Do you think cereal manufacturers should be responsible for making healthy products, or is it up to the consumer to buy smart?

A recent study shows that some cereals are less healthy than cookies … should they stop making these cereals, or should people police their own consumption habits?

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Answer #1

I personally think its up to the consumer to b smart about wat they buy and to read labels

Answer #2

Well Manufacturers number one goal is always to gain profit. And All they will do just to get that. Even make some false promises on the “healthy side” aspect. So its on the comsumer side. He/she must be vigilant on what she/he choses and doesnt rely on endorsers alone.

Answer #3

Its 100% up to the consyumer to be smart about what they are buying and eating. The people who make it are just trying to make food that tastes good.

Answer #4

Well I think there are a lot of unhealthy foods. Cereal, fast food, a bunch…… if they banned cereal then whats next? everyrthing bad? thats kinda like takin our freedom. People should make their own choices for their life. If its not the cereal it will be something else. There is always something bad for you it is up to you whether you give in to the temptation

Answer #5

I don’t think companies should be legally barred from making unhealthy foods, nor that “consumers” (we) should be prohibited from buying and eating them. And I do think people need to take responsibility for their own behavior as consumers, as in other aspects of our lives. But that’s not the whole story. First, making well-informed decisions requires having good information. No one wants to have to study every product they buy every time they shop. People rely on manufacturers to give them basic information about the products they sell, and on consumer protections agencies to insure that the information is accurate. But that process doesn’t work nearly as well as it could. Lots of misleading “information” is splashed in large, bold colors on the front of cereal boxes. Second, cereal, in particular, is designed and packaged and displayed by stores in such a way as to appeal primarily to children. Children cannot be held responsible for making wise purchasing or dietary choices. Parents (moms) often have their children with them when they shop, clamoring for everything bright and colorful and cartoonish that promises to be sweet. I think children and consumers should be better protected from the profit-driven irresponsibility and deception of companies that sell candy in the guise of breakfast food.

Answer #6

Nah, I think they should be able to sell sugar cereals. I would like to see some limits on marketing grot to kids though.

Answer #7

They should be responsible for telling the truth about their products. So if the thing contains 70% sugar, they should be obliged by law to write “sweet” on the packaging. And NOT “contains 30% pure, healthy cereals”.

Answer #8

I agree (:

Answer #9

It sucks that everyone is looking to make big bucks at the expense of others. What’s also sad is that companies seem to be adding on to the weight problems instead of helping people live better lifestyles.

Answer #10

In an ideal world the manufacturers would be obliged to tell the truth rather then look at their bottom line. But this is not an ideal world. Marketing agency’s are paid very well, basically for their know how of stretching the truth and tactics to increase growth dollars. It really does boil down to the responsiblity of the “buyer beware”.

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