Dell Local Backup 2.0 trys 2 start but won't, grrr.

Hi to all, I’m in desperate need of some help. I bought a new Dell Studio 15 (1555) at the end of Aug ‘09 and once logged on to my user profil used to get a box pop up asking me if I wanted to create a set of backup discs. Unfortunately at the tim I didn’t have any discs so clicked the option to ask me later until I got some. I carryed on using my comp for a couple of weeks, as normal & updated all the drivers & software, etc as toled. Then when I finally bought some discs to make the backup discs found that the backup disc creation option that used to come up on my screen once logged on had stopped. I believe the software was Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0 (not the online version, although I also have this on my laptop). I found the software on my comp but when I click on it it doesn’t load. What happens is it looks like it trys to start to load as a small box with the logo for the software flashes up & then disapears within a split second, then nothing happens. The same thing happens automatically every few minutes whether I click on the software or not, it seems to keep trying to load every few minutes from the moment I log on to my user profile.

At first I ignored the fact that this box flashes up but now its becoming very annoying as when ever I watch anthing in full screen mode it always jumps out of full screen & believe this software trying to start is the reason, also when I try transfering files from folder to folder by dragging & dropping what I’m currently doing is always ceased for a few seconds while the software logo box flashes up.

I’v looked at the processess in the task manager when this happens & 2 processes flash up for the exact same time, the image names of the processes are ‘DsLauncher.exe 32’ (description name: DsLauncher) & the other is ‘DataSafe.exe 32’ (description name: Dell DataSafe 2.0)

I have contacted Dell on this matter several times. The 1st call I made, Dell asked me to run some Hardware checking tests that used software already loaded on my comp, then when the tests proved their was no fault with the hardware the put me through to their software division who wanted to charge me £60 for them to run tests on their own faulty software they pre loaded on my system to which I declined their generous offer (cheeky buggers). When I phoned up a 2nd time I asked if their was any where on the net I could download the software so that I could uninstall & then reinstall to which I was told their wasn’t. I was informed that I would have to create some backup up discs & then return the comp to Dell factory status, which made me a bit miffed that I’d have to start from scratch I.e. loose everythin to be able to make discs to save everythin, as the option of making the discs is what I’m trying to get now as well as making this DataSafe software work.

Please, please, please, please, please,

if anyone can I help it would be awesome & much appreciated,

sorry for the mini essay,

thanking you in advance,


Answer #2

I also have the same problem. Will image restore get rid of documents on my computer? Or will it just get datasafe local off my computer? That’s all I want.

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