What is the difference between eating organically grown veg as opposed to eating GM crops?

I heard that there is no benefit, and all the ‘benefits’ from organic veg is just hype..

Answer #1

Organically grown products are just products that were grown without (or with more moderated) the use of fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth hormones, or genetically modified food. Studies have proven though that there are no more benefits for organically grown food than there are gm grown foods. Its more expensive and doesnt benefit you anymore than other vegetables or fruit that is sold in stores.

Answer #2

Organic food has not been sprayed with pesticedes and other chemicals. The crap they spray on normal vegetables are horrible and help promote cancer. Pesticeds are poison and when you eat a vegetable sprayed with it you are injesting that posion. Washing the vegetabale helps but never removes it all as much of it soaks into the food.

GM crops are genetically modified so they grow bigger and faster. There is problems with it overtaking natural vegetables, they do not taste as good nor are they as healthy, there has been problems with them crossbreeding with other plants. They are also never grown organicly, so are always covered in pesticeds.

Answer #3

Organic crops are grown without artificial pesticides and fertilizers. The FDA is so convinced that conventional and organic crops they are nutritionally equal that they only test conventionally grown crops and list the same info for both categories which naturally proves they were right in the first place.

Pesticides are basically nerve agents that are far more toxic to pests than they are to humans. This is certainly something that is wise to avoid. How far one goes to avoid them has a lot to do with the conventional vs organic debate. Do we remove enough pesticide by washing our veg or should we go organic to avoid them all together?

Genetically Modified crops have genes from other species added to impart some beneficial quality of the other species. It may make the crop more resistant to pests, more nutritious, more drought resistant, etc. One of the fears of GM crops is that they could trigger allergies. for example, if they grafted peanut genes into wheat would the bread still be safe for individuals with life threatening peanut allergies? The other concern is the newness of GM crops. Humans have been eating conventional crops from the very beginning but if there are health problems from a GM crop it might not show up for decades. Note that hydrogenated vegetable oil was introduced into our diet as a healthier alternative to butter, lard, and palm or coconut oils. For decades it was pushed as a healthier food but later health problems were found with this new food that showed it to be far worse than the fats it replaced. Decades from now we may learn that our GM foods cause problems.

To me the biggest drawback to organic is the higher price. Most of us don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables partly because they are more expensive both in cost and time than fast and junk foods. If we eat even fewer fruits and vegetables because we insist on only eating organic vegetables than we are probably going in the wrong direction. My personal view is that we should first eat more fruit and vegetables and second buy organic if we can afford it.

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