Diner dash 2

Ok, I am still stuck on level 13 on diner dash 2 ( its the pizza restr. W/ cell phone addicts!) and the goal is 7800 and I just got 7515!!! Someone please help me!!!

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I have went through all the diner dash games and cake mania also. The key is to find a pattern that works. If you have the podium then do only 2 or 4 people at a time but do not clean your tables every time until most of all the tables are dirty and then do them all at once. If you have colored chairs then this is key more than anything, it will add up fast if you seat the customers according to their color of chair. Play around with different ways to do it, you will find what works. If you have been playing it a lot, cut it off for a while and relax...and be confident that you will eventually get through the level. For everytime that you do not make the goal, then you are just practicing. Good Luck!!

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even though it's bad you can look up cheats fo it! Incase you don't want to do that usally on the inside packets are like some help tips!! I'm not sure if it was in urs but in some videp games there are things like that! I may not of helped that much! LOL! but GOOD LUCK!!

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wow lol I only made it to like level 6 but keep trying you will get it.

Getting past Diner Dash level 13, any advice?
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lmao I love that game ! =]
I've never gone that far though lol

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