How would you describe the people that live next door?

Answer #1

Annoying and i hate them

Answer #2

Poor you..):

Answer #3

I hardly ever see them

Answer #4

I am sorry….):

Answer #5

Annoying,Silly,gross,stupid and a lot more on the right side. And sweet,gorgeous,wonderful,nice,cute etc on the left side.Hope someone doesn’t reads the last sentence or I am bound to get a pinch!

Answer #6

Ahahahaha!! Better make sure Shruti doesn’t read THIS Andy! :DD

Answer #7

Don’t name her,I don’t want to make publicity :)

Answer #8

Evil old men that like to block the lane because there is too much noise going through there … and hates animals :/

Answer #9

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Toooo late Andrew.. (= Sorry….

Answer #10

So sorry.. :(

Answer #11

Annoying as hell, when they wanted to build their home near us they didnt have any electricity so they asked if they could use ours & of course pay for the electricity at the end of the month, lets just say they didnt pay for even half of what they used…my dad didnt want to cause a fight so he just accepted what the guy gave. Throughout the entire time my dad would offer them coffee, cookies & some fresh citrus fruits to be neighborly. Sounds good til now right…well once they were finally done & the kids moved all their crap in…they wouldnt stop screaming. We didnt want any drama so we put up with it…a week later we got our new puppy doberman as an addition to our 11 year old pincher. The son started causing drama…at 11-12 pm noon he starts coming over & telling my mother to shut the dog up because he cant sleep! (Mind you its between 11am-12pm in the afternoon & the @sshole is still sleeping.) The first time we tried to keep her quiet…a week later he said nothing was changing & suggested that we give her a sedative to shut her up so she would be too busy in pain to make noise…we told him that we werent going to do such a horrifying thing to our puppy just so he can sleep…(what an @sshole right?!) The third time he tried that sh!t we said get off our property & if you have anything else left to say I suggest you take it with the police!


I tell you some people are sick in the freaken head! if it was 2 am in the morning & she was barking I would understand his frustration & keep her indoors trying to get her to sleep…if it was 7am I would try to get her to settle down as well…But for pete’s sake, it was 11am-12pm in the afternoon…All I wanted to say to that fckr was since you dont shut up maybe we should give you guys some sedatives so you would shut the hell up!!!!

Answer #12

Mean. Don’t speak english. Sometimes annoying. Loud with working on cars.

Answer #13

Man I’m sorry about that…):

Answer #14

Wow.. Sorryy…):

Answer #15

annoying they always look through their window whenever they hear our door bell r a car come outside and they are not expecting anybody. they constantly spy on me and my family and its really freaky… so i would describe them as annoying and weird

Answer #16

annoying they always look through their window whenever they hear our door bell r a car come outside and they are not expecting anybody. they constantly spy on me and my family and its really freaky… so i would describe them as annoying and weird

Answer #17

annoying they always look through their window whenever they hear our door bell r a car come outside and they are not expecting anybody. they constantly spy on me and my family and its really freaky… so i would describe them as annoying and weird

Answer #18

Mine are nice, but theyre old so kinda boring :L

Answer #19

All my close neighbors are horses. :-)

I have three houses within sight. There’s a nice old man (who will turn 90 this year) who lives alone with his incredibly fat dog. The man is often sitting in a canvas chair and “watching the world turn” as he tells me. He knows everything about everyone in the village and will talk to anyone who stops by his fence. No one will ever break in my house because he’s always doing some work outside and he notices everything. And he often plays loud music in his garden-house (horrible style music: ). Which is a little disturbing, especially if he turns it up at 8 am on sunday. But he never complains when my kids make some noise so I just close the windows and ignore it.

Then there’s an old lady who owns dozens of straying black cats and a senile, scraggly pony. She has help from a young man who does the heavy work in the stable. I talk to him occasionally, but I hardly ever see the lady.

And in another house, some hundred yards away, there’s a very friendly family with two kids (aged 8 and 6) and dozens of horses (4 are their own, they sell stable places and care for other people’s horses). My kids play with their kids occasionally, but they’re not close friends because they are very different in age and interests.

Answer #20

Ahahaha!! I am sorry they are so creepy..);

Answer #21

lolz You want to keep a secret on the Internet?

Answer #22

U can’t choose your neighbors. Sadly. :[

Answer #23

I know right? :DD Well maybe it will be pushed down and she won’t see it. lol. :DD

Answer #24

Haha.. cute old people. :DD

Answer #25


Answer #26

Ahahaha.. That’s cool. lol. ;D

Answer #27

leftside:loud, funky, and musical rightside:Spanish and nice

Answer #28

I could click “like” to push it to the top. >:-]

Answer #29

sorry, couldn’t resist. :-D

Answer #30

yeah! you are evil!!

Answer #31

bouncing Eee-vil! In league with saaaa-tan!!! Eeee-vil, in league with saaa-tan! still bouncing

Answer #32

grrrrrrr!!!!!! i will remember this:D:D

Answer #33

sorry about the repeat

Answer #34

Don’t worry if you forget I will send you the link to this page!! :DDD

Answer #35

lily!!:@ :D

Answer #36

Annoying and nosey. I live in an apartment complex so their kids keep running up and down the stairs in the middle of the night when they should be in bed, and they’re always asking if I can go play with them and when I do, they always throw stuff at me and make fun of me! Really quite annoying, sorry to be rude or anything but they are =/

Answer #37

Quiet, discreet.

Answer #38


Answer #39

Quiet, discreet.

Answer #40

Almost everyone said they had not so great neighbors!! D:) I’m sorry for you guys!! Mine are as sweet and kind and thoughtful as neighbors can get!! :DDD :P :DDD

Answer #41

Nothing for you to be sorry about its the neighbors that should be sorry love, they are the ungrateful people! :(

Answer #42


Answer #43


Answer #44

ANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! HUG> LOL!!! Aaahh… Don’t worry Andy!! :DD Ahaha! :DD :* :DD

Answer #45

yeahh!!!! i will have to get the pinch so i need to worry!!!!!:D:Dmy butt will swell:(:D:D

Answer #46


Answer #47

I like my neighbors, too.

Answer #48

thats not very nice is it….

Answer #49

i actually havent got a next door neighbour.

i have a bird that lives opposite me and another 1 with her fella to teh right of her but no one next door to me :p

never spoke to any of them but their squeaky door hinges are a pain in the arse.

sometimes i just want to rush out there and give them a good spray of lithium grease cus the sound just travels through me and makes me get all irritable especially if the partner is on a early morning start at like 05:30.


Answer #50

ummm they have family gatherings often :)

Answer #51

nope, it’s not indeed!

Answer #52

Awe, sorry its irritable..I shall be quieter next time…:P

Answer #53

Good one.

Answer #54

So the lady that stays to our right has a dog that DOES NOT STOP barking when she is away. But when she is home, the dog starts barking, but she yells at him. Don’t know which is worse? The barking dog, or the screaming woman? And we have complained to her many times, but things are not changing… sigh. On the brighter side, we have lovely neighbors accross the street. The one lady sends us home made jams. The lady and her husband who live next to the people who send us the jam, are also very nice people. The husband have fixed many things in our home. He actually stained my sister’s bedroom furniture. And every month my dad helps him to pay their water and electricity bills on the internet, because he doesn’t own a computer and doesn’t know how to use one… They are an old couple. He also looked after our house and once or twice our doggy when we went on holiday. So yea, very nice people. Once a year we and all our neighbors get together for a dinner party and each year someone takes a turn to host it. Speaking of which, it is actually our turn this year. :)

Answer #55

my door makes no noise :p

ive already sprayed mine with lithium grease, its like wd40 but lasts forever.

im quite the handyman lol

Answer #56

Oh yea! And the guy that lives behind us is a nudist! My mom saw him throwing out trash in the nude. She spotted him through the kitchen window while she was eating breakfast… Needless to say she didn’t finish her breakfast. lol!

Answer #57

wow, sounds like lots of chaos.

Answer #58

lmfao…glad to hear that! now we can be loud again! :P

Answer #59

very nice and easy goin

Answer #60

very nice and easy goin

Answer #61

extrmely annoying. loud. obnoxious. talkative. weird. crazy. workaholics. drive me so mad i could shoot myself in the head. isnt family great? ;)

Answer #62

alot i mine like twice a week :)

Answer #63

Bible bashers in front, b*tchy old lady to the right, hoarders in between them, home-dwellers out the back, and a house to the left that can never hold a family for more than a month!

Answer #64

One side- like a family. Other side, oh god, where’s a sound proof bubble? I swear if another drunk person passes out in our yard…. xD

Answer #65


Answer #66

no all you do is scream oh, myyyyy, goddddd, lol

Answer #67

LOL, I just moved here so I’m not so sure yet.. but the guy that lives next door is HOT O.O And the woman on the other side… seems nice :)

Answer #68

On the left: uneducated, rude, loud, don’t know how to teach their children manners. On the right: obnoxious, ignorant, shouldn’t be allowed to have animals. Accross the road: they probably talk about us in Vietnamese…

Answer #69

lmfao, You know you love it when I scream Matty! :P (oopsi)

Answer #70

Awesome! High 5! :DD

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