Could someone give me a quick run-down of stereotypes?

Yo! I personally don’t care much for/ about stereotypes, but I wanna make sure I know what everyone is talking about. I just need the high-school version:

Nerd Jock Prep Goth Emo Geek Loser Punk Girly girl Tomboy Anything else I forgot to list, that you know

If someone could define those for me, that would be great. And no, I don’t know that much about this sort of thing.

Answer #1

Wow, thnx for all the answers! I guess then I’d be a prep/nerd/geek, lol.

Answer #2

Nerd - someone who is clever and tries really hard in school and isn’t in to what the “in-crowd” are in to.

Tomboy- a sporty/ masculin female

girly girl- a pink loving dress wering girl

That’s all I can be bothered to do, sorry.

Answer #3

@ alkane:

That’s ok, lol. At least you answered! Btw, it was a helpful answer, at that.

Answer #4

The now-aday stereo types or old school? Lots have changed but I’ll let you in on the stereo types I know of, and mix them in with the old ones as well lol

Nerd- wears glasses, and knows way too much about school work. Jock- Big football player with the blond cheerleader girlfriend, everyone wants to be with him, but he’s really a jerk. Prep- Male version, someone who wears collard shirts, Banana republic and what not, Female version, about the same and usually sounds like a valley girl (Valley girl is someone who turns everything into a question? and like, adds like to everything she like, says?) Goth- Oldschool goth was what a lot of people thought to be satan worshippers (of course the adults) but new-school goths are usually just people who love to wear black, and have crazyfied hair, wear black make up. I like goths :P Emo- Old school emo was just someone who was always sad, then they gave them a hairstyle, now emo people are usually the people you see “fake crying about life” with this hairstyle (\.-) over their eye, and a lot of them wish they were dead…but really don’t want to die. Weird huh? Geek- Someone who lives their life in a video game. When you ask them something, they compare it to; or answer it with a comparison to a video game or video game quote. 8- ) Loser - This one can be made up into whatever anyone wants really, normally it’s usually the shy guy who tries to talk to people but can’t because he’s too shy, or maybe just one clumsy person. But this one is kinda a personal opinion because now a days a lot of people call someone a loser for tripping on their shoe, or a loser because they lost to a video game. It all just depends on this one :P Punk- Crazy hair, usually listens to ska music, likes dying their hair pink, neon blue, neon green, and wearing dickies clothing Girly girl- Pink dress, like the other comment/guy said. Bows in the hair, pink dress, pink snap on shoes. Tomboy - The cool girls who play video games and enjoy being with guys rather than hanging out with over dramatic girls :P

Answer #5

Nerd: same thing as geek really, someone usually smart who is good with technology

Jock :a male who plays football, and usually wear clean boyish clothes. sometimes dates cheerleaders

Prep:anyone who wears expensice clothes like areopastle, hollister, ect. cares about popularity, ect. they dont usually come off as smart intelligenmt people

Goth: people who dress in all black, usually listen to gothic music. has nothing to do with depression (a mental disorder) or anything else. howevere anyone could be wearing all black clothes, and that doesnt autimatically make them goth. there only goth if they call themseves one

Emo: majority of the people who talk about it and call themselves it still have no idea what the word means. its nothing more then a genre of music and style of dress. has nothing at all to do with cutting (self harm) or depression (a mental disorder) emo people usually wear band tees and skinny leg jeans and have black hair but anyone could wear these, and that doesnt make them emo. your ony emo if you know what the word means and call yourself one. right now its also a big fad/gtrend that a lot of uneduicated kids join, because they think its all about cutting/depression when its not

Geek: smart people who are good with technology

Loser: this isnt a label its just a word/insault

Punk: people who hate conformity, usually into anarchy (doesnt mean destroying property), style there hair in unusual colours and shapes like mohawks, some like tartan and jeans, also leather and jean vests/jackets they customise. theyll propably wear the same clothes for a while

Girly girl: a girl whos basically very girly, like girly colours like pink, girly clothes like skirts, tops, jeans, girly shoes ect, girly animals like horses, and cats. someone who doesnt like sports much or things boys do like getting dirty or playing rouch

Tomboy: a girl who acts and probably dresses a bit like a boy. shes still a girl, but she likes to play sports and doesnt mind to get dirty or play rough. she might wear pants and a top with sneakers/runners

and scene: thats nothing more than an attention seeking style

again though, absoloutly anyone can adobt some or all of these things into there style. and that doesnt make them any one of these sterotypes, its just makes them them. unless they put a label on thesmselves

Answer #6

why is scene attention seeking? I thought it was just a more colorful version of emo. I agree with xx_the_a7x_parade_xx that attention seekers and posers are a group all their own. sort of like the parasitic shape-shifters of sociology. anyway, steriotypes are more connotation than denotation; they’re vague. the point is to be your own kind of emo or goth or prep or nerd. be a mixture! I dress scene but I’m a total nerd whose constanly on CAFFINE! be youself! be original! and don’t judge or bind people with steriotypes! :D

Answer #7

…or maybe not a prep, lol… I don’t like flashin’ my cash (not that I really have that much lmao) …I just dress mostly preppy, I guess. So that makes me a nerd/geek…with a healthy portion of joker. No, not the Batman villain, lmao…WHY SO SERIOUS??

Answer #8

Stereotypes are labels that people put on themselves/others. And I’d like to point out that amandagalik is WRONG! That’s NOT what those 3 stereotypes are all about, so don’t listen to her if you want TRUE facts. There’s more to be a “Scene Kid” than “dressing very elaborate and wierd in order to make a scene”… sorry, not what it’s all about.

Goth - There is NOTHING wrong with REAL goths… it’s the posers I have a problem with because I have a problem with ALL posers! They’re retarded and need to just be yourself. Here’s something to set all you goth haters out there straight -


They’re often VERY misjudged. Goth is a stereotype, music type and to some, it’s sort of like a lifestyle. They’re not scary, evil or anything like that. There’s nothing wrong with them. Being quiet has nothing to do with being gothic. Some people are just quiet. Goths and emos alike have been misjudged. A lot of times, people will judge them before they even know them which is completely wrong. People shouldn’t judge other by what’s on the outside. You should judge them by what kind of person they are at heart… not by their style/music taste or something stupid like that. Most emos/goths are actually really nice people. You just have to take the time to get to know them before you go judging them. Here are you TRUE facts on goths -

~Depression and suicide has NOTHING to do with being goth OR any other stereotype. Depression is a MEDICAL CONDITION that should be treated by a doctor. Suicide is NOT a joking matter. It’s something that should be taken seriously NO MATTER WHAT.

~Wearing black and red DOESN’T make you goth.

~Being into drugs and alcohol has NOTHING to do with goths or other stereotypes. Drinking is a choice. LOTS of people do it. Drugs are NOT goth. Drug addictions are rather serious and if you DO have a drug problem, you should honestly get help for it. Don’t be afraid to do so, it’ll be for the better. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about or anything like that. No one is perfect. And as a matter of fact, some goths are STRAIGHT EDGE meaning they don’t drink, do drugs OR smoke even! True some smoke and or drink, but do you realize how many OTHER people on earth smoke and drink?! It’s not JUST the goths. And besides, that’s LEGAL as long as your of the legal age - 18 for smoking, 21 for drinking. Drugs are ILLEGAL and, as bad as it may sound, there are SEVERAL people on earth dealing with drug related issues. It’s not JUST goths or other stereotypes.

~GOTHS ARE NOT ALL F*CKING SATANISTS! Religion has NOTHING to do with ANY stereotype. Some goths believe in God and some even GO TO CHURCH. Worshipping/loving Satan has NOTHING to do with being gothic.

~There’s more to being a goth than listening to Goth metal, writing poetry, reading and drawing.

~Your nothing but a goth POSER if you -

*Ask questions like “how do I make myself more goth?”, “how do I make my makeup look gothic?”, “what can I do to make me look more goth?”, “Am I gothic?”, “Hey I wanna be a goth… help?”, and any other stuff along those lines.

*Think the OPPOSITE of any of the stuff I mentioned above in the “true facts” section of my advice. Seriously, if you think I’M wrong about that stuff, you REALLY don’t know your facts and if your claiming to be a goth, your nothing but a poser.

Emo - Emos are VERY misjudged. People believe the stupid lies/rumors that the haters have started. People need to get their facts straight and get to know them before they judge them.

Here are your true facts on emos -

There’s nothing wrong with them at all. They’re not all attention seekers, only the posers act like that. They’re not weird, scary, evil or anything like that. A lot of people don’t know the true meaning behind emo as a style. A lot of lies have been started about it such as emos cut/are depressed/are suicidal 24/7. That’s COMPLETELY untrue. Suicide is something that should be taken seriously no matter what and has nothing to do with ANY stereotype. Cutting/self harm is an important matter that needs to be tended to ASAP. It also has nothing to do with any stereotype. Depression is a MEDICAL CONDITION. It has NOTHING to do with stereotypes. a lot of people have depression issues. That’s something that should be taken care of by a doctor.

~As I’ve already stated, cutting/depression/suicide has NOTHING to do with being emo or any other stereotype. Cutting is a serious matter that needs to be handled ASAP. Depression is a MEDICAL CONDITION and a lot of people have it, NOT just emos. That should be treated by a doctor. Suicide is something that should ALWAYS be taken seriously no matter what. It has nothing to do with stereotypes of ANY KIND.

~Bulimia has NOTHING to do with ANY stereotyes either. This is a MEDICAL CONDITION that should be treated by a doctor ASAP.

~Dying your hair doesn’t make you emo. A lot of emos have their natural hair color. Hair color has nothing to do with it at all.

~Attention seeking also has nothing to do with emo. Attention seekers are in a class all by themselves.

~Emo is a music type and also a type of style

~People who say things like “I wanna turn emo”, “Am I an emo?”, “How do I be emo?”, “I think I’m going/turning emo!”, “Help me, I’m emo!” or “Help I think I’m emo” are considered posers. If you have to ask other people how to look/be something, chances are your NOT and just trying to be something your not.

~Ignore the haters. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being emo. Emos are actually nice, friendly people.

~A lot of lies/rumors have been started about emos such as they cut, they’re always depressed, they’re very btchy and moody. This is NOT true. As I’ve already stated, self harm/cutting and depression have nothing to do with ANY stereotype. And you wanna know why some emos might be bthcy? Because they’re sick of the fcktards who act like they know everything about emo, when in reality they don’t know sht because they’re the idiots that believe they lies! That’s very wrong indeed.

~You DON’T HAVE to have piercings to be emo, or be shy. Some emo kids are actually very out-going. Piercings are a form of self expression and body art. It doesn’t make you emo just because you choose to have them.

~Converse isn’t something that makes you emo either. Some emos wear vans, others wear skater shoes.

~Wearing blue, or other funky colored pants… not emo. Sorry, they wear whatever they want. Not ALL are skin tight either. Some are just nromal skinny jeans or even a little loose-fitting.

~Band T’s are also NOT a must. They wear any shirt they want to.

~You’ll be considered a major poser if you ask questions I’ve already listed in the Goth section, only replace Goth with Emo. Because as I’ve said, if you have to ask how to be/look something, your just faking.

Now THIS is advice for ANYONE to follow, including yourself -

ALWAYS be yourself. NEVER change who you are for ANYONE no matter what. Never change yourself just to fit in or anything like that either. True friends/lovers would be able to accept you for who you truly are.

Hopefully this helps you, if you need anything else, let me know.

Answer #9

Nerd-Get’s straight A’s in school not doing what most people normally do Jock-Is very opular with a certain crowd in high school (what I was told) Prep-Someone who wears very expensive clothes and “Bling” Goth-A person that dresses in all black,wearing white,black,or dark red makeup or clothing,or calls themself one and lives with it Emo-Emotionally depressed kids/teens that are usually sad about multiple things,mainly life Geek-Good with technology and doesn’t hang out with the Cool Crowd Loser-More like an insult Punk-Dresses in mostly red and black and sometimes all colors Girly girl-Has a cell phone ALL TIMES,dressing up in tight pants and maybe even shirts trying to look rich but may not even be rich Tomboy-A girl who likes to dress up as a boy instead of a girl

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