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Ok, honestly. I love this website, not only for entertainment value, but it can actually lend good advice. But does anyone else notice the obvious lack of grammatical and basic spelling skills here? I mean, I absolutely suck at spelling. Some of these words are probably spelled wrong. However, I am able to create a reasonably intelligent sentence even with some minor errors. I mean, come on. Are some people just getting that lazy?

Answer #1

Thankyou for saying what I was to polite to avoid. I can understand that sometimes people are emotional or overly excited and miss a couple key words but the spelling at least try to sound out the word.

Answer #2

I can’t change others, I can only change myself. I use spell check on Google’s toolbar, research my answers with Wikipedia and other sites, and keep a dictionary handy check on word definitions that I’m unsure of. And usually follow any advice with, “Good Luck!!” So, as always, Good Luck!!

Answer #3

what is the correct answer for these sentennce. please place correct preposition in the blank space. 1.he hit her head—the wall. 2.I wish to dispose —my house. 3.—time he understand everything

Answer #4

It’s appalling to me. I have a 13 year old daughter and make her go back and correct misspelled words when she writes essays for school. I think a lot of it is being lazy, I know she is because when I tell her to and correct stuff she says “it doesn’t matter” or that her teacher doesn’t care! (I find that last one hard to believe) At least her mistakes are on paper and she had to spell from memory,but on here! Come on kids, ever hear of spell check!! Thanks for giving me the chance to vent!! Disgress?…

Answer #5

Culturally, it’s “cool” to be dumb. Part and parcel of this whole “gansta” fantasy bilge and rot we constantly get stuffed down our throats, thank you Hollywood.

no what I meen, baybee?

Answer #6

okay well yea I guess some people are just getting lazy . And I think some people and I don’t really like spelling it with correct grammar all the way for example me I don’t have the best grammar but I always try when it comes to school work but if its not school work I don’t care about it. men sorry if you get kinda lost in this sorry =[

Answer #7

haha, you spelled grammar wrong in you title… I don’t know if it was on purpose, but it made me giggle. I’m not a hater either, I just noticed.

Answer #8

Sadly yes :( I try to type the best I can but im a moron at times XD It does get pretty annoying especially when people type in all caps or some other crazy way (:

Answer #9

I shorten sum thiings I type (just gave you an example) but I try and make my sentences grammatically corret and have good spelling. Its just easier to shorten sum things tho. You can call me lazy all you want. I already know I am. but to be perfectly honest sum people do need a little spell check every once in a while, because easy little words like hi, they cant spell correctly…

Answer #10

Well, at least you’re honest. haha At least I’m not the only one who finds this annoying. Thanks!

Hey, I’m all for making somethings easier to say and take less time but some people need to learn their ABC’s!

bear = bare new = knew Someone wrote a question about a “bear room” I actually got a kick out of that!

Answer #11

Yes, it is quite annoying. Some of the people on here seem completely illiterate, unable to even get a question across.

It’s like “How gun to hill shoot answer black tarp given?”

Answer that question for me, I dare you.

Answer #12

Its not grammatically POSSIBLE to answer that! Sometimes I get so confused reading what other people type I just give up and go find a dictionary to calm myself down. Thats how bad it gets. But I disgress…

Answer #13

A large part of it - Public education continues to decline sadly - only solution offered ‘throw more money at it’.

Answer #14

You spelled ‘grammar’ wrong. That’s really the only reason I clicked on this question; I didn’t realize you actually had a good point, lol. Anyway, kudos(I’m not really sure what ‘kudos’ means, but it’s fun to say =])!

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