Getting past diner dash level 13, any advice?

I am playing diner dash 2 and I cannot get past level 13---the the cell phone addicts!, can someone please give me some advice on how to get past that level!!!

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well this is how I did it. Its all about the seating. Make sure you seat all the noisy people away from the quiet people. This way you can have more time to make the people in line happy. Take your time with the people at the tables and don't feel you have to rush to help them. Focus more on the people in the line. After you take orders or while the people are eating, go stand in the front by the podium and that will increase the hearts, notice how the heart on the podium gets bigger and bigger and then it pops and everyone gets hearts. a trick is that when the heart pops RIGHT away click it again and it will fire up again and you can give your customers more hearts. This really made me pass this level. Addicting game!

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thanks so freakin much--u ROCK!!!

Diner dash 2

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