Do you think it should be considered false advertising (read more)?

So i work at arby’s and we have the new chicken pecan salad whole grain wrap and sandwich. I was astonished to find out that their is 750 calories in one sandwich.Then i went and looked at the recipe for the mix and for a batch and a half of the mix there is 3 lbs of mayo in it! appalled i was. anyway back to my point, Could it be considered false advertising calling it a salad sandwich or that its on whole grain bread or a wrap considering how bad it is for you and how the word salad and whole grain makes people think its healthy?

Answer #1

I don’t think it would be, but at the same time yes. Because it seems like it’s a healthy new menu option, but it’s not. Take out the salad part

Answer #2

i know right and its not like i count calories or anything but holy crap thats alot of calories for one sandwich that hardly fills me lol

Answer #3

it could count as false advertisement considering the fact when people see something like that they think “healthy” especially the whole grain cause of course their not gonna think it has 3lbs of mayo in the wrap or sandwich

Answer #4

i know i didn’t even know until i looked at the recipe because i could wrap my head around the fact their was so many calories, cuz it has pecans,apples,chicken, grapes and celery in it which doesn’t sound bad at all.

Answer #5

yea,it doesn’t sound bad but maybe i guess not put it under one of your most healthy choices to choose there would be some what better haha

Answer #6

No, not really. Although they’re not being up front on how unhealthy it actually is, they aren’t actually saying that it’s the healthiest thing to eat either. They are just highlighting parts of the food that will make people want to purchase it. It’s sneaky, but that’s usually how it works.

I think most people should assume, regardless on what an advertisement says, that fast food isn’t ever really going to be the healthiest thing out there.

I can see your point on it, though.

Answer #7

thank you, and it is an awesome sandwich and everything despite how gross what in it together sounds goes well together. but i think that people should read how many calories are in something b4 ordering it, we over nutrional value paper on our counter so you can just take one and read it. so i guess in a way if your really concerned you can not eat fast food or read the paper.

Answer #8

defiantly i mean apart from mcdonalds and burger king our food isn’t as bad and our salads without bacon and dressing are only 70 calories, and as expected from our fried foods have a lot of calories. i suddenly became interested in this and its not even like i am worried about gaining weight from working there cuz the only thing i eat is the value buffalo chicken lol

Answer #9

not really sine they arnt claiming its a healthy option… if they were claiming is was healthy, then yes it would be fase advertising, but their not, and as Mel said, there just not being upfront and comletely honest about its calorie content. however you should have a pamflet that states how many calories the things in your menu has

Answer #10

we do as i said in the comment above we a huge paper with all of the information including description of thing that is common for people to be allergic to, and obviously its not false ad. or we wouldn’t be able to sell it, that wasn’t my point of this.

Answer #11

It is a salad. It has a mixture of fruits and nuts in it. No one said salads were healthy. Salads that have mayonnaise in them tend not to be too healthy. No one proclaims potato salads are healthy. It’s too bad if people automatically think healthy just because something’s on whole grain. That’s not really arby’s fault. Obviously their advertising department is using it to their advantage. But they’re not lying about anything.

Answer #12

i mean its quite obvious that a freaking potato salad isn’t good for you. and i wasn’t blaming arby’s for anything or said they were lying. and yea the point was that people do assume that its healthy.i also was thinking that we should have a booklet like thing that has all our food with what in it everything. we already have one that has calories, but i’m not even sure its updated for that sandwhich

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