When to start feeding my corn snake live mice?

Ok so I got a corn snake a few months ago and I wanted to know when I should start feeding it live mice?? It’s still eating pinkies and it’s about 14 inches long. Lately it seems like it doesn’t like the pinkies anymore andi doesn’t eat as often, it used to go right for the pinky but now I have to kind of encourage it to eat it and shake the mouse to make it seem alive. But I don’t think my snake is nig enough for live mice yet… what do I do?! how will I know when it is ready to eat live mousies?? (I think it’s about 4 or 5 months old.)

Answer #1

I disagree with boredgirl. in the wild, the snake would be etaing live mice…so why not in captivity? I don’t know enough about corn snakes to give real advice, but I see nothing wrong with giving it live food…but trust me, I love mice as well. I would never kill one just for the heck of it, but if it is for food, it’s not too bad.

Answer #2

put a live mouse in the cage and if the snake eats it then you should be ok with it. im pretty sure a snake wont try to eat it if its too big. Hope this helps!

Answer #3

I love animals but I love my snake more then a mouse. besides life is cruel and the mouse won’t live forever. it’s sad but it needs to happen sooner or later… hm thanks for the help!!!

Answer #4

You can feed it mice when it is strong enough to eat a lot of food. But chill, 14 inches, its ok but then you have to feed mice until it is about 16 inches and it eats over 5-6.It is kool to have a reptile.I have a turtle but I know a lot about snakes too.It gets good protein from bugs,small animals and stuffs that has bones.If you feed a mouse from now 14 inches long, it might choke.So feed it pinkies and bugs.I heard that snakes hates worms. They will start having a fight with big spiders.=]

Answer #5

sometimes you have to feed it live mice beacause when you freeze an animal you get rid ov the thiamin content (vit b) ov the food plus there are NO carrion eatting snakes they all eat live prey plus there are millions ov mice rats killed each year by pioson and breck back traps which do exactally what the say on the pack brack there back and then they stay there in massive pain untill they pass out and die (even the law recognises that a snake killing a rodent is more humaine they the previous 2) it is still LEGAL to feed your snake enylive food aslong as it not done in public but even then a judge would have to make a desistion and if the new law passes which states all exotic animal should show natural behaviour then you wont be able to feed your snake (beacause it WILL be illegal) dead frozzen food right thats my lil rant over lol benhead theshadowmen p.s im dyslexic so dont taker the piss outta my spelling lol

Answer #6

hi I have a tylor corn snake its about 2 ft now I still feed it fuzzies when could I feed mine live mice? cause its starting to strike the food realy hard =o

Answer #7

hey,im new here so help me I have got a 2 ft tylore corn snake and I was wondering when should I feed it live..part of me says no dont its cruel and the other part says yes I need to see it eat live mice (not to staisfi my human blood shed -.-) what should I do?

Answer #8

The reason why itis cruel is because your putting a LIVE mouse in the cage - there is no way for it to even try to escape.

its animal cruelty

yes they do it in the wild but the mouse/rat has the chance to run away but your puting it in an enclosed space where it has no freedom atall..

its disgusting.

Answer #9

Your snake is far too young for live prey, feed it frozen fluffie or fuzzies which are baby mice but larger and with fur. Give him one a week and that should be enough until it becomes a large adult then see if it will eat maybe two a week. We all want to see a snake attack and eat its prey but at the same time your snake is far too young to be fed live prey for two, maybe three reasons. 1) Your snake could get injured by a mouse which would be fighting for its life (these things have very sharp teeth too) 2)Once you feed it live prey it may not want to eat frozen anymore and 3) Would you be willing to journey to the pet store every week to get its live prey? Hope this helps.

Answer #10

dont give it live mice. for god sake what is wrong with you? how often do you feed it? I do animal management at College. sometimes they dont want to eat. we feed snakes once a week. sometimes they just have 1 pinky and they dont want more. if they are going to shed their skin they wont eat anythin.

but please dont give it live mice. its so cruel. give it a dead mouse, just think if you were that mouse being killed.

anyway how often do you feed your snake?

Answer #11

the best thing you can do is put the pinky in fron of your snakes face if it dont take then leave it in the hide box put the snake in and leave it for a hour then check to see if the snakes taken to it I had this problem I got two snow corns male and female and the theyer 1ft and a half and they love theyer pinkys still I hope this works becuase it worked for me

Answer #12

I always think that live mice should be the last resort - and correct me if im wrong but recently in the UK this has become illegal because of the changes in RSPCA standards.

a live mouse, especially an adult one can actually do some pretty nasty damage to a snake, they have quite big incisor teeth.

If you’re snake is quite happily taking thawed food, then stick to what works best!!

Answer #13

yea fer real.!!! haha, when I had a snake when I was like…6, I fed it grass, haha, I didn’t know what it ate:p silly me

Answer #14

because its bloody cruel thats y

Answer #15

boredgirl, its her decision whether she wants to give it live food. a lot of animals couldnt live without live food. If you take animal management you should know that that is important.

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