Is there any way to stop my floors from creaking?

I have an old house, 82 years old to be exact. The floors in my house creak so much. Is there anyway to stop my floors from creaking. The house is very sturdy and the foundation has settled a little bit but there are no cracks in the walls inside or out.

Answer #1

There are a couple of ways to solve this problem.

If you have a basement and can see the underside of the floor above, you can screw through the joist into the flooring to quiet the creaking.

If you can’t do that, the next best way is to go through the top. If you have carpet, this can get a bit troublesome.

The easiest way is to pull up the carpet and refinish the floors. After 80years it might be time for a new coat of varnish, and it will increase the selling value of the home. However, you don’t want to use a screw since you don’t want the screw head to show on your floor. You’ll need to use a finish nail. You’ll also need to need to use a nail set to sink the nail below the surface of the floor. Then fill the nail hole with some putty that matches your floor color.

However, for some people having a floor that creaks in an 82 year-old home is nice. If it really bugs you, I’d start with refinishing the floor and do your finish nailing then. That way you can putty and hide all of your handiwork with a new stain and varnish.

Answer #2

The reason for the creaking is your floor has shifted and become loose from the beams they were fastened to. If your floor is nailed, the nails have pulled up even ever so slightly. That being the case you’ll either have to renail the floors down or find the “loose” spots and screw them back down. If you have a Reader’s Digest book on home improvement it has a section that deals with this issue too.

Answer #3

My house was built in 1909 and creaks everywhere. Personally I like it, it gives it that really antique feel along with the old dark woodwork. Unless the creaking is absolutely would be expensive to fix I would think.

Answer #4

well..ur only solution would be 2 get new floors. u cant make them stop creaking. its not magic. hope i helped

Answer #5

I would have to replace all of the floors in my house. My whole house is wood floors, and it still squeeks when you put carpet over them.

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