Do you think Tap water tastes the same as bottled water?

I can tell a difference- Can you? I believe bottled water is more addicting!

Answer #1

Its funny, you know… a lot of Bottled Water companies have got in trouble recently because all they were doing was putting Tap Water directly into their bottles. Other companies weren’t able to get in trouble for it because they were either boiling it first, or adding additives which they could then claim was a different product that had been through a process.

Tap water is potable, which means its safe to drink. In fact it can help build up your immunities to diseases and other nasties. Sometimes, depending on the quality of water, they do add things, but in my opinion Fluroide is one thing that should always be added to the water supply, no matter what the quality of water is.

Answer #2

I thought it had floride and chlorine in it

Not always - for example my cities Tap water has neither of those things in it, because of where it comes from. I’m an advocate for Fluoride in Tap water however.

Answer #3

Tap water is tested and regulated by the government to ensure that it is safe. Bottled water has no such regulation. No matter which you prefer, don’t fall for the idea that bottled water is somehow “safer.” It’s not.

Answer #4

Tap is actually as clean as Purified Water I thought it had floride and chlorine in it, And if you have an allergy to one or the other like me it taste very nasty. . .

Answer #5

Tap is actually as clean as Purified Water, the taste is just different. I read it in a book about myths and lies once :] Turns out more people preferred tap water over purified, that is when they didn’t know that they were drinking tap.

Answer #6

I think bottled water tastes WAY better than tap water. You never know what is in tap water. My mom had her water tested once, and I don’t even want to talk about what they said they found traces of in there. Blech…

Anyway, I love water, so I drink bottled water. But it has crossed my mind once or twice, (or 30) wondering if some guy was just somewhere with a big waterhose filling up bottles and selling them. lol

Answer #7

Sure they taste differently.Tap water contains chlorine,alum etc that are added to purify it.Bottled water is usually purified by ultra violet rays.I personally like tap water because I hate the faint plastic taste in bottled water.Besides I hate the idea of selling something like water at premium prices.Its like mocking god!

Answer #8

Wouldn’t know. . . I don’t drink tap water. . . .

Answer #9

Ok, I was just reading this article on where our tap water comes from and what they do to treat it. They actually put in chemicals and additives to our tap water. Now, I can tell the difference from tap water and bottled water. Also, living and visiting several cities in the US, I have also found that city water is different than well water. Like I lived in Atlanta, GA and well, lets just say I bought a filter for my tap. I lived in Salt Lake City, UT recently and their water was actually tolerable. But what about all of the different kinds of bottled water? Which one do you think taste better? There are SO MANY different kinds of bottled water. I personally like EVIAN. I have always liked Evian. For somereason, it is so refreshing. ITS GOOOD!!!

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Answer #11

I have no problem with fluoride but Chloride. . . . . one 8 ounce glass of water = A nice headache. . one dunk in the public pool = 3 days sick in bed. When buying bottled water get one you know. . . Dasani is owned by Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola uses tap water from local municipal water supplies, filters it using the process of reverse osmosis and adds trace amounts of minerals, including magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), potassium chloride (a sodium-free substitute for table salt), and common salt.( Here is an artical that should set your hair on end. .

Answer #12

NO (most of the time)

Answer #13

I d k I think that bottle water is purified first, but tap isnt…

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