Does anyone believe in God anymore?

It seems that everyone these days has no morals. I feel like I am growing up in a tough generation. Everyone accepts premarital sex, audultary, alcohol, and teen pregnancy. as the norm. At least where I live, people think this stuff is normal. I fear going to hell. I want to live my life to the fullest and I want to do the right thing, but it seems that I have obsticles everywhere I turn. Who really knows what makes people go to heaven? I have been reading everyones problems on this website…and it hurts me to see some of these kids problems, and even adults. Teenagers wanting to kill theirselves, women who want to cheat on their husbands, kids wanting to have kids. What is going on? Where’s God in all this? How do you think God would feel about these situations? I’d like to know?

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you know? I understand what you mean… granted.. I’ve made my choices.. just like the rest of them..but ultimately I have such a passion for God in my life..and I strive to be more like him.. I know I fail sometimes.. I know I get caught up in the stupid things… but. at the same time..I know what you mean when everything just seems different these days. I think really it boils down to the family values… 30 years ago.. it was strange to see a family that didnt at least attend some sort of religious service.. but as time has gone by… those values have not stuck true in the family… the respect for faith, and god. and as we continue to disrespect the Lord… We will continue to see a downfall in our culture. Darkness is defined as Void of Light. If God is light… you can see why we are in darkness.. Light and Darkness cannot coexist. its one or the other.. God wants to be here… but how can he…

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WOW! I swear you just took things out of my mind… where is God in all this?… I’ve been thinking… and I think I know… He’s right here… with us… you seem to know enough about God to understand the whole freewill deal… That’s pretty much what EVERYTHING comes down to… freewill …

whats going on? its evil… Man=evil…God=incapable of committing evil… everything thats going on?… we bring it onto ourselves… and like captain said… its ALWAYS BEEN around… and sad as it is… it ALWAYS will be… its just life… so depressing I know… but that’s how things are… I think it would’ve been evil for God to program us to do everything right… and make us carbon copies of him… don’t you?

How do I think God feels about these situations? I think his dissapointed… and even embarrassed… but that’s just my veiw… I don’t know.. I’m hailey… not God.

sorry to be long winded… hope I helped.

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Thank you all for your comments. Im not going to lie…I havnt actually sat down and read the bible by myself, however, I do go to church. I beleive in God, but sometimes I dont feel like I have a relationship with GOD…there is a huge difference. I beleive in doing whats right no matter what the consequences, and I am really open minded. I was just very disturbed yesturday at the material I was reading. Reading about people wanting to cheat on their husbands really hurt me. If my husband ever cheated on me I would be so hurt. Furthermore, its not that I think premarital sex is horrible, I just think sex sells these days and people are abusing it. It almost like sex is like walking your dog. its not a big deal; however, it is to me. Im just saying that some people are losing value in whats inportant these days. To me its family!

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I realize that you feel overwhelmed by things right now but please try to understand. Not everyone accepts those things as “the norm.” Some of us have spent a lifetime choosing not to do drugs or get drunk or sleep around. Some of us agonize a great deal over our moral choices and how they will affect others.

And many of us who are like this, who are good, moral people who try to act with decency, do not believe in any gods. Belief in god is no guarantee of morality. All you have to do is watch what many believers do Monday - Saturday to know that.

Life is very difficult and the choices we make are often hard. Always consider how the choice will affect you and those around you. Likely you will choose right.

Answer #5

No morals is quite a strong statement. I’m sure the people whom you refired to, who wrote the disturbing post just have different points of view and their for different morrals. I’ll tell you now that I believe in god, and I believe in a lot of old fashioned views. You sound like a follower of the Bible, or the Koran or some old scripture like them. Although I believe in god, I do not believe in the Bible, Koran ect and personally think that their a bunch of crap, written in the old days to use the already established belief of god against the people and take control. I look at a lot of the things done in todays culture with discust, but other thing you mentioned that bother you I have no problem with. If it isn’t harming other people, and is appropriate, then their should be no problem. I can’t express my views exactly as I’d like, as they’re very hard to actually describe, but I can say one thing. You sound like you follow a scripture and believe that you should do what it says in order to go to heaven. The bible says many things that make it sound like you can’t do a lot of things; but their is one line that is very often over looked. I cant say what passage it’s in as I don’t know. It’s either in early exodus, or some where in genisis. It says that all you have to do, to go to heaven, is to believe in god.

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God did not build a one-way road from your birth to your death just to walk on it without any problem. He gave you a freedom of the choice what you may use on bad or good way. If you accept the roles what the consumer society offers for you then you can get into serious (emotional, ethical, etc) troubles. But if you build up your own character with reading literature and studying the culture of the oroginal European-American culture, then God give you not only the right but also the ability of searching for experiences in your life without serious harm on your soul. The problem is not the premartial sex itself, but that a lot of people will not be more that sex it in the soul, even they can be less after it. And this depends on the charachter what you have boilt up till that premartial sex, that can be even nice for a God, if it is full of love and sincerity. So the spiritual quality of the sex is the important point in the God’s eyes.

Answer #7

You asked “What is going on? Where’s God in all this? How do you think God would feel about these situations? I’d like to know?”

This is basically the age of Sin where people will sin more and more. God is here but He has given everyone freewill to do as they please. So he does not stop them from sinning, because He gives us all free will. This is a normal cycle. God loves all of us and wants us to come back home. I couldn’t tell you how He feels because God is too complex for a simple human like me to even begin to comprehend.

Answer #8

God Bless you Salle…You are growing up in a tough generation, and it is a blessing for you that you are able to see it the way that you do. And it is not just where you are, that people believe this way, it is everywhere. No body is unaffected by it, and most mock the very thought of God. There is no fear of God anymore. No one even fears hell. They think it is all a fairy tale. Satan has done a thourgh job… on a whole generation. God loves people, and continually calls individuals to speak his word, to share his wisdom, and views, to teach us how to live, but, many do not listen. And what you see is a result of multitudes living for themselves, without Gods influence. If something dosen’t happen to turn the way things are going in this country, it will soon be considered as a country without God. For over 200 years, we have been considered as a Christian nation, but, that is fast disappearing. God is a gentleman, he will not go where he is not wanted. The athiethsts want every trace of him removed, from our heritage, and there are multitudes of Christians in this country, but, the minority is winning, for some reason… I have not yet figured out why or how this is possible, but, I see it happening everyday, in every area. But, God still has a remenant of people that refuse to bow their head to the idols of the day, or the permissiveness of the day. You apparently are one of them. It will not be an easy job to be Christian in the atomsphere that you find yourself in, but, it was the same for the early church. We in this generation, more than any other, will have to stand firm in our beliefs, or we will join the majority that have no biblical values whatsoever. I pray that you will stay in the bible, so that you remain strong, God can use you as a light, I a dying world. Stand for your convictions, do not be swayed …

Answer #9

Wow you are an amazing person! I thank you for being bold enough to get the truth out there! I totally agree with you on everything! I thought I was the only one who felt that way! You now…in college it is worst and you always end up feeling like the odd one out! Personal I want to make it to Heaven therefore I do as the Bible say! A lot of people say that they want to go to Heaven but don’t want to do the things that it takes to get there! Awesome question!

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here 4 us… The Bible does not say that all you have to do to get into heaven is believe in God. I am pretty sure that the only way to get into Heaven is through Jesus Christ…that means having a personal relationship with him. There is difference between believing and doing.

Answer #11

I truly believe that God is trying to change your heart. I pray that you will let Him and just put your faith in Him. There are a lot of things in this world that go on that should not, but I pray that you can learn to look to Jesus and stay focused on Him.

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I love and beleive in god. I understand what you are saying. I dont swear, and I try not to go against god. I do wonder what god thinks of a lot of people. a lot of people might make fun of kids that go to church more than once a week. there is nothing wrong with that!!

Answer #13

At least where I live, people think this stuff is normal.

If the people you associate with, have no morals, then I suggest you find different friends.

Answer #14

I answered this before. I believe in God. Not just g-o-d. Why do we not make Him as grand as He is anymore?

Answer #15

I’ve often felt life I don’t have a personal relationship with god either and I had to find church on my own. I don’t know what anyones talking about when they mention all the children stories from the bible and I often feel like I’m lagging and missing something.

I wouldn’t say our generation takes these things for granted. I’ve heard many kids speak against and even many adults say It’s our generation that’s going to revitalize the church. If you look at polls (from random people of different age groups) it’s actually youger generations that look down on premaretial sex.

Answer #16

Hi salle021, thanks for your comments, and for this question which got such a variety of thoughtful answers.

Sometimes I feel like you, despairing about some of the questions that people ask here. But sometimes I see such good advice, such care for others, such a variety of well considered points of view, that I feel really positive!

I’m a Christian, so I’m coming from the same point of view as you. Two of the things you wrote really struck me: “I fear going to hell. I want to live my life to the fullest and I want to do the right thing, but it seems that I have obsticles everywhere I turn. Who really knows what makes people go to heaven?” “I havnt actually sat down and read the bible by myself, however, I do go to church. I beleive in God, but sometimes I dont feel like I have a relationship with GOD…there is a huge difference.”

I can really understand how you feel. I was brought up in a church and attended all my life, and I began to see what you did, that the way I lived my life just wasn’t enough, I just didn’t have that relationship with God. I saw that ‘huge difference’ between my life and the lives of some other Christians I knew.

The breakthrough for me came with attending a church which encouraged me to study my Bible and look for a living relationship with Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. It took a while - I understood the idea for a while, before I was willing to actually give up my life to Him. But accepting Him in my life as Saviour and Lord has made all the difference to me. After all, ‘Saviour’ means that He has saved us for heaven, so that’s how I know I’m not going to hell. I’d suggest you read the gospel of Mark, which is the oldest and shortest Gospel, and ask Jesus to make Himself really known to you throught it.

And thanks for your question and thoughts, which really got me thinking too…

Answer #17

The lack of morals has to do with personal choice you chose to be who you are. Some chose ethic and some don’t its not really a God thing. Some people who are christain have bad morals to.

Answer #18

Perhaps you didn’t know…

But EVERYTHING you listed, has ALWAYS been around.

Answer #19

It feels god to know that you guys are interested in this topic. I read all of your answers and enjoy doing it. Keep it up! Thank You!

Answer #20

thank youuu

Answer #21

golf claps

Answer #22

God is a personal choice. Without him this is what occurs.

Answer #23

I love hearing all of your views…It’s inspiring! Thank You!

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