlook of wanting to try the cum. if you think your not ready, you may not enjoy it.

my first time, I wanted to try it. I was totally ready for his lucious load! and it was yummmy!

but all in all, its really your own preference. cum doesnt taste that bad, it just has a different taste you have to either spit or get used to. :)

Answer #41

I personally looove love love the taste of hot cum in my mouth!!! I think it taste so great &+ my boy-friend can’t get a enough of it;) It turns me on knowing that he’s enjoying it and it makes him reeeally horny when I swallow it.Its a little thick but I could definitely handle it and if you want to make your man happy you should try it because I’ve gotten TONS of compliments on my techniques!!!

Happy bobbing!!! Crystal•G• AkA Freaky girl ;)

Answer #42

Dmn caittie49 you just made me hrny as hll and your boy is just like me. My girl told me to tell you this. and these are her bnerific words

“I’ve learned a few new tricks but they are top secret but yeah massage him first.

Ok I’ll tell the top secret trick that should make him pop his top.

  1. start standing facing him, kiss
  2. Slowly move down to a kneeing position (he should be standing)
  3. face his crotch and slowly unzip his fly (slowly) then the button
  4. by now he should be hard and ready.
  5. slowly remove his c*ck from his boxers
  6. from there jerk him off and slip you mouth around this head
  7. you should know the next steps The key to a great Blow job is slow and h*rney full then quick and hot, finally fast and orgasmic.”

You have to do it to him it drives me crazy when she does that I can’t wait to pop a few in her

Answer #43

pornstars dont always swallow it. I watched a video and she just spit it out. I am still a virgin though so you can’t ask me what it tastes like.

Answer #44

well tbh. I’ve did it once and it was really bad =/ I was gagging but I swallowed to be nice to my boyfriend and tbh I wanted to try it so… after he got me a glass of water :) but now we have a proper laugh over it :) we always joke on, and its made our relationship stronger tbh :) xxx

Answer #45

my girlfriend thinks different, she loves it all over her , she says mine tastes like lime and custard, lol they luv it when you can cum on them.

Answer #46

haha great question. I dont fancy the taste or the thought of what im doing. but when hes rubbing his fingers through my hair and guiding my head up and down I don really think about it cause I love him so much! and he loves when I give him head and perform my litle tricks on him. and its very sexy to swallow. but its ok if you don want to. they know that its not great tasting. you just got to choke that stuff back and try it atleast once. and dont be afraid to look up and ask are you coming yet?? theyll tell you…

Answer #47

I personally love the taste of cum… I guess it all depends on what your guy eats … if her eats a lot of fruits and whatnot then his cum is going to tast more sweet and enjoyable but its doesnt matter to me I love swallowing my boyfriends cum not matter what because it turns me and him both on. He loves it when we are having sex and instead of blowing it in me or on my stomach all of the time he stands over top of me and shoots it into my mouth.. I love it! I also let him jack off into my mouth all of the time.. thats me though.. I get turned on by it.. but just try it to see what its like and if you dont like it.. tell him you dont and next time to let you know when hes going to cum.

Answer #48

well I have swallowed a few times but by my hubby who I have been with for 2yrs… first of all swallowing is not somethin you just do just to do it… if I don’t know whether or not you don’t have an STD then im not havin sex w/o a condom… then he wont have to cum in my mouth :-D

but anyways… all the times I have swallowed it has never tasted bad at all… ((thank god because I wouldnt do it again))

people should really stay protected, and get tested… be4 you start havin sex or oral sex.. STAY SAFE!!!

Answer #49

some people love broccoli. some people are okay with it. some people can’t stand it.

taste is also dependent on diet. like ever smell your urine after eating asparagus? phew!

experience says beer makes it taste bad. but those girls weren’t beer drinkers either.

Answer #50

I personally didn’t mind it at all, but like some people mentioned that it does taste different so maybe the cum who came in your mouth was eating something that made it taste that way.

Answer #51

Just tell the guy to warn you when he is about to cum. because he still gets his blow job and there is no danger in any of that STD stuff.

Answer #52

chriscross, Not really, I was wondering if that was true so I decided to find out. If he eats fruit it makes it sweeter, it doesnt taste like the fruit itself =]

it really just depends if you like it or not.

Answer #53

I swallow and honestly its not that bad, as long as its not really thick. Ew. And this guy I did it too smoke and his tasted really sick. So keep your men smoke free ladies!!

Answer #54

not that I’ve swallowed it but I’ve had it in mi mouth…

it tasted like nothing to me but it was quite guuuwie

Answer #55

ew, whenever I’m like with a guy and I’m about to give them head I always say let me know before your going to cum, they usually do, but sometimes he wouldnt he says its just the moment but I spit that crap out, ew it taste bad, I’ve given head to like 4 different guys and it was gross on all of them. ew I spit it out I don’t care if its rude thats sick. lol

Answer #56

my girlf4riend says that it taste like heaven so I stick to my diet

Answer #57

I dont like the taste my self… but my boyfriend asks me all the time to do this … I do it just because he likes it. but cum can gag me. I dont want to be swallowing and puke at the same time. it would make a guy feel really uncomfy. and embarresed.

Answer #58

I love the way my hubbys cum taste, I love swallowing it, but I have always let guys cum in my mouth. depends on you and make sure they are std free

Answer #59


Answer #60

yeah it totally deends on what he eats, on time it tasted alright and one time it tasted gross. weird

Answer #61

I personaly dont care for it that much. its not all that bad.. but at the same time it is

Answer #62

it does not depend on what you guys eat! that’s bullshit! what do you think?? if you eat pizza, will the cum taste like pizza too? get realy guys

Answer #63

k a couple of these cmts are pretty hhoe-ish and discusting.. anyway, yeah , cum tastes gross annd who ever says it doesn’t it lying.. or they havent tasted cum. its bitter.. and GROSS. thats all. but I still let my boyfriend cum in my mouth.. I just spit it out after cause I hate the taste.. its hot though :P

Answer #64

It tastes salty but my boyfriend loves it when I swallow it drives him crazy ;)

Answer #65
  1. use a flavoured condom
  2. you want know if its gross or not til you try
Answer #66

nope I dont think so at all

if anything its yum

your silly for not doing it … go for it and if its not for you stop

he’ll like that too :)

Answer #67

I wouldn’t swallow if you had a really sensitive stomach, though. Usually cum makes me burp, so I imagine it might make some girls feel sick. I don’t think it tastes bad, though, and my boyfriend gets a kick out of cumming in my mouth every chance he gets. It’s a nice treat for a guy.

Answer #68

oh girls, come on… its not that bad! we used to swallow horrible medicine when we were little, we can do this now. it turns them on to swallow. I suppose, maybe its worse for some guys. but I dont think its so bad just to swallow it.

Answer #69

It really depends. I don’t think I could swallow just “some guy’s” c*m without puking, but I’m sooo in love with my man and so I don’t mind at all. I actually like doing it because I know he loves it.

Answer #70

you really dont need to do this if your married cause this can lead to STD’s and that dont mean go online and get married or get married unless you know the person your with and your at least 20 years old

Answer #71

lol bogus question,

get a girlfriend, love each other, play with each others body, then u’l understand.

but please just get a girlfriend

Answer #72

it depends on what the guy eats. For example, if he eats lots of fruits, especially pineapple, it’ll be sweeter. If he eats lots of junk food or has a bad diet, it’ll be more salty… My fiance’s Cum tastes reallly good, I like it.

Answer #73

I’d rather not have it in my mouth ‘cause I’d probably throw up. Everyone has different feelings about it. Dont do it if you dont want to. If thats your think, thats fine too.

Answer #74

apparently if you drink pineapple juice before it tastes great, but with coffee, its disgusting ! just something I heard

Answer #75

It’s not nasty at all, if you love the person you are with.

Here’s a tip (for those old enough to do it): If your guy drinks a lot of pineapple juice it will taste a lot sweeter and better.

Answer #76

depends what he eats. and I guess how much he cums, id assume large amounts of it doesnt taste good. but I have no problem with it, I enjoy it. not like omg yes cum in my mouff but like its ok. it makes my boy feel good so im fine with it. and if you try it and dont like it, ask him to eat pineapple. because that makes it taste like pineapples. how fun :D there are also pills that can change the taste. if you really hate it that much.

Answer #77

It depends, All guys taste different, just like girls. The food a guy eats can drastically change the taste. Look it up on the internat & experiment until you find what you like best.

Answer #78

it’s true what they says about what he eats will affect it. try the taste of beer in it, that sucks. if you actually wanna taste it, get the guy to eat fruit or something sweet a while before. NO BEER. haha

Answer #79

it tastes like coins.. the more meat your guy eats the more bad tasteing your guys cum is.. its scientifically proven.. so dont act like im liein.. but I hate the taste of it but I do it to make my boyfriend happy. even if your giving him head.. then you roll your tongue back and put it against your top teeth.. and dont let the cum go in your mouth but just bounce of your tounge and go somewher eelse. it will give your boyfriend the feeling of you swallowing it.

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