Cramps that make me cry, is it normal?

Is it normal to have such bad cramps that I am crying and I notice that the only time I start to cramp is when I am passing a clot is the normal?

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No it's not. However a lot of people do experience extremely bad cramps. I am one of these people to the point where I can't move and scream like a banshea when I'm on my period. I have now been put on the pill and it has actually really helped. Although I still get some pain from time to time it's a lot better and I can move now =) lol.
Talk to your doctor about it and they will most likely agree to put you on the pill.
However they may be other reasons so it's important that you tell them everything.
Hope this helped x

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hmm..I know how you feel..that happens to hte point where I start to sweat really bad and I start fcrying bc of the is normal..its normal if your insides are cleaning all that out..which it is thats why it hurts because those clots are ffrom all those times you didnt get your period when you were suppose to..everytime your suppose to relise one but if you dont then it stays there attached to your the pain will come later..if it hurts that bad its because its really attached on to htere and trying to get off..if you cant tell I went to go see a couple of different docs already, try taking supplements..I take 'wild yam' and this liquid you can find at walgreeens its called 'lydia pinkham' it really helps it gets rid of your clots (like lots of them during your period) pain free! so yea stick to that..and hope that helps!

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I've cried several times when I get really bad cramps. Especially when passing a big blood clot. Doesn't being a girl suck sometimes?

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its never normal if your crying from the pain
you usually shouldnt be able to notice any pain during you actual period...
cramps yes but pain no
and especially not enough to make you cry
you really do need to go to the doctor for a check up because while it is normal
(and very common) to have clots while on your period
you should not be expiriencing actual pain passing them

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Well yeh it would be normal to cry from the pain of passing a clot esp if its a big one. You should go and see your doc to make sure everything is ok down there. Were you or are you pregnant?

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