Diet Coke okay to drink on a diet

Is Diet Coke Okay to Drink on a Diet? Because im not to keen on drinkin Water After I’ve eaten meals. Where im so used to drinkin somthing with a taste after mealss. will it affect my diet if I drink diet cokee?

Answer #1

also the carbonation isn’t good for you. Look some of this stuff up online and look at what the articles and studies say.

Answer #2

Yeah, didn’t mean any offense mikeh, was just saying how large quantities will make a difference. :P

Answer #3

You really should not be drinking Diet Coke for a diet. It does not help. When dieting the best thing to drink - is water.

Answer #4

its not about the calories that is the issue, but it is about the bloatedness and the gas that does. diet coke, especially between meals, makes you have a little belly. so try as much as you can to not drink it while eating. drink it about 1 hr after. or atleast 1/2 an hour. :)

I tihnk if you drink about 2 cans per day, you will be fine

Answer #5

Ah Mikeh, you take the information as accurate, when I was doing weight training I drank diet coke a lot, I’m a coke addict, but it really screwed up the process in the end, reverted back to water, it pretty much hindered my ability to gain as much muscle, not sure why or how, but after that I drank water and a diet coke once a day, was fine.

Answer #6

It shouldn’t, it depends on how much you drink, if you kill half a 2-liter after a meal then yes it will, but if it’s around a cup then you should be fine, it makes a difference but not much, way better than regular coke anyways.

But yeah, drink water all day then have a diet coke with meals and you wont notice a difference.

Answer #7

The only adverse health effect that has been positively linked to Diet Coke is phosphorus leaching, and that is only if you consume massive quantities. There are no calories, no fats, no sodium, so it will not effect your diet in any way, whether you drink two cups or two liters or two gallons.

Diet Coke is water, amino acids, food coloring, and air. You would effect your diet more by eating a rice cake.

Answer #8

diet coke could increase your hunger and you l\might eat more ,, I read about it in a website

Answer #9

Lol, I’m not Talkin about a high amount of diet coke, just like 1-2 Cans a Dayy

Answer #10

yeah it is okay! not healthy! but still will not make you gain weight. and only drink one can a day.

Answer #11

You shouldnt drink it if you’re trying to get healthy because Cokes have chemicals in them that arent very healthy, even if its a diet soda. Try drinking a healthy drink like Juice or Milk.

Answer #12

I discussed the problems with soda in other answers. All soda is quite acidic and the way our bodies deal with this is to neutralize it with calcium so drinking soda does contribute to osteoporosis.

I do have an occasional soda myself. I’ll admit that I really like diet coke; I find it more thirst quenching than regular coke. I used to drink it daily since we had a free soda fountain at work but now I save it for an occasional treat.

There are a lot of people who are suspicious of aspartame. I don’t think it is the poison that some detractors claim it is but I also think that it isn’t something that is completely safe or something we need. There is a version of diet coke that is sweetened with Splenda which may be a better option.

Most artificial sweeteners increase insulin like real sugar does. This spike in insulin causes your blood sugar to go down leading you to feel weak and/or hungry. Diet sodas may not have any calories but they could make it harder to stick to your diet. Studies I’ve read did not find a statistically significant difference in weight loss among dieters who drank diet soda vs. ones who drank the regular ones.

One non-caloric sweetener that does not increase stevia. Stevia is also from a plant rather than a manufacutred molecule not found in nature. Both Coke and Pepsi have gotten approval from the FDA to market Stevia based sweeteners so it is probably only a matter of time before we see stevia sweetened diet drinks.

Answer #13

It’s difficult to argue with personal experience, of course, akumo, but there’s not much hard science out there to reinforce it. On the flip side, I’ve been drinking (on average) about 2 liters of DC a day for years and haven’t noticed any weight gain.

Rest assured, the Great Diet Coke debate is raging hot and heavy outside the realm of FunAdvice as well. Here is a not-too-shabby article that tries to provide a balanced view of both sides.

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