Friend's parents are getting a divorce, what to say?

What do you say to a friend whos parents are goiin thru a divorce
& its really affecting them

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Look up some percentages on divorce for them. I don't know what the recent #'s are right now but it's pretty high up there. Just let them know they're aren't alone because it happens to a lot of families.

Great question.

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Two Christmases 2 birthday parties. Might draw a lot of criticism but you just got to make the best of it even when it sucks.

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Remind them that the divorce has nothing to do with them (your friend) but has to do with two adults who have come to the realization that they are no longer compatible with each other and that the best thing for them and your friend is a divorce.

The divorce will not diminish each of the parents love for your friend and may improve their relationships with your friend because the stress that was existing in the marriage will be eliminated.

Tell your friend that he/she should be supportive of each of them and THEIR decision. And let them both know that he/she still loves them and wants to be able to spend as much time with each of them as possible.

Advise him/her NOT to attempt to "Play" one against the other in order for to get his/her own way. That would lead to disharmony for them and possibly a loss of respect and trust in him/her.

Also, tell your friend not to act as a "spy" for each of them against the other. If one says negative things about the other, he/she must just take it with a grain of salt and keep it to their self.

Remind her/him that divided families can work out but it does require a little effort on everyone's part.

Good luck!

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Tell them that everything is going to be alright and try to make your friend happy with fun activities such as soccer, basketball, even hide and seek is fun for any age!:)

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My best friend's parents are going through a divorce too. It sucks. I know your position. It's not a good one to be in. However, even if it is a TOUGH position to be in, it's still a USEFUL one. When you don't have parents, friends can be the only people you have. You can help them get through it. Let them cry. Let them shout. But if it does get out of hand and they become depressed then you really need to tell someone. Just tell them they have a shoulder to cry on and be there for them. It's all you can do.

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My friends parents are getting in a divorce I and feel so terrible. What you need to do is tell them that there is a lot of dark in the world and that they need to be a light that shines through. Tell them to always be themselves and to never change. Sometimes just being their is enough. It is a really hard position to be in for them and you so you need to make sure that they are aware of your support.

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