What does cum taste like?

Like if I guy wants yu to like drink/eat cum ... What does it taste like?? Is it good or bad??

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salty. not too pleasant.

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It tastes like melted salty milkshake if you try it and ain't to keen on wanting to taste it when he comes in your mouth hold your breath till you swallow it that way you don't really taste it

How do you make cum taste good?
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oysters&salty half and half

What does a womans cum taste like?
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it tastes like oysters and salty half and half

is it dangerous to swallow your boyfriends cum? does it taste bad?
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its good

Does cum taste gross?
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[link removed]

What makes a girls cum taste sweet?
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The taste of cum?
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Doesn't a man's diet affect the taste. This is what I was told by various girlfriends of the past. I don't know why guys like to discuss this subject.
Anyway you seem cool.

Why does precum taste better than cum?

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