Why does my boyfriends cum taste werid?

Everytime I give my boyfriend head and he cums, his cum tastes werid. It doesnt have a certain taste, but it makes me gag. What could cause his cum to taste werid?

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Just throwing this out there, but cum doesn't really taste great in general. Not liking it is common regardless. I do agree with the ladies above though. Theoretically, drinking fruit juice and eating fruits is said to make cum taste better. I've never put it to the test, but you're welcome to try it out.

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Have him drink pineapple juice, it makes the cum sweet. Also, fruits good too. NO onions, garlic, etc.

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His eating habits.

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is sucking cum good???

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it s been more than one month.. how is the situation now?

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Visit - ChangeTheTaste.com to find out more!

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