What is a good way to clean wood laminate flooring?

You cant mop them with a mop and water because it will ruin them, we have been using a swifter but it just isnt cleaning them as good as i would like. Anyone know a proper way to clean this type of floor.

Answer #1

You have to mop them or use a cloth, just don’t use the usual amount of water or it will seep into the wood and ruin it. So as long as you wring it out before using it, you should be fine.

Answer #2

hmm, ok, first it is advised to vacuum the floor of any pet hairs, dirt or dust particles…you dont want to start spreading them around from place to place once you have the liquid on them!

Now…try this, take one of those spritzers, and mix a cup of vinigar & a quart of water because as mentioned on this youtube video, other wood products will leave a wax build up & you dont want that because over time you will have to strip it & that is no fun! Just use a reg spongy mop as I am seeing in this video…and it will keep your floors looking shiny and last longer plus so much easier to clean…Not to mention environment safe which means kids safe!

hope this helped!

Answer #3

:) you should write a how to!

Answer #4

I use pledge or pinesol(:

Answer #5

lol…thnx :)

Answer #6

If you want to clean small areas, try spraying Windex on the floors and wiping off with a paper towel. This comfort you of having to mixup a bucket of solution for doing one small area. Be cautioned, however, about the warning above that ammonia can strip off protective sealants – Windex contains ammonia. After sweeping or vacuuming, I spray the Windex on a small area and then use a dry Swiffer sheet (or a paper towel) attached to my Swiffer mop to clean the area. This method lets me clean as big or as small an area as I want to without getting out a mop and bucket and committing to washing the entire floor! I buy the economy size Windex at a restaurant supply store and use it to refill my spray bottle, which saves money as well.For more details you can visit-

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