Do you like or dislike the new format?

Answer #1

Once my questions start posting, I’ll like it a lot :)

Answer #2

No offense, but I dislike it. I can’t figure out how to get to my questions or advice,

Answer #3

We’re working on some links so you can see your old content.

Answer #4


Answer #5

I hate this new format i think they are trying to be like facebook.

Answer #6

same here :|

Answer #7

Agreed. I liked it the way it was, but I guess we’ll have to get used to it.

Answer #8

I agree…if I wanted facebook, I would spend my time on facebook. I can see updating, but this is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. In other words…throwing out the good stuff for the sake of “updating”.

Answer #9

I dislike it too. It reminds me too much of facebook and twitter both combined and I can’t even look at my previous questions and advice. I already miss the old Funadvice. I hate saying that but it’s true

Answer #10

i do i find it fun

Answer #11

I don’t think it’s really that bad, it’ll just take some getting used to. I mean the questions are still here and the people are too. Just looks different.

Answer #12

That’s coming from someone who’s idealistic :P

Answer #13

I have crinkled my nose at you, haha.

Answer #14

i dont like it at all (sorry jeremy!) but its too much like facebook/twitter ect, it was easier to navigate the older site. i just want to answer questions, not follow people. and i cant see were all my older advice went either

Answer #15

your old questions and answers are here but you have NO history of them related to you. It is NOT that it just looks different.

Answer #16

12,000 answers down the drain, I feel your pain Jaz :(

Answer #17

Work in progress..

Answer #18

i also cant see any advisors or groups like we had before. its really too much like a social networking site with the liking and following features. unfortunantly i cant see myself spending much time on this new funadvice

Answer #19

Honestly,is it not better to reply to people in threads like this? I’m sure as you all use it you will see the benefits of it all in a better light.

Answer #20

aww damn, all that work and it dissapears :(

Answer #21

Oh boy. All your answers are still in the site. We will be adding a link to view the questions you’ve contributed to.

Answer #22

I’m glad to see that others even some of the advisors feel the way I do.

Answer #23

Again, this is geared for the younger users… That is cool. Just not for me.

Answer #24

yea..still findin it a lil hard but its good overall!!!

Answer #25

I think if you were a fan of customizing your colors and background images to make it more “you” then you may not like the new way.

Answer #26

I too dislike the new format,I think funadvice looses its virginity…

Answer #27

I just got on a few minutes ago….and am picking my way through it….Ask me in a week :)

Answer #28

I’m not used to it yet, but I’m not having any trouble figuring out how to use it. I know they put a lot of thought into it, so I imagine it’s a lot better. Some of the cool features I’ve noticed already are the convenience of adding the ‘like’ tag, which existed in the old format but was not obvious so it went mostly unused…and the ability to respond to other responses more directly. Plus, for the first time, my hyperlinks actually work.

Answer #29

I feel the same…I enjoyed this site because it was NOT a social network and I could just answer questions and go away.

Answer #30

It not all here, yet, you guys….they’re still moving and tweaking stuff….

Answer #31

true…but they did not import our personal funmails…I wish I had known about that, as I would have saved some addresses and info first. It is leaning more towards social networking…and there is nothing wrong with that… I just don’t enjoy that particular part of the change…plus I really do not like the reverse order the answers are placed in. I say, list them chronologically and then the ones selected “best” can be at the top. I don’t like wading through all the answers on a question I am new to, trying to get a clue to what is going on.

Answer #32

LOL…I hadn’t checked my Funmail, didn’t get that far before coming to work….maybe they haven’t been moved yet? Like you, I’m not much into the social networking part…maybe after some practice getting around, we can go back to just answering questions. :)

Answer #33

totally agree to your point

Answer #34

I’m not overly fond of it yet.. why call friends “followers”?

Answer #35

I personally dont like it. It confuses me and I’m probably not gonna be using funadvice as much anymore =/ which is to bad im quite attached to the site.

Answer #36

I want it back the way it was. :’(

Answer #37

Me too. I miss the old site. I’m trying to get a little used to it but I still miss the way it used to be

Answer #38


Answer #39

hate it

Answer #40

I don’t like it either, it is too confusing. Only thing I do like is it lets you send email to people not in your list even, but that is the only improvement I see…the rest is too confusing or not there

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