What is your favorite nationality in terms of food?

Ukranian, Mexican, American, Italian, Chinese, Indian, etc.

Answer #1

english but i do like a bloody good chinese curry too

Answer #2

Bloody curry? That sounds undercooked.

Answer #3

I like Japanese food, like Katsudon and also Sushi.

Answer #4

Japanese & Italian.

Answer #5

Let’s go!!

Answer #6

I love Thai food best.

Answer #7

French and Italian for me. The imitation of Chinese food that is sold in European China-Restaurants isn’t bad either. I can’t stand real Chinese food though. :/

Answer #8

English? Somebody actually likes English “food”??? Whoa! You mean real bloody half-raw steaks with peppermint sauce and cranberry jam and muddy soft vegetable side dish?

Answer #9

Italian, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Greek, any sort of Mediterranean food. Really, I like all sorts of foods. My favorite thing to do is try new foods from different nationality! It’s almost a hobby with my boyfriend and I haha. So I love all sorts of food.

Answer #10

ive got no idea what that food is. ive never even seen it down the frozen food aisle in england and i have my steak well done.

Answer #11

My wife loves Americanized (Anglicized?) Chinese food like Pei Wei, P F Chang etc., I think my tastes are for a little more authentic Chinese. When I was a lad there was a large Chinese population in Sarnia and we would cross the boarder to great Chinese restaurants where most people didn’t speak English. The menus would have both Chinese and English and we would order by pointing at what we want. Generally we would order by the number of people. The more people the greater the variety of dishes presented but if we wanted more of anything all we had to do was point to the bowl we wanted replenished. I remembered the egg rolls being almost a religious experience. The Chinese restaurant I went to in college had the more authentic dishes on the last page of the menu. Most people ordered from inside the menu but the Asian students always just turned it over and ordered off the back which is where I usually ordered from as well (though some of the Americanized dishes were favorites as well). To me Americanized Chinese food seems like a pale imitation of the real thing.

Answer #12

I agree, filetofspam Americanized Chinese food is absolutely nothing like authentic Chinese food. I’m Chinese, so I eat a great deal of Chinese food when I’m home. To be honest I hate egg rolls and chow mein. I find Americanized Chinese foods to be way too greasy for my taste. However, I love my mother and grandmother’s Chinese food, I always do enjoy eating it whenever I’m at home, and miss it as I’m often not home anymore.

Answer #13

Chinese (Panda Express & Hunan House), Italian (Fazoli’s & my big sister’s lasagna), and Mexican (Taco Bell). I guess they don’t really count because they aren’t real, only imitations but they are delicious :9 I would love to try REAL italian made food and Mexican food but never would I try real Chinese food. I was disturbed after watching the travel channel and seeing what they ate.

Answer #14

Lol :P you know, a lot of us make regular stuff like chicken, beef, pork, with regular veggies as well :O

Answer #15

Mexican; can’t live without my tacos lol, and Italian; pizza and lasagna.

Answer #16

chinese food is the BOMB!

Answer #17

carne guisada…yum!!

Answer #18

Tough choice there all yummy! :))

Answer #19

Japanese???! Yikes!! Japanese make really bizarre foods,I even heard somewhere that there is a restaurant in Japan where they serve BBQ dogs’ paws. O.OD:


Answer #20

Chinese & Mexican!!!!!:DD

Answer #21

Indian, Mexican and French for me. :)

Answer #22

the dog part is true! its so disgusting wat they eat! :O

Answer #23

Chinese :D Wo ai xD Japanese comes a close second though :)

Answer #24

Authentic Chinese food - not the Americanized crap.

Answer #25

I believe what is being said about English cuisine is what would have been eaten around the Anglo-Saxon era. We have fish and chips, treacle pudding and a good old sterotype that we drop everything - EVERYTHING - for mid-afternoon tea. We win.

Answer #26

mmmm thats difficult….Thai, Itallian…FRENCH

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