Answer #1

Well I’d tell the teacher to f*ck off, but that’s me, so you should probably confront the teacher about it after class or just deal with it because there isn’t much you can do unless you switch classes or get you parents to talk to him.

Answer #2

Tell the headmaster?

Answer #3

well i already tod him could shove it hisf*uckin ass but my dad said “u cant call the cops on the cops”

Answer #4

my headmasters racist 2

Answer #5

tell the principal that there being racist, someone like that shouldnt be teaching anyone. also as zach suggested, you could talk to the teacher after class and tell them what there doing isnt appropriate, otherwise if your getting nowere, consider changing classes. me personally i would be hateful towards the teacher, as racist people dont deserve any respect

Answer #6

WTF what school is that!?

Answer #7

the pricipals black i am white hes racict 2 … thats the problem .u cant call the copson the cops . thanks guys

Answer #8


Answer #9

it sounds like you picked a bad school to go to then…apart from trying to switch schools, im not sure what else you could try

Answer #10

Well then just suck it up, and well you now have reasons to do stuff that I am not suggesting you do like egg his house flatten is tires put thumb tacks on his chair and much more.

Answer #11

Leave it just? Go to a better school ?

Answer #12

Sounds like a law suit to me, the things people sue for these day… You’d have a good case.

Answer #13

well i can try but..i dnt know how i could prove it in court???

Answer #14

i filled his car full of golfballs but that didint help any hes putting zeros in the computer 4 work i did and when i try 2 tell an1 they call me the liar beacause ever1 thinks no teacher would do that….kknow what i meann???

Answer #15

it lauderdale this is the best school

Answer #16

just find another school..

Answer #17

Your peers and you can record conversations, and hey if you don’t get enough proof you take what ever you can get and take it to your teacher and principles superiors.

Answer #18

this is the best school in the area and it still f*cking sucks

Answer #19

good idea thanks ill try that

Answer #20

Clearly not, if the teachers are going to be racist!

Answer #21

Been there…. Hahahaha golf balls.. really? thats f*cking genius.

Answer #22

and if they don’t do anything it will have been brought to there attention so the teacher stop to keep his job if he’s smart.

Answer #23

I would talk to the teachers, one on one, not be rude, but be civil with them. If you don’t see an improvement in their behavior then I would tell the principal, if the principial doesn’t take care of it, tell your parents and try and have a conference, but after that if it still doesn’t work, I would probably call the police for harrassment, or just switch schools, possibly sue.. Only if it was to go as far as that though.

Answer #24

First you try talking to the principle, even if you feel he wont listen, just so you can say you did inform him of what was going on. Then you contact the schoolboard…racism in schools should not be tolerated regardless of race. The schoolboard will get involved (especially since they are always looking for a way to solve a problem without having a lawsuit). If you dont ever report him and try - then you shouldnt complain. If something like that is really going on you either report it and try and make a difference or shut your mouth because you didnt care enough to do something about it, so why care enough to complain.

Answer #25

Cops couldn’t do much, a law suit would most likely at least get them fired and if you won, well either way you’d benefit.

Answer #26

Well yeah, but it’s always an option.. But those would be my last choices.

Answer #27

i feel so bad 4 u..

Answer #28

thanks this year b4 thanksgivin im gonna b chasing a gorrilla in a bannana suit
and b4 xmas im gonna let 250 chickens loose in the main building

Answer #29

dnt every1 has there problems

Answer #30

thx butt like i said b4 u cant call the cops on the cops

Answer #31

SERIOUSLY?!?! You gave us no explanations of how he was being racist, and im guessing you are just overreacting. Chances are you dont know what racism truly is. Racism I have experienced is “why dont you just go live on the streets like your family”, and, “why are you still in school, your just going to end up drinking anyway”, that is what teachers and adults have told me, because i am native, you know what i can do? nothing, because no one cares and im just supposed to get used to it. Dont complain, i dont care about whatever problems your having because you sound like a troublemaker, but dont use the word racism because its people like you that make real racism seem trivial to the world.

Answer #32

Exactly, she didn’t give a description of how the teachers were treating her, so you don’t know, meaning, you shouldn’t critize her for asking a simple question.. Maybe you shouldn’t of commented because now it’s going to start an argument, and people are going to report you.

Answer #33

Ummmm, did you read the responses to the questions. He sounds like a delinquint. He tampered with his teachers car(highly illegal) and is planning on harrassing him outside of school, i feel no sympathy

Answer #34

I’m not gonna lie, I probably would do the exact same thing if I was him. Maybe I would of done it a different way, like talking to the teachers and stuff before doing anything drastic.. But still..

Answer #35

but still nothing, anytime a minority has a power position caucasians cant handle it and expect an A, anything else is construed as racism.

Answer #36

you can call the cops on cops, cops get arrested all the time for breaking there own laws

Answer #37

well i tried talking to them and all of u guys thats r thalkin sht con go fck off thats what i think

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