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My friend and I just got out of work walking out to our cars with his girlfriend. Two people walked by and were drunk talking tough to us but we didn't do anything. My friends girlfriend called the cops to scare them away, she drove her car home and my friend drove me to the bank to run a deposit, pick his girlfriend up and go get something to eat. I get a call from my dad that the cops are at our car to go pick it up. (it's 1 in the morning) I go back there and there are 4 cops. They searched my car because it was unlocked. Found marijuana that wasn't mine in my glovebox and nothing else in the whole car. Were they aloud to search my car when it was parked and nobody else was there?

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jimahl...correct as usual. A car, unlocked, in a parking lot at 1am...sounds like probable cause to me...

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rider34, that would be the 4th amendment that protects people form unwarranted searches, not the 1st.

I assume you are in the US. If not, it depends on the laws where you are. A cop doesn't need a warrant to search your car. They would only need to show probable cause to search. If that had it, then it was legal, if not, then it wasn't. Simple as that. Being they found the pot, it would be difficult to argue thay didn't have probable cause.

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yes they were. if they received a tip that there was drugs or weapons in the vehicle and the vehicle was unlocked they are aloud to search it. they couldve towed it if they wanted to

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No I don't believe there allowed to do that. Because 1 of the amendments on the bill of rights is "protect from unreasonable search an seizure. Meanin that they cnt search you with out a warrant or something of that sort. They cnt just wlk up to a random car/person/house an search it for no reason at all

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no I dont think so because hey had no resonable cause to search your car it was just sittin there what makes you look for a contraband in a parked car there not able to unless it looks like there might some contraband but just not for any reason.

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They should've had a search warrent, or your permission. But they really cant search your car otherwise.

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The po-lice will use anything as probable cause, including their own supsicion;

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If they received a 'tip', then they had reason.

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