Did the u.s. learn from past mistakes at the end of ww2?i have t

I have to answer the question listed above but I don't know how 2 start it off. Can someone help me?

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Hello! Most of the answers you have gotten so far are depressing, if not clueless.

The answer in general is no. We almost entered WWII too late! Almost half the U.S. population didn't want to have anything to do with the war in Europe, figuring, Hey it is slear over there, no big deal! That doesn't effect us! For what lessons we have as a people learned, we have taken entirely too long to learn anything. IN our world, there is no such thing as problems or conflicts that ONLY affect people over there, and not us. If it wasn't for two things that happened before we entered the war, we would all be speaking a different language. The magnificent Lend/Lease Act that was created by President Roosevelt, and Prime Minister Wibnston Churchill, the British would have never been able to hold on long enough while waiting for us to join the war. It meant their survival, ans well as for the whole free world. The second thing that saved the day, the Japanese were stupid enough to want to be war mongers, and attack us at Pearl harboring because we wouldn't sell them the oil and raw materials for them to go out and concur other countries. They forced us into the war, which of course meant the defeat of Japan, Germany, and Italy. We had several opiecers (Spelling?) in government, both in the U.S. and Great Britain, would wanted to let little Adolf go play his games with wild abandon. We totally misread Germany's intentions, technological abilities, and manufacturing capabilities! They came very close to beating us! And to this day we often ignore or miscalculate any country's ambitions and capabilities. We also didn't learn much from the military lessons of the war. Look at stupidly went into Iraq thinking we would just overwhelm them, and magically everything would be better. At the end of World War II, we had high ranking generals and businessmen guide, control, and try to help our old war enemies to recover, rebuild, and reorganize. We failed miserably in Iraq on that one! And basically, we failed to learn to be educated by our higher military leaders. President Roosevelt worked tirelessly to get every resource General's Eisenhower and McCarthy requested to win the war. Again, using Iraq and even Afghanistan as examples, we ignore our generals' request, or offer minimal resources instead of listening to them. We have essentially told our Knight In Shinning Armor to go get a Shetland Pony to ride into battle, and instead of a sword, use a toothpick instead! We keep trying to conduct limited wars, when history has taught us that on the whole, that is a flawed logic. We also were supposed to learn that our little demographic nation building we seem to love to try to do, just doesn't work, and usually proves to be disastrous for us. Example, Iraq, Vietnam, etc. Hope this helps! Good Luck! Don

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The Cold War? Does that suggest them learning from past mistakes?? No.

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The great depression was after world war 1 not 2

What exactly were the mistakes?

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depends on what the past mistakes you are talking about.. the depression?

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