How do I deal with my controlling and jealous boyfriend?

My boyfriend & I have been dating for about a year, it’s been a great year but their has been some bumps in the road. He was a jealous person at the begin I thought it was cute, but now it’s getting out of control. Theirs a forgin exchanged student(Well now he & his family might be moving to the states) named (Vladimir) from Russia. He’s is in 5 of my classes plus my lunch. He sits next to me in British Literature AP, so usually were partners. My teacher has asѕigned us a long term project and Vladimire & I are together (we did not get to chose our partners). The way she chose who goes with who was by are ethic differences, he’s Russian & I’m black & Hispanic. We have to learn to things from each other and precent it to the class. I’m teaching Vladmir a Bachata Dance, I let him pick which type of Latin dance he wanted to learn. ( and how to cook my family’s recipe Red Chicken Curry. He is teaching me The Chort – “The devil dance” and how to make Lemon Tvorozhnik. My boyfriend usually always wants me to be with him and I will admit for the past year I haven’t really been able to spend as much time with my friends & family because Ivan wants me to be with him. Now I had been driving Ivan to my house so we can do this project and I go to his host family’s home often too. Ivan will get jealous and say rude & petty things, and I know it bothers Valdmir even though he doesn’t say anything. I talked to Ivan about why is he acting like a child and he was like “Why are you taking his side” “He’s only been here for a few months and the both of you are stuck at the hip” When he says stuff like it just pushes me farther away and it’s getting on my nerves. He always blowing up my damn phone with text and calls asking where am I and who I’m with. A hand full of my friends want me to break up with him, plus Valdmir tells me how I can do better and how he can take care of me. I just really know what to do, I feel stuck.

Answer #1

Jealousy often kills relationships and it sounds like it’s doing its number on this one. Maybe tell your boyfriend to straighten up or it’s over. You shouldn’t have to deal with crap like that. As far as the other guy, that one’s all on you.

Answer #2

I went through a relationship exactly like that! He literally told me that I couldn’t tlk to any of my friends bc that was cheating on him he even went as far as yelling at me bc my brother who is off at college called me one night when I was with him and it broke our relationship I couldn’t handle being with someone who was going to treat me that way! So I would say that it would be best to end it but it is totally up to you!

Answer #3

Your boyfriend is controlling and it could definitely escalate. That’s really childish of him to act like that. I would never be attracted to someone who was like that. Just know that you can’t change a person so he will probably always be that way. Figure out what you want and have a long talk with him about his jealousy. See if you two can work it out. If not, there’s plenty of other guys out there who will be more respectful.

Answer #4

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Answer #5
  1. Dump the boyfriend. Just do it.
  2. Admit you like Vladimir
  3. Learn your homonyms (five homonyms mistakes)
Answer #6

Oh… I wasn’t paying any attention when I type this.

Answer #7

Usually that’s what I do. I want to talk it out, but all he wants to do is argue. And it’s sad becuase he older then me yet he acts like a kid. -.-

Answer #8

Screw controlling men. I don’t understand why it’s so damn attractive -.- If I was a woman I’d want my space and my freedom. And I think you could do a lot better :) You seem like a really nice, mature person and if he can’t see that you wouldn’t not cheat on him then you need to talk to him about being more trusting or find someone who shows you some goddamn respect!

Answer #9

Well I have been in a relationship exactly like this but I was with mine for 2years, trust me it gets worse and worse. I had no friends at all by the end of it and he had manipulated everyone around me. So, what you need to do is first try and ask him why he is so jealous and why he doesnt believe that you love him so much. If he doesn’t belive you then you need to try and get out of that relationship, it isn’t healthy and I’m sorry if you don’t believe it. But he wont change.

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