How do i crash a school dance?

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get someone to open one of the other doors for you

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i go to this school. im aloud in. but i need ideas.

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If your allowed in the dance and go to the school then its not technically "crashing" the dance no matter what you do.

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like you dont have a ticket or something? Or your mom said that you cant go? You gotta be more specific not just for me but for the others as well

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im inviting ppl to come. i just need ideas on what to do.

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if its your friends, then why dont you just tell teachers that their your friends?? people are allowed in my school as long as someone invited them. Other wise just open a door for them when no one is near by

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my teachers dont. i asked. :(

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dont get your friends arested for trespasing. it is ilegal to crash a school dance and im sure the law inforcement incharge of your school district will have a lot of fun trying to come up with more charges that apply.

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hehe my stupid private school dont know what 911 is. lol

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