How can you contact a company if they have no email, only mailing address?

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With a pen or pencil, some paper, an envelope and a stamp.

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i don't wanna mail the company
takes to long

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If they have no email address, no telephone number to call, no fax, nothing besides a mailing address then you would have to send them mail. Type it out so it's neatly printed, address it "To whom it may concern, " nd state your business, do not ramble and get to the point. Dont forget to put your contact info in it including email, phone, fax, etc.Close it with "Thank you for your time, (your name)"

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Visit the company or mail them. If you say it takes too long then I suggest you either do that or visit them really.

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Dial 1-800-555-1212 to reach directory assistance for toll-free numbers, and see if they have a listing.

Google them and see if they have a website with contact information or a contact form.

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