How can I cope with my depression?

I constantly feel down and have an extremely negative mindset which I often try to change but it never last more than a few minutes. I exercise daily, eat healthy and neither of those things have improved my depression if anything it worsens it. I know I’m hard on myself but its not unrealistic views. I can’t remember one time this month I have been happy for more than an hour. Its getting to the point I don’t even want to get of bed in the morning. I can’t see a doctor my mother won’t take me so what else can I do?

Answer #1

having someone to talk to helps. it’s the best way. i’ve tried coping with depression by taking up a hobby i like, but sometimes I get too depressed to even enjoy it. That’s when talking to someone really helps

Answer #2

i dont have any friends but i do discuss it occasionally with my boyfriend. he use to be able to help me but now he cant because it has gotten so bad he cant deal with it.

Answer #3

i dont have any friends but i do discuss it occasionally with my boyfriend. he use to be able to help me but now he cant because it has gotten so bad he cant deal with it.

Answer #4

sorry to hear about that. I have friends, but sometimes i feel like it’s never enough to help me overcome my depression. there’s just a wound too deep in me that prevents them from fixing it even when they want tho. sometimes, they even get discouraged and think their efforts are never enough. I understand what you are feeling, when it seems like everyone has left you.

maybe they just don’t know how to deal with, never having undergone it themselves, so they feel at a lost when their help is needed.

I’m sorry you have to go through this. Nobody should ever have to go through this feeling. Have you identified the cause that might have made you feel depressed, like say a bad childhood memory?

Answer #5

go with the pessimism and indifference because these symptoms are a good way to cope, because if you don’t care about how you feel or know there is a reason for it and it sucks maybe you can get over it. if you are cutting look up borderline personality disorder maybe this condition applies to your situation.

Answer #6

i really dont care that most my friends left me or that my boyfriend cant handle me. im use to being alone and i actually prefer it. my childhood is not the cause of my depression eventhough it wasnt a great one. im not sure why i am depressed i think it stems from my self hate, or maybe my self hate stems from my depression. i dunno.

Answer #7

Teen angst is almost universal. A lot of times what bothers teens is that they think that they are the only one who is going through this. Pretty much every teen is gloomy, moody, often feels alone and is worried about their future. If you really want to talk to a professional you should. They can determine if your malaise is normal or pathological. Keep asking your parents. good luck!

Answer #8

i know other teens are depressed im well ware mot my friends have teen agnst… but thanks for your advice

Answer #9

No matter what everything will be okay; i had a little bit of depression in denial for a little bit about a year ago, and what really helped me was spending time with friends and family, and if you already tried it, give it more time. If you think of yourself very poorly, then I suggest its time to go to a psychologist.

Answer #10

I know exactly how you feel, all those examples I deal with on a regular basis aswell. It was particularly bad a couple years ago, I’m feeling a little better but every now and then those feelings come back. I used to hurt myself and thought I was worthless which stems mostly from my childhood. I didn’t want to get out of bed which resulted in me failing at school for not attending very much and being closed off in my room only made it worse. Having depression can also make you feel physically unwell. My mum took me to a psych to talk to them after she realised I was continually sick. The lady said I had depression but it wasn’t bad enough for me to need medication, specially because they don’t like to give kids anti-depressants because it messes with their growing brain. So now, after 5 and a half years of being depressed I reckon you should just keep doing what you’re doing, getting out of the house and doing stuff. Tell your mum how you feel and if she doesn’t want to take you, call and make the appointment yourself or if you still go to school, see your guidance officer. I hope it works out for you just keep your chin up and stay motivated. x

Answer #11

i never feel better, maybe for an hour a day but 98% of the time im depressed. ive told my mom and she refuses to take me to see a doctor because she doesnt want to waste the money and i cant go by myself. she even refuses to take me after i attempted su!cide a few years back. she did have me see the guidance officers and psychatrist at my school but they had nothing to say other than highschool gets better and boys will be boys. it didnt help me. my problems had nothing to do with highschool, they delt with guilt from my childhood and my mom even told them that yet it wasnt mentioned once. im afraid my depression is escalating to that point again and i want to stop it before i hit rock bottom and end up six feet under but nothing brings me the slighest joy anymore.

Answer #12

I’m in a really similar position. My boyfriend tries to understand but he doesn’t, then I just feel worse for feeling like he should understand. Not fun. I hope things get better for you! x x

Answer #13

well my boyfriend understands he just cant handle it anymore.

Answer #14

This is a question you have asked here a few times during earlier depressive cycles. In between those bouts, your mood seemed to improve, sometimes slightly and sometimes markedly. That’s important to remember.

It’s part of the nature of how our brains work that whatever our emotional state is at a given moment, we often feel like it will be eternal. But it is not. You have not always felt as depressed as you have been feeling just lately. And you will not always continue to feel that way.

Meanwhile, when one is in the middle of a depressive episode, it is helpful to think not only about how to end it and cure the depression, but to think first of all about how to manage it for whatever period of time it lasts.

For that purpose it’s very important to continue to eat as well as you can and stay physically active. It is similarly important to make sure you get all the sleep you need. Another crucial thing is to avoid withdrawing into self-isolation. Talking with other people about how you feel is great, but even if you’re not talking about that, just continuing to have as much positive social interaction as you can manage also makes a big difference.

All these things are rather like the Bush/Obama “stimulus package”: You may not be able to discern much benefit from them, but without them things would be a LOT worse. And, like the stimulus, it is tempting to abandon them because they do not provide the cure you want for your depression. Please do whatever it takes to keep yourself from giving in to that temptation!

Finally, try to do some new things. Go places where you’ve never been before (preferably, but not necessarily, with other people). Join a new group of people who share some activity you enjoy; maybe a drawing class, for example. Try learning a new skill, in an unfamiliar realm of activity.

If you can’t find things to do that bring you joy, then do things that you find meaningful and worthwhile for their own sake. Serve others. Volunteer as a tutor, or in some other capacity that connects you with other people and gives you a positive role in your community.

And Rose, I know this is hard to trust, but it’s not true that you don’t have any friends. We are your friends. Keep talking with us, asking us questions, sharing your experiences and feelings with us, “funmailing” your selected confidantes even when it’s not so much fun. These friendships don’t have to remain merely virtual; try calling or Skyping a few of us, too. There’s nothing keeping any of us here except our desire to be here for each other, to give and receive recognition, affirmation, and support. Let us be your friends. Let me be your friend.

Answer #15

I know how you feel, I’ve been there many times and those feelings are always coming back. I think your mum is just in denial that you need to talk to someone. If you went by yourself to the guidance officer and told them everything your mum didn’t I’m sure they could help you. I didn’t exactly have the best childhood but everytime I think about it I just replace those thoughts with those poor kids whose parents sell them to men in third world countries. I’m forever telling myself that someone’s life is always going to be worse than mine and to just be greatful for what I have. That’s what gets me through every day and right now you may feel like you have nothing left to live for but there’s someone else out there who doesn’t even have a family or the opportunity to see a guidance officer or even clean drinking water.

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