How to get your diner dash hometown gourmet hero game to work?

Now, I've own this game for probably two years now and I don't know why the story mode isn't working brand new never been used because I lost it, but now it's found. Anyway I've looked around and could not find out why it isn't working can you help or tell me why?

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Have you tried cleaning it?
Maybe it collected dust while it was lost for 2 years.

Other than that, I really don't know what could be wrong with it. It would help if you could add a bit more detail, like what happens when you try to play it... do you get any errors, if so, what does it say, etc...

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Every time I click story mode it will say "Diner Dash: Hometown Hero has stopped working would you like to check for a solution and close out of diner dash" I always click "Yes" to get a solution but get no solution. It just closes out the game.

I've tried cleaning it once, still didn't do anything. It's not scratched because when I lost it it wasn't even open so.

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