How do diet pills work?

So I bought these pills awhile back and I soon realized they were diet pills. Anyway my eating habits haven’t really changed but I’ve been getting really hungry lately. So I guess I worded the question wrong haha guess I should be asking are the pills doing anything?

Answer #1

They make your heart beat faster, so you sweat more, and loose weight.

Answer #2

I don’t believe diet pills work, nor r they good for u or ur heart, the best way to lose weight is to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis, hope this helps

Answer #3

do they work, in short no. the results arent permanent. the only person you can ask your question to though is yourself…have YOU noticed any changes? if not then they obviously havent worked

Answer #4

they make you p00 a lot, and shrink your stomach so you cant eat as much

Answer #5

there supposed to at least haha

Answer #6

Well, as to how they work: . You would have to tell us what the Brand Name and/or active ingredients listed were in order for us to give any sort of useful answer. Different types of diet pills work (or are claimed to work) by different mechanisms. . You say you got the pills a while back, so it is possible that they are what is sometimes referred to as an “ECA stack” (ECA = Ephedrine-Caffeine-Aspirin), however the marketing of dietary supplements based on the ECA stack concept was made illegal in the USA about 4 years ago, as a result of concerned about their safety - particularly when used to excess by body-builders.. . Many bodybuilders continue to use ECA stacks (by making home-made preparations) to assist in “cutting” i.e reducing the surface layer of fat after bulking up on a high calorie diet. . Further information about ECA stacks (including legal issues in the USA & Canada) can be found at: . .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #7

With regard to “… getting really hungry lately …”, you currently list your age as 17 so you are still growing and your body needs extra nutrients, ….. . ( over and above those needed by a male adult of the same height and weight as yourself ) . ….. to continue building your skeletal structure and muscle definition that has been stimulated by your adolescent hormonal changes. . I am inclined to say that you should “listen to your body” - if it is making you feel hungry, more than likely you are depriving yourself of nutrients necessary to give you a normal adult male physique. . I would be interested to learn what your current height, weight and age (in years & months) are - that way I can give an indication of how much more growth you are likely to achieve, and whether you are actually overweight at the moment to the extent that a calorie reduced diet may be appropriate. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #8

Most diet pills are designed to curb your appetite by making you feel full, though you haven’t actually eaten. I have used slimquick (designed for women) and it made me feel more energized, as well as less stressed! It is proven to reduce water retention, balances hormones, reduces stress, increases metabolism, increases energy and reduces appetite. It is sugar-free so that should rest easy on your mind as well. Hope I helped ya :)

Answer #9

Different ones do different things. Some remove water weight and make you think you are loosing pounds, there are some that shut down fat receptors in your stomach and redirect it to your butt, some “fill” part of your stomach so you feel less hungry so you eat less, thus taking in more carbs, but there is no such thing as a merical diet pill. They all have dangerous side effects. if you really want something to work, try Cardio.

Answer #10

We have been conditioned that when it comes to working out, “More Is Better”. If I can do 30 minutes on the tread mill, then why not 40? When it comes to workouts to burn fat , more cardio is not necessarily better. If you really serious about burning belly fat then you need to focus on intense resistance training.

Answer #11

I agree with that

Answer #12

Some weight loss medications work by reducing your hunger. Some largely work as laxatives or diuretics. Others increase your metabolism and a few interfere with your ability to get nutrition from the food you eat.

None of these medications have a good track record and many have been implicated in heart valve damage, spikes in blood pressure leading to heart attacks and strokes, anemia, etc.

There are some new medications on the horizon that take different approaches that may do better but it is too early to tell.

Answer #13

The thing about diet pills and dieting in general is that they usually don’t give you the desired outcome. Can they help? Yes, and it is especially important to have a healthy diet for a variety of reasons besides weight. However, people often forget, or just don’t want, to exercise. It is the absolute best way to lose weight, and is so good for your body. There is some truth to that old saying “if you don’t lose it, you lose it” when it comes to your muscles and bones. If you don’t exercise enough, they will be weak, and when you get older, you may have problems with muscular atrophy or osteoarthritis. At the same time, too much stress on your body can also be harmful, and bodybuilding usually doesn’t help your overall health. You can pump iron for years, but the really important exercise is CARDIO. Using diet pills is probably only effective if your very active when you take them.

BTW, the guidelines for exercise are usually given as 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week. This is good but in many cases a doctor will tell you that 60 minutes is much better and more likely to give results. And things like raking leaves and searching your house for the remote don’t count.

Save the money you would spend on ridiculously over-priced diet pills and buy a gym membership.

Answer #14

i recomonad slim quick its more of a detoxation and highers ur metabolism and actually has alot of benefits, or so i heard. dont take my word for it but i think its safer

Answer #15

Oh wow umm ok let’s see wat I can say umm: @anyone who said that I should be excersizing along with(or instead of) the pills I am, I have a workout schedule that goes from Sunday to thursday…I only have the pills because I bought them based on a friends recommendation(he told me of all these benefits and I didn’t even realize they were diet pills it says multi-vita pack in big letters on the box and diet supplement in small print)

@majikthise the brand is GNC Mega Men Sport(Vitapack program for active men) as for the actually vitamins and the amounts of each that’s a little much to write on her sorry. And as for me being overweight like I said above I bought these because of a recommendation I didn’t realize they were diet pills. Any way I’m 17 yrs. 2 months, 6’2 ft, 180 lbs, decent body some fat but a good amount muscle…only reall fat I have would be in my @$$ and I have a small spare tire(you know that ring of fat on the lower stomach). Oh and I’ve only been on these pills for about a month or so, so I doubt it’s that ECA stuff if it’s illegal now.

@everyone who said what the pills did or what they thought they did thank you

Answer #16

yes! I have used it and it did wonders!!

Answer #17

The drain the water weight, then depending on which pill, either fill ur body with energy additives that are dangerous to your heart eat at muscle if you only take pills and no excersize stop working after the water weight.

and when the goal weight is reached and the person goes off the pills, they usually gain everything back plus more

Answer #18

Diet pills work if you know how to use them the correct way. A lot of ignorant people tend to just read the directions of when to take them and they drink them up, then complain that it was a waste of money. They DO work.

In order for them to work properly, you have to already have a healthy diet and a great workout routine. By this, I mean a diet that maximizes fat loss, and a routine that is intended to lose fat. Doing abs everyday and arms and chest is not a routine and you’ll end up creating a catabolic effect by losing muscle mass and being what bodybuilders call “skinny fat”. Also, your genetic structure comes into play as well. The people you see on Hydroxycut commercials like Darrem Charles or Jay Cutler (bodybuilder, not football player) or on Xenadrine who has Ahmad Haidar are all PROFESSIONAL bodybuilders, who have spent many many years training and have such a genetic structure that you’d sh*t your pants. For them, it works, for you, it might not.

Not all pills are designed to perform the same task. Hydrazide (what I have) is intended to act as a diuretic and thus, this means I need to drink more water in the day in order to not dehydrate before a contest so that I can get the best definition when I need it. Things like Hydroxycut and Lipo-X and Xenadrine are intended to act as a thermogenic, increasing the temperature within your body to aid in fat loss while you work out.

ALWAYS read the instructions on the back of the box. It always says “Best results: combine with a proper diet and routine.” This doesn’t mean take them and sit on your arse all day. This also doesn’t mean increase the dosage thinking it’ll work faster, because then you’ll be spending your day puking up a storm. Also, they’re called SUPPLEMENTS and not REPLACEMENTS, so don’t exclude your normal diet by taking these alone.

Hope this helped enlighten you on dietary supplements. :)

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