What is your country's national cuisine?

Looks like I’m in a curious mood tonight, someone humor me. What country are you from and what is the national food in your country (if you are in USA, your state maybe?). Ours is pap and wors. :P

Answer #1

Scotland = Haggis, neeps and tatties :)

Answer #2

What on earth is that?

Answer #3

Poutine! lol! (not beaver, as so many people believe)

Answer #4

I didn’t know my country (Australia) had one, lol… We are only known for our bacon, eggs, pies and sausage rolls :D. What a culture…

Answer #5

sheep innards, rutabaga and potatoes, I believe?

Answer #6

Haggis, turnips and potato :)

Answer #7

Ill post my state - Louisiana. Were known for our creole cooking, seafood, crawfish etoufee, jambalaya, crawfish, gumbo, etc. Tons of flavor and spice. Another must have in Louisiana cooking is Toney Chaceres seasoning…yum.

Answer #8

seafood….drools…. I love seafood.

Answer #9

Lol. Thanks, between the two of you that made sense.

Answer #10

kangaroo and ostrich?

Answer #11

It’s funny because people usually think Haggis is a real animal but it’s meat from different animals put together.. like a kebab, really. I don’t like haggis or neeps but I love potatoes :D

Answer #12

oh man… that is heart attack just by thinking it…french fries with cheese & gravy on it…as my NoSc once upon a time love of my life adored to have! :(

Answer #13

We only have Emus in Australia… Kangaroos too, but they are hardly our national cuisine, seeing as maybe 1 in every 100 people has actually tried it, lol.

Answer #14

I would have to say its a hard call for me…but in this country i am in now, they go for Humus(made from chickpeas & spices…), Falafel (also made with chickpeas & spices only deep fried served in a pita bread with salads & sauces like tahini - made from sesame seeds, and all sorts of yummy things like minced garlic, water, lemon juice & what not!) & Shawarma( a huge big thing of turkey breast all marinated in mid eastern spices all are in chunks over a very hot fiery thingy(cant explain) anyways as it cooks it gets darker & crispy, someone stands over it & with a long sharp knife seems to gently carve it into thin pieces served on a plate, in a pita bread with salads as well & all sorts of sauces like tahini mentioned before & some other stuff…really good! Can have that with rice or french fries…:)

Answer #15


Answer #16

i thought is was everything on the barbie…:P(like outbacks)

Answer #17

have you had any of that? :)

Answer #18


Answer #19


Answer #20

what about nutella? when my cousin was in austarilia she said that people loved that stuff

Answer #21

America = Hamburgers and hot dogs… :) lol

Answer #22

I’ve had humus, pita bread, tahini sauce which is really hard to get pre-made over here so you have to make it yourself. my gran makes that sauce and we have it with grilled chicken. oh and rice and french fries and yummy too :}

Answer #23

hmmm…well there is: canadian bacon (pretty much ham that is fried) maple syrup (canada has really good syrup) poutine ( french fries with gravy and melted cheese

Answer #24

well im sure it’s tahini sauce, it’s a white sauce

Answer #25

that isnt as bad & unhealthy as Poutine! right Colleen?!

Answer #26

WHOO CARESS its awomseee Pountiness awsomee!! plus sausauges!

Answer #27

WHOO CARESS its awomseee Pountiness awsomee!! plus sausauges!

Answer #28


i love tahini sauce over a regular salad…and I make it myself too…i dont like the store bought crap they make…no love, no feeling when its store bought & not home made…mmm good! Yes grilled chicken, kabobs or other yummy stuff :P

Answer #29

mmm :D

Answer #30

yess! and pancakes!

Answer #31

crabs…i think

Answer #32

Our is “put the shrimps on the barbeeeeeeeeee mates” :-) Serious now, it’s our meat pies with lots of tomatoe sauce or fish and chips.

Answer #33

ok then!

Answer #34

love mid eastern foods! :P

Answer #35

Poutine helps us build up our personal fat stores so we can survive the cold winter (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it)

Answer #36

There is Maori cuisine like food cooked hangi style. Maori cuisine tends to be things like wild pork, puha, yams and kumara. My father mkes amzing Maori potato bread. Also in New Zealand we eat a lot of lamb and seafood. Oooh and Pavlova.

Answer #37

lmao…/claps More power to ya…just watch that beautiful heart of yours…all that cholesterol clogging your arteries… just worried about ya! :)

seriously speaking…just keep an eye out..my dad has congestive heart failure because he too loved eating tons of fried foods & that makes no exception for hard salami…(new yorkers know what I mean by that!) :(

Answer #38

Anything that’s been dipped in hot oil. Yeah, that. :D Good ‘ol America. We like obesity over her’.

Answer #39

sounds like what I had for dinner last night! I love that kind of food!

Answer #40

So unfortunate how right are you, my sir.

Answer #41

Potatoes, beet soup, and…er…vodka? Woot, go Russia. And apparently we like pickling things. For our long, cold winters.

Answer #42

If that is our national cuisine, then we must be lousy cooks, lol. Yeah, the good old barbeque is something we’re renowned for :). Little else, haha.

Answer #43

In Maldives, the national cuisine would be tuna curry, rice, and fish curry (eg, curry made with another kind of fish other than tuna).

For breakfast, it’s tuna, mixed with dried coconut, onions and garlic, mixed together sometimes with green chard, diced, and then eaten with a flat “tortilla” they call roti here, which is like paratha or roti, or tortillas elsewhere, but a bit smaller, and very thin.

Delicious food, but, a bit too light on vegetables overall (kind of like American fried food, good, but not a great diet overall).

Answer #44

oh, believe me, I understand full well - my dad died of a heart attack when he was 31…..at any rate, I eat poutine maybe once a month….

Answer #45

a rare creature that runs around the hills in the highlands called a haggis :D


Answer #46

hey… nutella is amazing!

Answer #47

Yes. :L

Answer #48

im scared of haggis, it sounds so strange to me! People eat it sometimes here because this city was modelled on Edinburgh, but I cant bring myself to eat it

Answer #49

personally i dont like it…my cousin brought some back and i didnt find it that tasty…but i am also minorly allergic to hazel nut so thats probably why

Answer #50

XD i havnt tried it in a while but i didnt like it before :P


Answer #51

tuna curry….urgghh…. That sound gross. The rest sounds pretty cool.

Answer #52

England = Sunday Roast, Fish & Chips, and cups of Tea. :)

Answer #53

ahh, then its not that bad..:)

Answer #54

isnt it awesome…rich in flavor…:)

Answer #55

Its amazing!

Answer #56


Answer #57

America=McDonald’s! Bahaha, it’s true, though. Fat f*cking americans.

Answer #58

Oh, that’s what poutine is. In the states we just call it, gravy cheese fries. Haha. We’re so simple minded. XD

Answer #59

Haha, or tv dinners. Anything microwavable. XD

Answer #60

What is Poutine?

Answer #61

I’ve never even heard of chips with gravy AND cheese too. Hmmm… May try that one. Is it nice?

Answer #62

Fries with gravy and cheese, and yes! It’s tastey.

Answer #63

Hmm, I’ve mysteriously become a man. Interesting. Interesting indeed. Lawls.

Answer #64

frenchfries with gravy and melted cheese on them :P its amazing

Answer #65

Curious…strokes mustache

Answer #66


Answer #67

lol…poutine is amazing…its unhealthy but its good :)

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