How do you correlate Global warming with Globalization ?

Answer #1

The more industries with factories, more smog from them/chemicals ect. which leads to global warming? thats off the top of my head lol

Answer #2

good one… Globalization Leads to more n more urbanization which indirectly causing more polluted air, creating unpleasant atmosphere around…. But that is nothing to do with Global warming.. Global warming is a natural universal phenomena, where human activities has nothing to do with it………..

Answer #3

One major way that is often overlooked is the clear cutting of trees to create towns and cities, and the application of macadam for roads and parking lots. Trees are natural air conditioners by respiring moisture in the air which, when evaporated off of objects, cools them down. Macadam on the other hand is a black tarry substance that gathers heat quickly, holds it for a long time and releases the heat back into the atmosphere even after the sun has set. A big box store like Home Depot or Sam’s Club may remove 8 to 10 acres or more of grasses, trees and shrubs, and replace it with macadam for a parking lot. That is a lot of effective cooling lost and a lot of heat thrown back into the atmosphere. Take New York City for instance, it covers about 305 square miles and except for a few farms, major gardens, Central Park and some sporadic trees it is mostly blacktop (macadam) and concrete. Chicago is 228 sq. m.; Philadelphia, Pa. is about 124 sq. m. ; Los Angeles is almost 500 sq. m.. There are 25,375 ‘places’ (cities, towns, villages, etc.) in the United States alone, according to the 2000 census. Factor in all of the ‘places’ in South America, Europe, Asia & Russia and it doesn’t take long to see how much cooling effect has been removed and how much additional heat has been added by globalization just from metropolitan development.

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