Why does water taste different at night?

I had a perfectly good water bottle in the fridge that I put in around 6 PM. Then I got up just now and I was like Dayummm I'm thirsty! So I went and got my waterbottle and drank from it and it tasted REVOLTING! I had taken sip from it right before I put it in the fridge and it was amazing water O: so why did it taste different?

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hmm it does? :S

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I think it has something to do with your tastebuds not being as strong at night :]

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REALLY? it happened to me to!.....actually it happens everyday...
so now i use this think, and buy water every time it's over... i don't know what they are called but they look like this....

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I would say its from the plastic. Water isnt supposed to taste like anything.

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It's more likely to have something to do with the bacteria in your mouth at night. Think about it, when you wake up, does your mouth taste different? So if you were to not brush your teeth, but eat or drink something, wouldn't it taste different too?

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Water taste different at night? I never knew that my water taste all the same I only drink Ice Mountain i dont drink tap.

If you have straight tap water maybe thats why if you have a purfier on the tap that could also be the cause.

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Well i also noticed if you leave water like unfresh for a day its taste is pretty nasty.

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It taste different because at night you have that nasty bad breath and you have nasty bacteria all in your mouth and it makes things taste really gross

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yeah I know.

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I have no Idea but it always tasste better at night to me!! Like when i get up in the middle of the night to get a drink its like colder and wetter or something.. Just better!!!

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at night your mouth drys out and just tastes bad in general

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