Can you help me find somewhere to live in Europe?

Ok so in a few years I was thinking about moving to Europe, and I was wondering which country was best. I was thinking England because they speak english, but I also speak abit of french. I need to also worry about cost of living and everything like that. I love all of Europe so any country you guys suggest would be fine. Please help! thanks so much!

Answer #1

The luck of the Irish! (if the recession is over :( )

Answer #2

Well, everywhere in europe is amazing- italy is lovely, I’m half italian and everyone there is welcoming and great. Lots of architecture there to, cool stuff. But you would have to learn a new language. I would suggest england, as I live there. You should look at different areas in england and see what kind of lifestyle you want. If you want a seaside home then Cornmeal or brighton would be good. For a busy and expensive lifestyle I would suggest London and for stunning views I would suggest buckinghamshire- I live there and some of the countryside there is breath taking! Also, go to nottinghamshire sherwood forest and new forest. Both are great places that I have visited and would suggest

Answer #3

Maybe you want to travel several European destinations before you plan on moving. That way you’ll know which places you like.

Answer #4

France in Paris but all the other towns and regions have heavy accents. But I recommend england or scotland(not glasgow:the have loud accents).

Answer #5

I would suggest the UK because you touch the relevant point that you want to be able to communicate with others. Don’t move to France because you would need to be able to speak the language fluently, not only a few phrases or whatsoever.

Answer #6

I’m sure you’ve already done your research, but unless you are a citizen of the EU you will not be permitted to live in Europe. The exceptions are if you marry a European citizen, you are living in the EU under a work visa, or if you can prove you have the financial means to support yourself. You could probably live there illegally but it will be hard for you to find a job.

Having said all that, I recommend the Netherlands. They are very nice, speak English well, have good food and are a very liberal country.

Answer #7

what jobs are able in netherlands? can i stay there too?? LOL i loved to

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