How to deal with best friend doing weed?

My best friend is doing weed. I don’t know where or how to deal with him. Any advice as to what to do in this situation? I think weed is bad but I don’t know, I never tried it.

Answer #1

Just talk to him and tell him how you feel. In the end, if he doesn’t want to quit, sadly there’s not much you can do to change his mind.

Answer #2

He has the right to do whatever he wants. IF it bothers you don’t haveo be near him. You can sugest that you are uncomfortable but you cannot force him to stop. It’s good to talk abouthow you feel, so don’t be afraid. And also…Weed isn’t too bad. You’re reflexes become slower, and food is a must. It’s not frightening.

Answer #3

Wow, sorry for all the errors. :l I usually type quite well.

Answer #4

ok thanks. I think your right you know? You can’t make someone change or do something they don’t want to do. In his case, stop smoking.

Answer #5

And not that I want you to be a druggy but try and see what it is he likes so much about weed.

Answer #6

He said he’s doing it because he’s always depressed and he has no other option than to turn to weed.

Answer #7

What an idiot -_- He just needs some inspiriation. A girl? Maybe you should take him camping? Take a photography class together.

Answer #8

Oh he has girls; a few of them actually. He just flirts around alot but you know, you can’t really change your best friend because they only listen to you to a point.

Answer #9

Its not that big of a deal. I know it may bother you, but you should look at the scientific statistics. Drinking alcohol and smoking ciggs are 100 times worse than cannbis, and those are legal. Maybe it bothers you just because its illegal… They have done so many studies, if it were bad for you why would they perscribe it to people with Glocoma, cancer, AIDS, MS and tons of other things like chronic back pain. Many religions use it as a meditational and recreational use. Its much better than Salvia, which is for some reason legal… Some cultures use Salvia for the same reason. Its okay to express how you feel, maybe just not doing it around you or not being high when you are around. But honestly, its a lifestyle. When you introduce cannibis as a part of your life, its just like cigs, or a baby. It takes a part of your life and you take time for it. Trust me I know ^_^

Answer #10

If hes your age, hes to young for that stuff. It can affect the body in such unpleasant ways since hes still growing.Find out how often he does it and if hes trying to stop but he can’t, its not a good sign. As you mentioned he goes through depressing time if hes still in high school you might want to talk to a counselor, your not reporting him, more like saving him. Weed is addicting, and tragically I seen people go down the drain because of it.Don’t be to judgmental, try to encourage him to see a counselor. Hope I helped!

Answer #11

They do perscibe it for depression too The only issue is most states require you to be diagnosed with a condition for 3 years before being considered for it. Which means 3 years of anti depressants, couciling and being ridiculed by society, family and friends.

Answer #12

Can you quote the studies done. Also smoking remains smoking, just because something is better than cigarettes doesn’t make it good for you.

Answer #13

Well weeds not that bad me and my boyfriend smoke weed all the time it actually makes things a lot funer and funnyer.

Answer #14

I consider smoking, and weed is not good. Smoking over a depressed condition is only driving the person into a worse condition. I say bad because, his problem is still there and he becomes addicted to it. If you are really close to him you should come to him and tell him to solve his problems, what ever it is that makes him depressed. However, the decision is in his hand. you come to him as a friend who care about your friend. :-)

Answer #15

Even if I’m all for smoking and doing whatever you want, I think that when you are 16, you are too young. Your brain is not fully evolved yet, and it can damage your concentration for ever.

But as you all say; you cannot tell anyone to do anything, so just let him smoke, but let him know that you don’t like it.

Answer #16

Well thrs not much u can do, is he depressed? Its possible he is self medicating

Answer #17

That explains the spelling errors..

Answer #18

I’m having the same problem as you. No one on here as really answered the question they’ve just re-enforced the idea that weed is bad for you. Can anyone tell me the best way to go about getting my friend to stop smoking weed? He knows it’s bad for him. He says he’ll stop but then he starts again.

Answer #19

First of all, do your research on marijuana, The only damage he is really doing is to his brain & lungs. They perscribe it to people with Glocoma, cancer, AIDS, MS and tons of other things like chronic back pain., For health purposes, to increase the appetite, to relieve extreme pain. Second, if you straight out tell him to stop he’s going to take offense and probably fight with you. So I don’t know how close you two are but if you really are concerned for your friend, you can express some concerns about his daily habit and tell him you’re worried about his health.

…………… I had several friends I should say (associates) who smoked daily, several times. They barely have enough money to buy groceries and pay rent after buying their pot. They have to bum rides everywhere. One is going to jail next week for a rehab program - and just for pot. Pot is generally harmless until you do it all the time. That’s when it takes over your life. It is true that weed has mental & physical addictions, it does inhibit you from driving/operating machinery like other d.r.u.g.s can cause- After all it is a d.r.u.g. & if it didn’t have any effects, then why would people smoke it. Yes, it may seem harmless, but it can have long term effects on people. Get over it & find yourself a new best friend. Don’t believe the hype-that weed is harmless.. If he is using smoking weed to self medicate his depression, then my concern would be, what else is he willing to put his body through to escape his depression? There are safer ways to deal with depression.. Relying on drugs is not the safe way, unless it is otherwise said so by a doctor or a therapist..

Answer #20

Talk to him about it if you don’t know what the reason is then ask him about it. If he doesn’t talk then try to understand. But if the reason is just because he wants to do it and has no real reason to smoke it then you should somehow nicely talk him out of it but it may not always work. Just try to do what you can and if it doesn’t work then……idk :)

Answer #21

weed isnt a bad thing

Answer #22

While I don’t personally have an issue with someone smoking for enjoyment, he shouldn’t be turning to a drug to fix his depression. I don’t think he can get physically addicted to THC, but he can psychologically. There’s a lot of organizations you can turn to who can better help you help your friend:

American Council for Drug Abuse 24-hour Hotline 1400-DRUG.HELP

Center for Substance Abuse Treatment Information and Treatment Referral Hotline 1-800-622-HELP

Narcotics Anonymous 818-773-9999

Answer #23

I hate when people throw scientific studies into things without backing it up. First of all, I want to see what scientists have decided to use it as a front line defense. You know what they also do with depression? Electroconvulsive therapy. They shock your brain. Saying that someone some where has decided that it may have rehabilitative purposes in certain cases is not a good reason for abusing any As for a lifestyle, you’re right. One could technically decide to revolve their life around weed. They could revolve their life around, coca.ine, alcohol. They could decide to be homeless. Just because one could technically choose to revolve their life around something, does not make it a good choice. Oh, and your defensiveness indicates serious denial (which generally indicates a serious problem). I have no issue with the choice by the way. Lets just not pretend it is something it’s not.

Answer #24

I think that you should not deal weed. Not even with your best friend!. LOL. OK seriously, that’s his/her prerogative. What you can do is note the effects it has on him/her and try not to indulge in it so that you dont act the same way. Weed is a powerful drug but usually is associated with peer pressure. Most people who want to stop smoking weed, like myself, stop associating themselves with the group of friends that smoke. So on one hand, try to get your best friend to hang out with you more often than the other group so that she/he can see another way to hang out and on the other hand, dont get caught up in that lifestyle yourself.

Answer #25

weed is not addictive and is aproved for treatment of depression in calivornia.

Answer #26

weed is not addictive.

Answer #27

Tell him you know it’s hard to stop, and ask him whenever he feels like smoking to call and talk to you instead.

Answer #28

Risa, what does he say when you talk with him about it?

Answer #29

He doesn’t like talking about it. I feel like I bug him. He is a really good guy but he gets mean in a joking way. He says he has no other option to turn to and weed makes him feel calm and happy. But I don’t say “ You have to stop” I basically tell him the consequences of smoking weed and he just doesn’t seem to get the hint. Maybe I need to have him sit down and actually talk about it?

Answer #30

Don’t push him to stop. If you want to actually talk about it, just express your concern about his health and safety.

Weed is less harmful than many other substances people ingest, including alcohol and cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally harmless. Putting any kind of smoke in your lungs is never good for them. Illegal weed can be “spiked” with other, more dangerous drvgs to increase the effect and raise the price. As L_z said, weed can affect brain functioning, and age matters. It’s especially dangerous if he drives or anything like that while he’s high, because perception, task concentration, and reflexes are all affected. It is not physically addictive, but it is habit-forming - especially for someone who turns to it because he feels he “has no other option.”

Don’t take my word for these things. Do some research first and have some solid information to share with him about your concerns.

The biggest risk, by FAR, is that it is illegal. If he ever sells any to help finance his purchases of it, that’s even more illegal. Prison time and a criminal record can literally destroy his relationships, the options available to him, his life opportunities, and his mental health. Find out what the potential penalties are where you live.

If he’s depressed or anxious, urge him to try psychotherapy. If medical marijuana is available there, go with him to talk to a doctor about a prescription. It’s not only legal, but safer because it’s pure and the dosage can be regulated. Or he may find that other (legal) medictions can help just as well.

Explore with him other real options he has for ways to feel calm and happy. Offer to do some of those things with him - go running or swimming, learn to meditate, take up painting or a musical instrument, etc. Ask about what works, or might work, for him.

Remember throughout that it’s up to him. Your intention is to support him, not control him. If he completely balks, let it go - at least until you sense he may be ready to reconsider.

Blessings to you both.

Answer #31

Nice one.

Answer #32

im am sooo against weed, and yes i have never tried it. Reason one: My sister met a guy when she was in a mental institution (crazy house) for post pardum depression. I met him when she introduced us. This guy is fvcked up, he did weed in college and was fine until ONE TIME it was laced. He is so freakin crazy now, not like wild or funny- honestly scary. he will seem fine at times, then other times not so much. He called my house at midnight saying “go out into the road! i can see you! i am on the moon and i see you, you look so small from here!” and no he wasnt outside, he was having issues and believeing thats what was happening. No he hasnt done weed since he smoked the stuff that was laced. Reason Two:(this one related more to you) My friend (best friend at the time) tried it like 2 years ago, she still does it, more than she should. All honors, popular, pretty, no one believes it and no one thinks anything is different with her. I watched her change. She is a completely different person now. It sucks. My advice: with my friend, I cant tell her not to. It is her choice. She thinks its fine. When it comes right down to it, there is nothing i can do about it. I simply choose not to be around her when she is high or like the day after. You can do this too, but it will definitly put some distance between you and him. I know its hard, but if you dont want to get involved with that stuff, its kinda necessary. Or, because he is depressed you can try to get him help. Hopefully, when he is no longer depressed, he will no longer “self medicate”. No matter what you decide to do, even if you decide to try weed for him (not recommended), it is going to change your relationship with him. and it is going to be difficult :/

Answer #33

Thank you so much, I think you may have helped me decide what I can do to help him. I really don’t want to leave him alone like most people said because I just can’t bear to think what might happen if he keeps hanging out with his other friends. Again, thank you and have a great day.

Answer #34

My pleasure!

Answer #35

If sugar is addictive then weed can be addictive. So far no one has been able to prove to me with a proper scientific study that it isn’t addictive. Also just because it is approved for depression doesn’t make it good for you.

Answer #36

lol , I dont think it’s that bad…I mean if it’s constantly then yeah he needs to chill and you need to talk to him… but maybe once or twice a week it isn’t bad..better then drinking 100%

Answer #37

@irene”If sugar is addictive then weed can be addictive. So far no one has been able to prove to me with a proper scientific study that it isn’t addictive. Also just because it is approved for depression doesn’t make it good for you.”


Answer #38

i never claimed it was good for the body, i was just saying that it dose not make depression worse. in most people it has the opposite effect. and their is a major lack of research on cannabis, which could explain why you haven’t seen a study on whether or not it is addictive.

Answer #39

have you ever tried weed?

Answer #40

If it’s not mixed or laced with anything, it’s really not that bad and not so much of a “huge deal”. When my friend started smoking it, I was worried, but I got over it. Ultimately it’s the friend’s choice. If they want to do it bad enough, they’ll find a will and a way regardless of what their friends and loved ones think. Be thankful it’s only weed though, and maybe trying it a few times will be enough for this person. I know people that smoke weed on a regular basis and are perfectly fine. It could be worse, trust me.

Answer #41

toatlly agree smoke em joints

Answer #42

if its not all the while then…it doesnt really matter! personally i think its over rated

Answer #43

My boyfriend did weed, it upset me alot. Although ive never tried it i knew the consequences, i just let him know how i felt and eventually he weaned himself off hit because i didnt want to be around him when he was high (which was almost constantly at a point) (x

Answer #44

You were saying it wasn’t addictive. And it is. You can get addicted to basically anything including weed.

Answer #45

just because ur friend smokes weed shouldnt change ur outlook on him he is after all ur friend theres alot of ppl who smoke it and there perfectly fine and as for makeing depression worse i totally disagree if they give it to ppl for medical puposes and legalize in some states its obviously not bad n just because ur friend smokes it does not make him/her a bad person =)

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