Clean urine sample after using meth?

Is there anything I could add to my urine to make it test clean from meth?

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I agree on the shut up bit, I've been clean almost a year and had a slip. Yeah stupid and my fault, but doesn't mean I don't want to be sober and it definetely doesn't mean I want these Pigs! to take from me everything I've worked for becuase of a slip... So far though Cranberry (No Sugar Added) has worked okay for me, never any garuntees though. If something makes your life uncomfortable than stop it is the best I can say and that's not much.

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They test for detox products too.

The only sure way to pass if you aren't going to be clean is to use the substitution technique. BUT, I'm not going to tell you how to do it because I'd rather see you caught and forced to quit rather than keep doing meth.

How to clean system of meth 24 hrs

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When is the last time you used it - Meth only stays in your system for 3-4 days.

There are no ways to get it out without buying detox (which will run you about 60-80 dollars a bottle)

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Drinking bleach can KILL you.

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dont smoke meth you are too young for that

How do I test clean if I used meth within 24 hours of testing?
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shouldn't have done meth. what a shame :(

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No. They usually test for adulterants (anything added). The ONLY way to test clean is to turn in a clean sample.

Meth will ruin your looks, teeth, reputation, and life within 5 years. I promise.

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hahaha wow. all you gotta do is drink a lot of water and/or cranberry juice, vitamin C & B12 help, and go to the bathroom as much as possible. believe me I've had A LOT of friends on probation, thats all you gotta do. dont listen to these other fools!

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for the people that say you shouldnt of used or I hope you get caught, Shut your hattin asses up. If your not going to help dont comment!

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Detox isn't adding anything - it's used to clean your system out and you can usually still pass a drug test on it. I'm on probation currently, and have had to use it in the past.

He's right though - meth is not something to play around with. I'm a recovering drug addict - meth was amoung the things I was addicted to. It ruins your skin, your teeth, and your life. It's one of the hardest drugs to quit - and the quickest to kill you.

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meth can stay in your system for seven to ten days and as much as seventeen days. most detoxing will only temporarily get you by on a urine test. last test I took showed positive after being clean for four days and drinking a good amount of water before the test. my guess is that I didn't piss enough times to flush my system. after initial flushing water serves to dilute your sample.

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